Can’t Find Purell? Reach For 190 Proof Everclear

Can’t Find Purell? Reach For 190 Proof Everclear

100 thoughts on “Can’t Find Purell? Reach For 190 Proof Everclear

  1. Did Jason Momoa pose for that photo of Delmont? 😂

  2. I know its comedic but i cant tell if this is a free plug for everclear or Everclear for this

  3. Cononavirus hits in Cailforina and LA and Hollywood and Oscars will die many many like over millions and millions and millions soon by 2020 cuz
    Trump against Shit Stephen Colbert and actors and actress and rappers and Bollywood and Ozzy Osbourne !

  4. It's not a good idea, hand sanitizer can weaken the immune system

  5. 😂😂😂 People are making each other paranoid. Just be cautious but don’t panic.

  6. That background looks like the Tabasco plant.

  7. You know, the funny part is, due to national shortages of medical rubbing alcohol, China actually enlisted a bunch of brewing companies to make rubbing alcohol for their region.

  8. It actually is a great cleaning product. I've used it to remove price stickers and ball point ink.

  9. Thank-you, Mr. Stack for being so silly! You make me laugh.

  10. From Italy: First time ?

  11. wait, what really happens if I wash my hands with something that contains 60% alcohol?

  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏾👏🏾

  13. Yeah…. Sure…. Use that thing all the time and don't get surprised with the aftermath!
    You guys don't know how to properly wash your hands?

  14. It’s funny because it’s true.

  15. To give you an idea of the type of people who drink Everclear, a guy I worked with in college always kept a bottle in his car so "neither he, nor his car, would ever run out of fuel".
    Sad thing was that he did actually use it in his fuel tank one time and screwed up a nice car he was paying off.
    Actually, it's just sadder that he was that much of a raging alcoholic.

  16. Don't buy everclear,
    The coronavirus can be easily taken with a little Lyme disease.
    Lmsao 😅
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.

  17. God I hate people. Like how hard is it to take basic everyday precautions to not get sick just like you should be doing everyday? This is the same overhyped thing as Swine Flu years ago. The only people who are gonna get sick are the people who don’t wash their hands before eating or touching their mouth eyes or nose or get directly coughed or sneezed on by someone who is sick. Like good god people, how hard is it to go wash your hands before you eat? And if you don’t already have hand sanitizer from before this all happened and now are in a panic because it’s all sold out, what the hell is wrong with your dirty ass? I can understand if you only had like 1 bottle and ran out and now can’t get anymore, but I feel like most people didn’t even have any to begin with which is just as bad for your hygiene and health as not showering or brushing your teeth.

  18. too cute, lol, ty mr colbert.

  19. It's God everybody!

  20. I did actually hear of a recipe that was one part isopropyl alcohol to three parts aloe gel

  21. It's good for you now….lmao

  22. Hand sanitisers don't kill viruses

  23. "…AND consciousness." Ah, college.😌 😂😂

  24. We're out of hand sanitizer at work. The weird part about that is I work at a Joann's….

  25. Here's breaking news: anti-bacterial hand cleaners have no effect on viruses.

  26. make sure to buy an effective cleaner. If it dont has "virucidal" on it, its useless in this case.

  27. Watching from Mexico how Americans PANIC for a Coronavirus is entertaining.

  28. Make sure the hand sanitizers are not made in china especially Wuhan lol

  29. I actually wonder if people might turn to using high percentage alcohol as a substitute form HandSand. if they get desperate enough.

  30. NO. For the love of all things holy, WASH. YOUR. HANDS. If you want to use 60% alcohol hand sanitizer in addition to that, knock yourself out. But it’s not very effective against viruses and SHOULD NOT be relied on. The only thing that will get a virus off your hands is washing them down the drain with thorough soap and water. Soap gets between your skin and anything on it (surfactant) and then when you rinse, everything slides off. That’s why surgeons still “scrub in” with soap.

    Using paper towels instead of dryers is also better, since you’re further wiping off germs, instead of flinging them into the air.

