Can I Make Eyeballs Tasty? | FOOD FEARS

Can I Make Eyeballs Tasty? | FOOD FEARS

– Oh my god, (coughing). – So, is that better or worse
than you thought it would be? – Oh, the black–
– Not as good as you thought it would be.
– The black stuff came out. (upbeat music) – Welcome to Food Fears, where I make something you hate taste great. Please welcome today’s guest, Host of Hot Ones, Shawn Evans. – Yeah, wow, that was good. That’s very funny. – [Josh] Shawn, thank you so much. – Yeah, it’s the bald
thing, that’s what that is. – Well, thank you for
being on the show today. It still shocks me that
anyone shows up here and does this. It’s really crazy, so thank you. – It’s exciting, yeah. – You’ve kind of made creepy
things on the internet like a huge part of your brand, but you have somehow managed
to avoid eating creepy things. How did you avoid having
to eat creepy things for internet fame? – Ah, well I, that’s just
not something I’ve ever done. I usually have a very strict diet. I intermittent fast. You look like you work out so, you know, you probably know a little
something about nutrition and what not. The only thing that I
said that I wouldn’t eat, and I didn’t mention that
until I walked in here, was tarantulas. That would be the only, you’re like, oh what.
– This is gonna be an awkward day. – Yeah, cut. – All right, so you fried
chicken at a deli for 10 years. Is that like the most
food experience you have? – You guys are so good at the research. I love it, I love it. I remember back in the day
when I was on Ear Biscuits, the amount of research, in-depth research, was very impressive. So, yes, I used to fry chicken. I paid my way through
university doing that, and yeah, I’ve always
enjoyed fried chicken and fried things. I feel like you’re asking me that as like, is that foreshadowing? – No, no, no, there’s a lot
of misdirection coming– – I’m so scared right now, just so you know.
– That’s what I really get off on, not in a weird way, but yeah, the tension coming
off of you is really– – My whole day has just been,
I’m just, I’m like okay. – Are you ready to find out what you’re gonna be eating today? – I think I’m ready if
everyone else is ready. – Because it is, it is fish eyeballs. So, this is not very commonly eaten. Obviously if you were at,
say, a Singaporean wedding, like I was a couple months ago, and a grandma hands you an
eyeball out of her roasted fish, you gotta eat it. But, not a lot of people cook with it, so I’m really excited to get down to it. – I wanna tell you why this (laughing), why this concerns me,
because when I used to work at that grocery store, I, one time, because apparently I’m twisted, I actually poked a fish in the eye. It was dead. And, some black stuff
like oozed out of it. It’s getting gross, I was
just thinking about it. So, it was like a weird like inky stuff, and I always thought to myself, well I’m so glad that like
that was never in my mouth. – We do have to eat this
just completely plain. This has just been boiled for safety. Just to get a flavor profile. I need to know what you’re feeling so I can kind of craft my
dish around your thoughts. This is a good meditative experience. Try and leave your body. – And, is there something like– – You just spit right into my hands. It’ll be a bonding moment. – My heart’s beating, it’s so funny, like the way that I’m reacting to this. But, at the end of the
day, I’m gonna do this like Timon and Pumbaa,
slimy yet satisfying. – Right down the gullet. – All right, so we gotta
chip it and dip it. We’re still working on the branding for this show.
– And we have to chew it? – You can do it anyway
you want to, brother. – One, two, three. – You get a little bit of crunch. – Oh (coughing). – [Josh] The crunch is the lens. – I hope I can do it, oh mama. – Do you like it, or no? – I’m trying not to throw up. I feel–
– it’s that good? – Oh, you swallowed it? – Yeah. Oh, these are, I just toss
’em back like popcorn. – Oh god, I hear something (gagging), something crunchy. Oh, my god. – So, is that better or worse
than you thought it would be? – Oh, the black–
– Not as good as you thought it would be.
– The black stuff came out. There was some hard, crunchy
things in an eyeball, which is concerning to me, and that really freaked me out. I was not ready for that. Or, some tendons behind the eye. – That’s the optic nerve. – Thank you. – I mean, the good news
is the bar is so low that like, I mean, I
barely have to do anything to make this better and palatable for you. So, that excites me as a chef. I don’t like to work hard. – Oh, the black stuff. Is my tongue black? – A little residue on it. You’re gonna be tasting that for a minute.
