Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control with Camera Shutter Button for Iphone and Android

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control with Camera Shutter Button for Iphone and Android

Bluetooth selfie remote control This bluetooth remote shutter works for iPhone and Android devices. The wireless camera trigger has an on-off switch on the side and a removable battery on the back. A blue light indicates when the remote shutter is being activated. Pairing this remote control with your phone or tablet happens the same way as with any other bluetooth device. The phone I am testing it on is pretty old (Sony Xperia S) so the process takes a little longer than usual. For some reason the bluetooth camera button doesn’t take a picture but only activates the focus. This may be because of the old version of Android on this phone – 4.1.2 I am repeating the test this time with a still object to see if this will work. The selfie remote control still doesn’t take a picture. Now let’s try with my newer smartphone – Sony Xperia Z5. It uses Android 7.1.1 and this time it seems to be working properly. iOS devices like iPhones and iPads should not have any problems since the operating system there is updated regularly.

29 thoughts on “Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control with Camera Shutter Button for Iphone and Android

  1. Awesome! I need to get me a Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control! using the camera on my phone is such a pain in the ass — granted its a galaxy s3 (ancient)

  2. I use an iPhone so I guess this Bluetooth Remote Control would be great to take Selfies as I don't have to worry about updated operating system much, however, it would be very difficult for the people using old Android phones who haven't updated their phone's software in ages.

  3. Wow I didn’t even know they had Bluetooth remote cameras! Where have I been. Now I can actually take decent pictures of myself

  4. Wait, what!! When the heck did they come out with this, I have been slipping I am sooooo getting this this can help with taking my pics soooo much better.

  5. I tried this with my Samsung Galaxy S10 and it's not working can you help me?

  6. Does it work on different iPhone camera apps?

  7. I have a question .. can it be recharged?

  8. Will it work on gionee s6 pro

  9. I'm using an A50 Samsung… I can't connect it…

  10. I subscribed

  11. Will it work with iPhone 10?

  12. What’s the app you have to download

  13. I need this..

  14. Kok aku make di hp aku gk bisa ya

  15. I have a note 5, it only focus's.
    I tried numerous apps. Any help greatly appreciated.

  16. Does this work on an I-Phone in video mode

  17. Can anybody tell about this remoter shutter controller be used with other android applications such as facebook, whatsapp etc.? The users preferably.

  18. I have samsung galaxy S10+, paired but did not take any photo or video 🙁

  19. Okay so i didnt see the on and off button💀😂😂😂 that was the problem

  20. The back on mine will not close no matter WHAT I do

  21. Go on camera settings then select the volume key function and choose record video picture or zoom and use the remote control. Thank me later.

  22. I ordered one on amazon it doesn't work with my samsung galaxy s6 😕

  23. Great video BUT, now since I got my PIE update, it no longer works! There is an new app in the play store called "AB Launcher" which allows you to assign a button to a particular function on your android, but by default it always opens the folder "/storage/emulated/0" and there is no camera button there that I can find.
    Anyone have any solutions to this?

  24. Can i use in firefly 8se action camera

  25. Can this remote be used for pause function while recording ?

  26. I have one of these

  27. Why It don't have a Pause Button, When I shooting in Video mode Its very need

  28. i need help i have a selfie stick with bluetooth shutter but when i use it to record videos after 90 seconds the recording stops how to fix it ?

  29. thank you

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