Burn $300 Instead Of Buying This on Amazon…

Burn $300 Instead Of Buying This on Amazon…

48 thoughts on “Burn $300 Instead Of Buying This on Amazon…

  1. Kyle's in the HOT SEAT!!! 🔥

  2. i love brockhampton dude

  3. why did apple make an adapter

  4. Matthias made this

  5. Did anybody else realize that Keaton is copying Matthias

  6. Hi Keaton

  7. Kwel

  8. He bought a case for 50 that really cost like 10 dollars boi you played yourself

  9. they get r done

  10. He earned Cash!

  11. Or you may give me

  12. They Get R Done

  13. sadboi

  14. He is trying SO HARD to be unbox Therapy, but only archives to be annoying…

  15. So you just copied matthias

  16. SADBOI

  17. I swear you copied this from Matthias/ Dope or Nope

  18. ripoff to matthias

  19. WHEN HE SAID BOOGIE I WAS LIKE BROCKHAMPTON hell yeah AND THEN HE said it and I love him even more now

  20. Hiiiiiiiiii

  21. Sadboi

  22. Like austin evan's how to spend vid

  23. I think Keaton’s turning in to Mathias

  24. Ok…. RIP my 300$ 😒

  25. Headphones 😂😂😂 £50 fuck that i have an iphone x and i love my airpods

  26. they get r done

  27. he earned CASH


  29. SADBOI

  30. also on the shelf no way that was the classic macintosh

  31. Yooo what was on that iPhone? It wasn’t that case what was it?

  32. 🔥🔥🤙🏻

  33. Did anyone notice he only likeed ones that didn't say u stole from Matthias

  34. I WATN BAG

  35. They get r done


  37. they get r done

  38. You are so cringy when you listen to music

  39. Notification squad !!!!!!!!

  40. Stop saying he stole it from Mathias he is literally doing a tech review that’s not stealing it’s normal for a tech channel to review tech.

  41. Them popsocket holders don't work … i had a popsocket and it was really loose and i paid £7 for it when i took it back they said it was suposed to be loose so i can pop it out when i put it in my dads vent holder my phone just did a 180º spin and was upside down the whole journey and my dad was using my phone for satnav and my phone was upside down and the rotation would not turn to be upside down like my phone.

  42. Sadboi

  43. Xxx

  44. It is on Pop or Flop

  45. Hiii hiii

  46. I fitted in that Bag//////////////////////…BTW i not have iphone

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