Bluetooth Microphone for the iphone 8 and iphone X

I welcome the Rm wraps my name is Randy Miller and today here to talk to you about Bluetooth mics for your phones
your iPhone and Android or whatever they at that okay this is frustrating so I
was trying to do some research on Bluetooth or good mics for your phones
or anything like that so I found one person that had a great idea and then he
thought about it and I want to thank her she’s a story of graphics I’ll put a
link down below just to give her credit and everything and also what I’m gonna
be what I’m using right now it’s called movie Pro and this is the only app on
this you can do what we’re doing right now
so if you’re a microphone company getting the Bluetooth mics this is gonna
be a big seller just to let you know so what I’m doing for my business is I’m
doing more videos and I’m trying to make it as easy as possible also not as
clunky one of the tools I use it’s a DJI Osmo it’s actually a stabilization it
gives them so when you’re on the phone you can walk it and do all stuff so what
I normally do is I use this as a tripod – so I put it right here and I go about
eight feet away and then I start losing audio and and that’s kind of bad
actually I’ll just show you real quick gonna actually walk down the hallway
close the door I’m going to show you the audio so I just sound like that I can go
20 feet if I watch and walk this way close the door you can still hear me
just fine actually it’s a beautiful sound easy is back so if you like this video
please share this is actually help out other people businesses blogs blogs all
kinds of video ography but I I’m pretty happy with this little technique alright
this is Randy Miller from arm wraps if you wanted to see what I do we can go to
arm wraps calm and and check some other stuff out but thanks for watching

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