Caranya Instal aplikasi bukan dari Playstore ??

Caranya Instal aplikasi bukan dari Playstore ??

hello everyone this time I’ll show you how to install application which is not from Google Playstore ok we will install it through apk file of an application Alright, please open the apk file This is an example application that we will install
through the apk here, it seems that if we want to install the application which is not from the playstore will be rejected by the cellphone therefore we must open the settings first in order to be accepted here, we cancel it first then we open the ‘settings’ in the ‘lock screen and security’ section we enable the ‘unknown sources’ section we choose ‘ok’ then we can try to install the application again through the apk this works,
click install on the bottom right kita pilih done next we will see,
is this really installed? here seen at the very bottom next to ‘my files’ there is ‘longshot’ This application was not there before now let’s open it it appears that the application is running successfully ok that’s all the video from me hopefully it’s useful

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