CamRanger: iPhone / iPad wireless control of Canon and Nikon DSLR

CamRanger: iPhone / iPad wireless control of Canon and Nikon DSLR

CamRanger is the first product of its kind
to allow you to wirelessly control your Canon or Nikon digital SLR with your iPad, iPhone,
or iPod Touch. You don’t need the internet, or any additional computers. CamRanger is
easy to set up, simply plug in one end of the provided USB cable into your CamRanger
and the other into your camera. Put it in the protective case for easy attachment and
your CamRanger is ready to go. The free CamRanger iOS app can now connect to CamRanger completely
wirelessly and give you incredible control over your camera from over 150 ft away including
live view, image capture, changing settings, movie recording, intervalomter, and much more.
CamRanger is powered by a rechargeable, replaceable battery. It can be charged and powered using
the provided USB cable and optionally, the US AC adapter. Battery life is about 3 – 6
hours under normal conditions, but can last over 11 hours in intervalometer and bulb mode.
CamRanger is excellent for macro photography. Here we have a camera pointed at an insect
in the flowers. An iPad is wirelessly connected and receiving live view images. Touch the
image to have the camera acquire focus. Double tapping will magnify the area. Incremental
focus adjustments can also be made to fine tune the focus. – Capture an image and its
thumbnail will automatically download. Tap it to download the full resolution image from
the camera. After the transfer is complete, we can view the high resolution photo in full
screen and then double tap to zoom in and scroll around to check out the photo. CamRanger
is ideal for situations where physically controlling the camera is difficult. Streaming live view
shows the squirrel eating. However, we can get a better view by double tapping to increase
the magnification. CamRanger can also be used to record movies. Just toggle on movie mode
and hit the record button. Here we can see the movie we recorded — and here are some
of the photos. A neoprene pouch is provided for securing the CamRanger when attached to
the camera. The clip can be attached to many things including a tripod or belt loop. Images
triggered with the camera can still be downloaded to the CamRanger app for display. CamRanger
is great for quickly and easily showing the images, such as for wedding, engagement, or
family photos. With CamRanger you can adjust both basic and advanced camera properties,
some are shown with these jelly beans. The white balance is adjusted and in live view
we can see these changes take effect. The ISO is changed and the shooting mode is also
adjusted. Finally the exposure compensation is set. Advanced display settings includes
blinking highlights and shadows, grid lines, focus points, and aspect ratio lines. Now
we can view the contents of the camera’s memory card. Selecting thumbnails gives the option
to delete from the memory card or save to the iPad or iPhone photo library. Some additional
CamRanger features include focus stacking to create images with enhanced depth of field.
HDR bracketing combined with post-processing can generate HDR images. You can even take
and view bulb shots from the comfort of your sleeping bag. Visit for more
information and to buy your CamRanger today.

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  1. This is crazy! How much is it?

  2. $299

  3. This is way overpriced. Ok it,s much cheaper than Nikon's solution. Still overpriced in todays market place.

  4. Why oh why is there not a black option?

  5. useful but expensive, if it drop the price i'll be interesting to buy.

  6. just get dslr camera remote from the app store.. Although I can't help but want this too :/ its wayyy overpriced though

  7. go go camcam rangerrrr mighty morphin camcam rangerrr errrrr

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