– Oh, that’s lovely, okay. It’s on my hands.
– We’ll get you some Listerine. All right, so you can go wash
your hands, Listerine up. If you come back, I’m gonna
have a beautiful dish, and I know I can get you to
fall in love with these balls. – I would love to, yes,
okay, I’ll be back. (upbeat music) – Food Fears! Sorry, I just needed that
to wake up, all right. Extracting an eyeball from a fish feels a lot like what I
imagine it is to kill a man. There we go. Or, like kinda like
cracking a walnut, you know, like one of the two. And, circumcised. To make herby linguine, we’re gonna take basil and parsley, blanch
that for a few seconds, shock it in ice water, and get it right into our food processor with some more ice cold water, and then some olive oil
just to kinda give it a little bit of body. And then, gonna let it ride. The type of guy that says let it ride is the type of guy who
doesn’t mind throwing on the John Travolta, William H. Macy, and Tim Allen hit movie Wild
Hogs on a Wednesday night. I don’t know why I said let it ride, I don’t say that, I’m not that guy. It’s more of a weekend thing for me. Should see all that beautiful green liquid just kinda pouring out there. And, now we need to start
building the actual pasta. So, you take that herb puree and you’re gonna whisk
it in with some eggs. You wanna do this right next
to a pot of boiling water, and then you’re actually gonna lean over and your sweat is gonna season your pasta. An old trick that a very
sweaty grandmother taught me. My grandma is a very sweaty woman, and she’s never going to watch this because she doesn’t understand
what I do for a job, and explaining YouTube to her is like explaining what
a train is to a horse. Now, we’re gonna go ahead
and we’re just gonna dump two and a half cups of flour. This is a double zero flour,
which means something. Who knows, who’s to say. You make a well in the middle of that, and then you’re gonna pour
that herby egg mixture in the middle. Bold! Also let a bunch just
completely break the floodgates and go all over your table,
and maybe on the floor, and maybe on your shoes. No, my son, my beautiful son. And then, you’re gonna
mix that all together and then knead it with your hands until it starts to form a dough. Let’s get a lot of aggression out. Tomatoes are supposed
to be in the dish, link. Then, you’re gonna wrap
that dough in plastic, you’re gonna let it rest in the fridge for about a half an hour. All right, so now we gotta take our dough and we gotta feed it through our official Food Fears pasta sheeter, now
available at That’s not true, but please
buy a mug or something. And then, you’re gonna run
it through a pasta sheeter a few times so it’s nice and thin. And, if you hate pasta, use
it as a really gross scarf. Now, this is ready to be
turned into our linguine. And now, this goes through this one. Goes through this one! First, you have to have your
associate producer Nicole, if you don’t have one, go find one, teach you how to use a linguine cutter because apparently you
don’t know how to do it. There we go. Now you see your beautiful
noodles are coming out with the help of someone
more competent than you. Drop these guys in there. Make it salty like the ocean, or the tears of an enemy. You’re just gonna cook that
for about three or four minutes until al dente, and then
you’re gonna pull that off and saute it right in the sauce. To make the eyeball scampi sauce you start with a lot of
butter heating in a pan, then you saute garlic with that, and then you’re gonna deglaze the pan with white wine that you’re
gonna let reduce for a minute. One for you, one for the pan. An Italian grandma taught me that. I think she just had a problem. Now, we’re gonna take chicken stock. I like to add a little bit of stock ’cause it kinda gives it
that little savory edge. Capers in there. And then, pasta water. This is really key because
that’s actually gonna help bind everything together. It’s got a little bit
of that starch in there. And now, we’re gonna go
ahead and take our eyeballs, and we don’t wanna overcook them. So, we’re gonna put these in there, and you’re just waiting
for the eyes to turn white like a White Walker in Game of Thrones. Man, they really botched that
last season, didn’t they? It looks dead inside like a doll’s eyes. That’s from Jaws? – Yep
– Never seen it. All right, so you see
the whites of the eyes are really becoming cloudy. That means the fish is officially dead, whereas previously it was alive. Squeeze in half a lemon. Make sure you have no open wounds. Ironically, I always do, this hurts. And then, we’re gonna
add our parsley in there. And then, in comes the pasta. Then, just let that continue to saute until about half that liquid’s gone. To plate the final dish,
we’re gonna take the pasta that’s in the saute pan,
put it into a beautiful hand-crafted plastic bowl that
I found at a discount store. And, it wouldn’t be Food Fears if we didn’t cut to the reveal. (dramatic music) All right, are you ready
to check out the final dish that I prepared?