  31. Is Purell supposed to be the best hand sanitizer?

  32. Talking about germs is one thing, but I thought people were worried about Corona-VIRUS…?! 🤔

  33. 60%? Interesting, every other country I've been to say over 70-75%…🤔🤔

  34. Ahhh everclear and the days of the hairy buffalo party…

  35. Everclear: "It's good for you…now." What's the #medicinal opinion on #CanadianClub?

  36. Just get Vodka! Works both inside and outside!

  37. Man it really is sold out everywhere. I regret not buying it from Sam's Club last month.

  38. I love Brian Stack. Dude is a comedy writing legend. I'd put him only behind Robert Smigel, but even that is quickly becoming contested.

  39. We have lots in stores in Canada. Not many people uses it. We just use water and soap.

  40. Rubbing alcohol works too.
    But, unlike Everclear, don't drink it.

  41. I suggested to my project manager that if we needed more time for the project he should go out on a bender on Mexican beer and call in sick on Monday saying he was feeling bad because of Corona.

  42. Just mix everclear with some KY lube and you got yourself some hand sanitizer.

  43. Everclear gets the Colbert Bump. Liquor stores sold out everywhere. 😂

  44. Been using vodka as a sanitizer for years. Not 60% (120 proof) but they don't tell you that white vinegar is also effective and the two together is good enough for me. Straight vodka with tea tree, rosemary, lavender and other essential oils is also effective.

    For that matter – GIN is made with antibacterial herbs and spices already distilled into the blend. Was originally made as medicine for colds and flu. My Country Doctor tells me that if I have the choice between Vodka or Gin to pour on an open wound or to use as a skin disinfectant (before injections, for instance) I should opt for Gin. Actually, Isopropyl leaves a residue that the body has a hard time dealing with. Those fumes (when you smell it) carry toxins not found in Ethyl alcohols. If you are chemically sensitive, you should avoid Isopropyl in favor of Ethyl.
    Ever Clear is the ticket.

  45. or you could just wash your hands regularly and not touch your face with dirty hands…. kind of a good idea anyway.

  46. Omg, that picture of Delmont Everclear. 🙂

    "He never intended it to have any positive benefit for society."

  47. We can live beside the ocean

    Leave the fire behind

    Swim out past the breakers

    Watch the world die

  48. Fun fact there is Tatratea with 75%, and it got herbs in it for the extra health boost.

  49. America has more cases than reported. A guy came back from China and never get tested

  50. America's Healthcare System (Best in the world): “The best healthcare is being dead” (you wont need medicine or healthcare, then)
    That said, if you got Coronovirus, the treatment is to drink lost of Corona Beer, smoke plenty of weed, listen to music, and get plenty of rest.

  51. Who in the world sells hand sanitizer at less than 65%

  52. This guy cracked me up. LOL.

    He's right, the corporate world is now CASHING IN on this coronovirus gig selling sanitizers at inflated prices. First, Stimulate the market, then provide the market with the products they need, soon make it scarce, and when the sheep demand them, jack up the price, It's all economics. Just like Insulin, flood the market with fatty sugary food, so people get fat. Obesity down regulated insulin receptors leading to pancreatic cells to down regulate endogenous insulin production, after a while you become diabetic needing Exogenous Insulin to tune of $750/mon. ….Ka-Ching…..

  53. 0:43
    Shout out to the origional night of the living dead

  54. Finally, an alternative use for hand sanitizers other than using them on your hands before jerking off.

  55. Have you ever drank Everclear? You end up on the floor…

  56. Question isnt sanitizer for bacteria not viruses

  57. This guys used to work Conan . he´s hilarious.

  58. I prefer whiskey myself. Lol

  59. Fun fact: A single $12 bottle of everclear cut by 50% water is still cheaper than two $9 bottles of Potter's vodka.
    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I learned economics in college.

  60. In case Americans run out also on high percentage alcohol, you may also order our traditional austrian virus killer .
    It's our 80% proof Inländer (= native) Rum.

