Car FM Transmitter iPhone with Hands Free Device Update 2019

Car FM Transmitter iPhone with Hands Free Device Update 2019

hi this is a demonstration on the AFM FM transmitter from I phone FM
transmitter dot net iPhone FM transmitter dot net. Well we have now the radio set at 80 79 as we turn this up and you can hear that there is static noise now we can use this transmitter and switch
it on now you can hear the static noise goes
away now we can gonna plug this in onto the
iPhone and gonna see how it performs. Okay we have now a plugin this transmitter
onto the iPhone and we gonna play the music “music” you can see that now the music is actually coming out loud and
clear. uh..I would do that again “music ” now you can hear the music coming out loud
and clear through the car radio now we’re demonstrating on the hands free feature some on the this ” hello can you hear me well” “Yes, I can hear you very well” is the reception good “it’s very good” okay now hang up. Now as soon as soon as we hang up and the
music comes right back. he now we came there cause this music
music’s now goes away now we employ those
switched off you can hear them now the noise is back
on now you can see that this aFM
transmitters really performing really well will switch back on and it goes away plug into
the iPhone we can plug it in now will play music by okay well this is iPhone FM
transmitter from iPhone FM transmitters dot net iPhone iPhone FM transmitter dot net thank you
very much

4 thoughts on “Car FM Transmitter iPhone with Hands Free Device Update 2019

  1. Excellent product that works just as described. Very pleased with how well it works. I would recommend this product to my friends.

  2. Thank You!

  3. I've got my favourite radio channel app in my phone which is not an uk radio channel and uk car radio can not catch up that channel is it possible if I play it in my phone and hear it from my car speaker ? U can play music from your iTunes I think radio is different if any one know plz answer many thanks

  4. Whats the device called ?!

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