100 thoughts on “CAN A PINEAPPLE PROTECT iPhone X from 100ft DROP TEST!?

  1. Watermelon VS PineAPPLE … who won???

  2. Would it be creepy if i showed up at the spacestation to meet you and tanner

  3. iPhone X’s are really good you just don’t feel like working with them. Not saying your bad or anything. pls like lol

  4. Alex is the man of many talents

  5. MAIL

  6. I thought you were going to put it in an apple LOL😂😂

  7. #highfive

  8. Stop hating on Tanner

  9. Should've bought a durian #toughfruit

  10. dose holiday play league of legends

  11. Giveaway

  12. Less/No tanner please….

  13. why dn't u gift me n iphone instead of destroying them?

  14. R will it shreds coming back ?

  15. The new GizmoSlip

  16. Iphone X to Iphone Ex.

  17. Tfox

  18. That same iPhoneX used Tanner in his vlog…It has broken screen at left ahahaha

  19. Who saw at 10:01

  20. Who's excited for best day ever 666?

  21. The new gizmo slip

  22. Watermelon

  23. hm you guys arent that good at rocket league lol

    well neither am i.

    im plat 2 tho hit me up if you wanna play anybody
    Steam: im an apple

  24. Subscribe to me for quality memes.

  25. Shaun I am a big time fan but plz stop putting tanner in the vlog

  26. stopped watching this vlog right when i saw Tanner Fox!

  27. Soo im new in this channel and i look the name shonduras en honduras is where i came from soo is he honduran or what?

  28. Should’ve did a coconut

  29. If you watched tanners video before this one there was a white line on the left and bottom of the screen that’s why shonduras had his fingers covering the screen

  30. Take it to Apple store

  31. You should get a one wheel from toys are us and see if they are any good

  32. New text tone.. “Yoink” – Shonduras 2K17

  33. You know how you guys are like pro camera catchers? You should go to the park and see how far you can throw and catch a go pro

  34. Wheelies for days let's G00000000

  35. He said to hi ✋ the subscribe button and i did and it does not work and Tanner says to hit that subscribe button and he has 5 mill more then you so you should try that : I am not a hater

  36. What is it called that tanner was riding

  37. I like how he hid the damage that tfox did lol

  38. Watching this on a pos free government phone and they're ruining the newest iPhone..

  39. I want more Adley!! She is the cutest toddler in the world. Like if you want more Adley videos.

  40. Tanner Fox seems like that rich kid your parents made you invite to your birthday party who demanded to play with all your new toys before you had a chance to play with them

  41. I’m so jealous every time I watch your videos booooo!! Electric boards are illegal in the Netherlands!!! The law says that every motorized vehicle with high speed needs a steering wheel. FFS!

  42. so it's alberts gift and tanners riding it how thoughtful

  43. Yeah Shonduras we totally did not see the leds mest up at 3:22

  44. thumbs down no addle

  45. Shon come back to Chattanooga Tennessee

  46. I thought he was going to make a pineapple apple pen reference when he said stick the phone in the pineapple.

  47. Dimond cutter!!! That was my uncles cousin!

  48. rocket league is a game i legit play every single day love the game man the vids are amazing guys keep it up

  49. When n why did the indoor boxfort come down??

  50. We need more Alan Alex Albert what ever his name is

  51. Well first you need to change the melecilal structure of the perendi…
    JK I’m not a scientist😂

  52. No matter how awesome your tricks are, you can never look cool riding a scooter.

  53. So!!! destroying stuff now!!!….not cool!!!

  54. you guys should play rocket league with drift carts and a exercise ball!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Hey Shaun, how long do you think the house will take to be built? Plz answer!!!!

  56. Cmon guys, the title and the 10:00 length. What did he do to you?

  57. It pains me to see you guys destroy that beautiful phone 😭…can i have it please

  58. What is the bike thing Tanner is riding

  59. "perfectly good iPhone" my ass. Just tell the truth and we maybe respect you. Lying never works.

  60. its more like water damage from the juice…

  61. Saw Ur Snap!

  62. 4:45 You’re Welcome!


  64. the pineapple would have worked if the top wasn't open.

  65. day 661 – 5 days till what day? the world will end

  66. when you already watched tanners video and he says "oh yea we got a perfecrtly good iphone "and covers up the crack lmao

  67. It was not a perfectly good iPhone I watched tanners blog first you know and there is a scratch in the corner

  68. I haven't been watching shoundars lately because of school. My friend asked at school what my favorite YouTuber was and I said shoundars. Now I'm going to watch his videos every day!!!!

  69. Did you ever finish that cardboard enclosure for the ramps? Or did that get removed for this session?

  70. W,atermelon


  72. You gotta get the Funk Bros on that mini ramp

  73. Garlik what video editing software do you use

  74. High five I red that far

  75. So I guess since Adley got her own station she's too busy to hang out with Dad ?

  76. Are tanner and Albert related

  77. Loved that amazing wrestling pose you did on the roof 20/10

  78. Cool video whats the song called?


  80. Do a drop test except use rubber bands to protect it

  81. Tanner fox can i be your brother

  82. Shon you can fix the part where it is zooming and says stuff when you press on the app

    You can fix it from accessibility

  83. I love rocket league

  84. They don’t know how to use a I phone he said Siri are you ok u gotta say hey Siri

  85. 0:45 only forty-five seconds into the video and Shaun already says a dead meme that actually means "drunk"

  86. tanners watermelon totaly won plus I like tanner more I watched tanners version and shons version

  87. If you do get it shterd on the back it will look cool, cuz of the efferct is gets, a few years ago, me and Brittany(my friend) were playing outside and it axcedently fell on the cement, and she showed it to me what it looks like now and it is very cool.

  88. Why have a car when you have a one wheel,electric bike,and a sick electric scooter?🚗👎🏻,one wheel👍👍👍,🏍👌👌👌,🛴😃😃😃😃😃
    Like if you agree

  89. Welp watermelon won XD

  90. You guys are cool and weird all at the same time

  91. He covered the lcd on. The screen😂😂😂😂

  92. I play rocket luge

  93. Stop hating on Tanner

  94. 🖐🏻🖐🏻

  95. I really appreciate the clean-up time lapse:) +1

  96. You should have gave the iPhone x to me

  97. Watermelon won

  98. I love u guys so much good job today you guy's are the best you tuber

  99. Yo when u launched it off the roof on both channles i cried i dont have a phone im litteraly watching on my friends computer.

  100. Tfox

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