  61. You still can find it in amazon but it is super overpriced,the same for disinfecting wipes 💰

  62. Truth

  63. Jorgensen

  64. No one washed their hands before this?? 🤗

  65. Is it more effective taken internally or rubbed on externally ?

  66. FYI: At some point, the virus can become immune to hand sanitizer. Wash with SOAP AND WATER.
    I miss the 50s- Americans took sensible actions, no panic.
    This bunch panic abdcarw detrimental to solutions . SOAP AND WATER, DONT TOUCH YOUR FACE, Vampire cough catcher , NOT YOUR HAND.
    oh what fools these mortals be,
    At first panic in PANTS they pee.
    Why think it through, that's too much work,
    Just Americans being jerks

  67. I just use straight up alcohol.

  68. Y'all have fun (if hazy) memories of Everclear as it relates to drinking.

    I just have fun (if tearful) memories of their music.

  69. 0:30 Is that Jack Black?

  70. so what I understand from this is Americans are way too paranoid Lmao

  71. Can you wash your hands with a corona? With lime?

  72. I mean . . . This isn't that bad an idea, really. I'd check into my local liquor store if I wasn't already stocked up on hand sanitizer (I have three children who are all in elementary school, and I have a compromised immune system, so I just buy the big pump containers every time they go on sale).

    I do have to point out, however, that he didn't get the backs of his hands, or between his fingers.

  73. The great thing is that with this stuff you can sanitize your hands from the inside out too!

  74. Well, I remember using 100% ethanol as a disinfectant in lab in college. Alcohol that is that strong isn't good for much else, it'll wreck your liver in a hurry.

  75. No it won't be effective at 'killing these germs'. It might destroy them, but you can't 'kill' a virus.

  76. So why don't they just increase production instead of wanting to draw attention to themselves!!😏 Manufacturers can be stupid at times

  77. This is nonsense. 70% alcohol is good for killing bacteria, but not for deactivating corona virus.

  78. That molotov cocktail scene is from "Night of the Living Dead". The Late Show editors are so cool!

  79. I drink that in Bourbon…. We're good.. Who needs the flu shot 😜🙄

  80. I'm a get some!

  81. We had trash can booze in college and inevitably someone would dump in a bottle of Everclear. Ah the memories… or not.

  82. That's the Spirit!

  83. @0:30 Delmont Everclear 😄 — also reminds me of Spiritus, which a buddy of mine from uni used to drink like water. Vicious stuff.

  84. Alcohol above 90% is less effective than 70% alcohol, because it denatures protein and leaves a protective layer of dead bacteria under which more bacteria and viruses can survive.

  85. Hand sanitizer eventually thins your skin and allows more bacteria, viruses to enter your body. Just wash your hands people. If you don't have a compromised immune system, you'll eventually be fine. Way too much hysteria over this thing. If you're really that paranoid, drink some bleach, it'll kill all of the germs, viruses, life.

  86. People do realize this is an aerosol virus right?

  87. I wish these were longer

  88. Just not the same without the piano player squawking in the background for no reason

  89. 23 cup 60% plus of rubbing alcohol to 13 cup aloe gel. That's hand sanitizer!

  90. Y'all really trying to use an anti-BACTERIAL to fight the coronaVIRUS?

  91. This is actually effective, alcohol is alcohol. Just add some water to it to make it closer to 70-75% so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

  92. Time to grab bottles of vodka guys!

  93. Then you can drink it 😅.


  95. When I pointed out that Everclear is way over the percentage of alcohol to be considered effective in hand sanitizers to my son’s teacher who’s been unable to find it! She laughed but now I wanna send this since she has a newborn ! With so many newborns in flu season along with CoVid-19 people might rib their hands in it but if they are smokers all bets are off!

  96. Purell was on the news weeks ago and it has been found to have chemicals that are cancerous. I am allergic to it and I have to be careful around people who use it. There are other products out there..

  97. Just don't boof with everclear around an open flame! 🤣

  98. 🤚🏼

  99. Guess people really do need to hear the term rubbing alcohol. Considering ppl think that gargling with bleach is a good idea.

  100. Yep, I told people to make it out of grain alcohol. It pulls double duty.

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