Black Desert: Cross-Play Launch On Console | PS4

Black Desert: Cross-Play Launch On Console | PS4

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100 thoughts on “Black Desert: Cross-Play Launch On Console | PS4

  1. If only sony allowed cross progressin across all their cross play games

  2. Niceeee

  3. Moment after becoming your true self is when one’s finally realize it a P2P and then uninstalling take place.

  4. What's this game? Some kinda mmorpg?

  5. Just why? Now the community will be more toxic. Smh.

  6. But why not crossplay with PC as well?

  7. As all games should be.

  8. Will come from Brazil?

  9. Brooooooo sony where the ps5 at man

  10. I can only make a tan char i cant make a black dude

  11. So I'm guessing this game is grinding for what exactly? Is it worse than survival game grinding?

  12. Para cuabdo latinoamerica?

  13. This is what we want!

  14. free to play

  15. No free to play… Oself

  16. Pls put skate 3 in the ps4 shop !!!!!!!

  17. The game is amazing, fun, beautiful… Then everything changes when the P2W and Downgrading gear hits you. PLEASE CHANGE THIS PEARL ABYSS!!! This game has so much potential, why punish people for playing it?

  18. Hmm…so we wont be able to play with PC players?

  19. Now do Monster Hunter World.

  20. Pls Gta5 crossplay!!!

  21. Says cross play but doesn't say if it also with pc players. I understand the ps4 and xbox now works.

  22. Stop showing up games and get to the new ps5 this is crazy long wait

  23. Wasn't this game supossed to be free?

  24. is nice
    (c) Hoovy Pootis Guy

  25. Can you turn crossplay off?

  26. So is this free too?

  27. Hopefully ps5 and Xbox series x play together soon

  28. Sony Interactive Entertainment has supported crossplay since the PlayStation 2 era

    No idea why the idiotic media has painted them as the "bad guys" for it this generation

  29. Hey look its safijiva's little brother

  30. Pay to win "as one" 😂😂😂😂😂

  31. I will my money back pearl items 150 million now…

  32. Cross play should be in every game. Hopefully this is the start of that.

  33. Battlefield 5 con cross play por favor

  34. Si se dan cuenta de lo hermoso que se ve el azul con el verde unidos aprendan pinches fanboys de mierda

  35. Just make all the games cross plat.

  36. They need to add dungeon into this game so we all can play together fighting dragon monsters bosses

  37. Whens Free to play??

  38. So u can play with keyboard in ps4 now ?

  39. Pls can you make Roblox in ps4 🥺

  40. Go to brasil

  41. Cool

  42. Yes

  43. Sonys will has been bent.

    Well done Phil.

  44. Who?

  45. Man am I glad I play FFXIV. Everyone should play that instead.

  46. I don't know why, but for a second I thought the Armored Knight in the thumbnail was Gara from Warframe….

  47. Dows this mean i have to buy black desert online on my xbox one x as well just to crossplay? 🤔

  48. This is amazing.
    Now bring it to Brazil ffs.

  49. Nice Android game

  50. For The Players

  51. but the real question everyone is asking is the game still region locked?

  52. Para cuando en América latina??? 😐

  53. America do sul !?

  54. to save the dying player base

  55. More games need to implement crossplay

  56. This is a big move. Wake up other game devs.

  57. Quando sera liberado no Brasil ?

  58. How can people like this game? It looks cool but i tried the beta and its laggy af not even 60fps

  59. Can you cross play with IOS

  60. me: oh boy now i can play with my buddies on ps4

    we all join a server

    also me: oh by it's now full of toxic kids who can't make proper comebacks complaining which console is the best never turns chat back on again

    (heads up i play both consoles and both Xbox and PlayStation got issues with this can't we just be happy and play the game)

  61. No mames wey

  62. Can I use my PC account?

  63. More of this please.

  64. That ain't R6S is it?…

  65. I already have the platinum, I can’t go back now. You don’t know the grind 🏆

  66. Yet games like Apex Legends, Destiny and Division don't have cross play lol

  67. Elitism is dying thanks to cross play, all the fan boys are crying out in pain. Meanwhile the true gamers are embracing our PS4 pc and Xbox brothers and sisters! WHAT A TIME TO BE A TRUE GAMER!

  68. I thought this was warframe.

  69. You're better off paying a sub fee for FF14 that actually rewards you for your time invested.

  70. Is this just between consoles or is it also cross with PC?

  71. You're gonna get cross play but your game is still region locked? I wasted $30 on this game just to play with my friends in England to find out I couldn't

  72. I could feel the frustration from the ps4 team when they had to add that green color in that video. How much they hated crossplay. Admit it sony, this is the future of online gaming

  73. Garbage p2w scam

  74. I have reading the comment from another black desert video and people is dissapointing with this game. Is that true?

  75. Can we please get PlayStation All-start battle Royale 2 on ps5?


  77. Today March 4th PS2 20 Anniversary!!!

  78. Yea, but is their raids or dungeons yet???😤😤

  79. This needs a Switch.

  80. So that's why I couldn't use my family name from xbox one on too my ps4 oh..

  81. See I would mate, but your consoles fan base seems to be crawling with very very toxic people who can't get over a war that never really existed

  82. How come I’m getting terrible frames on ps

  83. Nice job, Sony! 👊

  84. free?

  85. just make everything cross play already

  86. Crossplay but it's is also with PC?

  87. Are you there seno or Safi jiva

  88. Still no dungeons…

  89. @PlayStation when this game we be available to buy in Brazilian PSN? I want to play. Thanks.

  90. Where tf is pc at

  91. Is this game solo friendly?

  92. Cross play between as Playstation and X-box is so cool!!! I'm gonna buy this game!!!!!!!!

  93. Ftp or riot

  94. Could you guys do MonHunter Now ? That would be deep AF

  95. Black disappointment

  96. don't play this game ,,, not worth ur time ,, bug and lag all over the place

  97. We need region all .

  98. So no cross play for pc

  99. Grindfest online

  100. Ну че пацаны, анимэ?

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