– Yes, I am. – Okay, so you’ve been known
for your creepy pasta videos, so I wanted to make you
a literal creepy pasta. This is fish eyeball linguine scampi. – Wow!
– So, please dig in. I’d recommend you kind of get an eyeball on the end of it, kinda twirl it up. – See, it’s just psychological. Like just, I’m looking at it, and it’s just pasta, it’s just fish. – Yeah, it can be any fish product it might as well be shrimp. We don’t have the budget for that yet.
– Oh boy, yeah. See, I put that one back in
hopes I’d find a better one, but they’re all– – I wanted to tell you that
was the best it’s gonna get. – Oh, Lord Almighty, okay. – All right, you got one loaded up? – Yeah, it’s just, I just (exhaling), yeah, that’s got more on it, bruh. – Yeah well, okay, so I
wanted to do a quick cook on these eyeballs to like
really give you that texture, and then I did a sort of
longer braise on the caponate. – It’s very nice of you. Okay, let’s do it. See, it’s so good, but it, my brain is so confused right now. – Focus on the good flavors. – Oh, it crunched! – [Josh] Focus on the olive oil. – Yep, mm-hmm. – That’s a beautiful Ligurian
olive oil from Italy. It’s imported. – I am so confused. – A beautiful, floral bitter notes. – Oh man, yep, floral. – [Josh] Then you got all that white wine, the acid, killing everything. But, how aromatic is the garlic? – Good garlic. – And then, oh my god,
I didn’t even get into the basil and parsley puree in the pasta. Look at that beautiful green color. I mean, you would pay $23 for this in a nice Italian– (gagging) – And they’re– – That is so tasty is what you’re saying? – Yeah, and I mean we haven’t even gotten to the caponata yet. There’s a little bit of golden raisins in there.
– I can’t wait. – And, now it’s gone. (stammering) Is it gone? – Now, it’s gone. That was actually very good. I’m not gonna lie. The pasta, not the– – I don’t get a ton of
compliments around here so that really means a lot to me. – Man, hit me up anytime. I’ll just text you randomly. I’ll be like, bruh, you know what, you look nice today. I don’t even see you,
but you look nice today. – You’re gonna regret that,
I’m very co-dependent. (laughing) – I did it, I swallowed,
there was probably at least three eyeballs in there. – You sucked on a lot
of balls on that one. So, how do you feel about the experience? How do you feel about eyeballs as a dish? Would you say your fear has dissipated? – I think, like with most things, it’s just psychological. I would say my fear is probably, yes, it’s probably, and it
was all ’cause of you, so thank you for that. – Probably, yes, that’s like as good as I’m ever gonna get here ’cause this is, I mean really uphill
battles that we’re fighting on some of this. – Oh man, I honestly feel like you guys took it easy on me. Like, eyeballs are nasty, and there’s like a shell
to an eyeball, here we go. (laughing) There’s like a shell to the eyeball, and then there’s like the goo
inside with the black stuff, but if you get past that, it’s not bad. – Thank you so much for being here. And, everybody, subscribe to
Matthew Santoro on YouTube. He makes awesome stuff. But, you’ll never see him
eat eyeballs on his channel, I’m assuming. – Or will you? – [Josh] Boom.
– No. – Nope.
(both laughing) Thank you so, so much for
watching and supporting me, and if you wanna keep showing support, please go subscribe to the
Mythical YouTube channel. If I get enough subscribers I can make even more content for you. So, please go subscribe,
and, again, thank you.

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