Brydge Pro+ for 12.9 iPad Pro is here! CES Sneek Peek!

Brydge Pro+ for 12.9 iPad Pro is here! CES Sneek Peek!

What is going on everyone.
It is Mike and I’m reporting to you live from CES 2020 well
not really CES, this is my hotel room but I’m at CES and
we are checking out all the new tech that is coming out
this year. So first on our list is going to be the Brydge Pro
Plus from Brydge. Now this is the new keyboard that for
the iPad Pro, either the eleven inch and the twelve point nine
inch that adds a trackpad to the popular Brydge Pro keyboard
for the iPad. Now this has been one of my big takeaways since I
reviewed it. I think it was in April or May of last year you
know really that using this keyboard I almost was duped
into thinking that there was a trackpad that it was my MacBook
it was that legit feeling or that kind of it was that legit
where it really left a lot of strong impression that you were
using a Mac book and now bridges delivering on that
giving a trackpad with iPadOS. Now this keyboard is going to
go and bring the same styling from Brydge’s previous
keyboards update a bit with adding a trackpad in the palm
rest allowing you to go ahead and use this as a single
integrated solution instead of actually carrying around a
mouse or a mouse to use with your iPad Pro. Starting today
the Brydge Pro Plus is gonna be available for one ninety nine
for the eleven inch or two hundred and twenty nine for the
twelve point nine inch. the preorders are going to
start with the addition of a Multi Touch trackpad which is
gonna be found in the palm rest. Now this multitask
trackpad is made possible with using the accessibility feature
in iPad OS Starting on January 7th the
first 500 preorders will be available to ship in late
February with the remaining order shipping in March now
coming in at one hundred and ninety nine dollars for the 11
inch for two hundred twenty nine dollars for the twelve
point nine inch. This is absolutely gonna be a premium
product because chances are if you already use an iPad Pro you
have a keyboard and if you have a keyboard if you like
something that’s premium you already have a bridge keyboard
because it’s probably one of the nicest keyboards available.
You’re really not going to go drop out another two and twenty
dollars just for a trackpad because you are using a mouse. I think a lot of people have
been kind of clamoring for this whether or not it’s gonna be
successful coming at two twenty nine that is high cost
especially when you consider this practice halfway through
its lifecycle whether or not it will get refreshed very soon
you know and maybe in the fall you remains to be seen but if
you’re going to buy this keyboard you’re probably stuck
with it for a long period time. So that is going to wrap it up
for me folks. Let me know in the comments below if you think
spending 199 or 229 on this keyboard is something that
you’re going to do. Otherwise make sure that you
are subscribed for when that full review drops. I I am Mike and I’ll
talk to the next one

20 thoughts on “Brydge Pro+ for 12.9 iPad Pro is here! CES Sneek Peek!

  1. Let's try this again! Not sure what happened to the audio from the first upload but you should hear audio now.

  2. 👍👍👍

  3. Let me know if you have any other CES requests

  4. Can't wait!

  5. I feel that if this is the first time owning this and you is planning on keeping your current ipad then I say yes the 199 is worth it

  6. I bought one of their keyboards a while ago. It was terrible to type on and very often keystrokes did not register.

  7. The $229.00 Price Tag is a lot on top of the $1500 for the iPad Pro 12.9 and I just bought my Brydge Pro in September 2019 at $169.00 , so buying another keyboard so soon is a lot, but worth every penny to finally make my iPad Pro the Machine I have always wanted it to be, I can't wait to get my hands on the New Brydge Pro + Keyboard for my Apple iPad Pro 12.9. I do wish it would come in Silver like my iPad but I bought the Space Gray figuring with the Gray back cover it won't matter, Did the Pre-Order the moment it was open, can't wait for it to arrive late February, Hoping Apple updates the Mouse accessibility in iPad OS to be more like a real mouse, Thank you Brydge

  8. I hope Apple improves their mouse support in iPadOS 14

  9. Not a chance….. Had one with my 2017 12.9 iPad Pro and had nothing but problems. Now I have a latest 12.9 iPad Pro and happy with both the Apple & Logitech Slim Folio Pro keyboards. No way am I going to drop another 229 on a keyboard that will not be of any use in a few months time, once the next gen iPad Pro gets released.

  10. Then Apple should release “smart keyboard folio pro” which has trackpad over $399 in this year I guess

  11. I would rather buy a Chromebook at that price point.

  12. i think a trackpad/mouse at this time is useless on the ipad
    because mouse support is an accessibility feature not full support so using a mouse/trackpad is not useful/productive

  13. I love the idea. But i wont spend over $150 for it. No thanks.

  14. Thanks for the video. I would buy one if they changed that cheapo hinge design – it is woeful and puts pressure on the iPad screen. Can you see if you can get any info for the Sentis Libra redesign please? That ‘hinge’ looks far better – easier to detach the iPad Pro.

  15. i pre ordered last years model, and i regret it.. its premium yes, it does remind you of a mini macbook pro but ive key replaced already and dont get me started with the rubbers that hold the ipad. Same with the rubber pads on the bottom of the keyboard.. now the T doesnt want to work properly.. i wont buy another of their product.. didnt work for me.

  16. Hiya Mike, thx for the vid. I notice in your graphic spec and also on Brydge’s website that the battery life is now down to 3mths. WT? The existing keyboard we both have is 12mths. So is the battery smaller in the new one or does the trackpad just draw more juice from the unit? I also spotted in the CES vid that the USB-C port has moved from the right to the left hand side, is that correct? Not sure is worth the update for me as hoping Apple will improve this year on offering full mouse support at WWDS if luck goes my way.

  17. Brydge should drop there price at least 50$ and they should’ve maked a french keyboard version at launch now people who want to buy an iPadPro might just wait just a bit longer to buy the new one coming out making this keyboard useless and already made for an old ipadpro version and maybe useless for the new one!!

  18. Anyone know why Bridge are charging the same in £, as they are in $?

    $229 for US, and £219 for UK. I'm pretty sure that's not the conversion rate.

  19. You got a sub from me man! Would love to work together on something

  20. Hopefully this new Brydge keyboard doesnt have a space bar that sticks and runs off lines and lines of spaces on my documents when I’m trying to type. Other than that i love this keyboard because it makes the IPad the closest to a laptop that it can be.

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