Carista OBD2 BMW VAG coding diagnostic interface for iOS Android

Hey! Today I’m going to show you Carista
which is a nice little interface for your car to customize some features. It
comes with an app for iOS and Android and if you buy this device from
Amazon (links in the description) you get a 30-day free trial for the full
functionality that comes with the Carista application. And you don’t have to use
this interface with the Carista App because you can use generic elm327 Wi-Fi
interface if you are not afraid to use some cheap chinese interface in your
car. This device is so elegant that I had to change my background music to fit
better the mood. As you can see it’s very small and light. Compact and clean
design. And you want to use it for diagnostic and coding in your car. This
device supports BMW cars, Volkswagen Group’s (so you got VW, Audi, SEAT, Skoda) and Toyota, Lexus I believe and few others. And using this and software that
comes with it is very simple. If you ever wanted to change coding in your car,
activate some features or adjust some advanced settings you had to use diagnostic interface. For BMW you had to use INPA for diagnostic or
NCS-Expert for coding in your car but those programs are very very hard
to use. For VW group cars you can use the VCDS which is a third-party application. It’s not a dealer level software, capabilities
of VCDS are limited but it’s wide enough for standard use. Carista application and
interface does not give you the full options for coding or adaptation in your
car but gives you some functions that you can enable or disable or adjust
in your car and give you access only to those features. And the application is so
easy to use that if you ever changed your ringtone or a wallpaper in your phone
this is as easy as that. Okay, so let’s say I want to change something in my BMW E87. I have the Carista interface plugged in to the obd2 port. I have the Carista application on my phone and Bluetooth enabled. So let’s go to the Carista app
and over here I can go to diagnose, customize or perform service inspection
reset. Make sure that your ignition is on and let’s go to customize. Right now
Carista is connecting to my car, talking with all the modules that are
installed over here, checking what features are available, which are enabled,
which are disabled, what can be adjusted and in a few seconds I get a full list
of things that I can change, modify, turn on or turn off in my car. Let’s give it
few more seconds and let’s check what can I do over here.
OK, so let’s go to those windows and remote. Over here I have all the
functions that corresponding to the central locking features in this car. I
can adjust if all doors should close or open with a single press; how long I
should press the lock button on the remote to close the windows and fold my
side mirrors… And as I said this application is as easy to use as
changing your wallpaper in your phone. So let’s say I want to
make the delay (how long I need to press the lock button on the remote to fold my
mirrors) to one second. So let’s swipe over here, press “safe”, wait
a few seconds and done. That’s it. We have for example that “double impulse hazard
lights”. Right now I have a standard single impulse. So let’s check how it will work after we change it to the double impulse. Let’s say
that’s enabled, let’s save it, wait a few seconds and that’s it. If one day you will have a fault message
on your instrument cluster you can just go to “diagnose” and once again
Carista is connecting to your car, talking with all the modules and in a
few seconds we will have a full list of the faults that are stored in the car.
While we are waiting for the diagnose to complete I can show you some
activations I made in few cars. I’ve tested this device in Audi A5, Q5, A6, S6, Q7, Skoda Yeti, in BMW 1-Series and X1, the E84 model, in Volkswagen Touareg and Volkswagen Caddy and I’ve done some
activations like lap timers, hidden menu in the MMI system, I activated the Audi
Drive Select system, in BMWs I activated the folding mirrors and the digital
speedometer in the instrument cluster, it’s also possible to enable fog lights
as cornering lights and adjust the daytime running lights LEDs brightness.
And the full list of the device capabilities is in the link, in
the description below this video. So check it out.
…98, 99, 100. OK, I have 12 faults detected in my car. Three of those are in
engine module, which is: DPF warning, glow plug warning on cylinder 2 and
I have a back pressure sensor on bank 1 fault. Traction control: brake pads wear sensors – that’s true because I did replace my brake
pads but didn’t replace the sensor. Instrument cluster: power supply switched off. Yes, that’s true because I played around with the fuse box. And the center
roof control has faults for all the bulbs that I change to LEDs. I
also have a left fog light fault which is true because I wanted to check if an
LED H8 bulb we’ll fit in my car. And I have a
junction box fault which is related to the water pump under the hood which is
true because I disconnected this in this water pump when I played around with the water hoses. OK so over here you can save those logs and if some
error is not described you can just click on it and it will take you to
Google with BMW code and the code number and you can check on message boards what is this code related to. Let’s go back to the app and at the bottom of the
screen you also have a “reset all” button which we want to use right now to reset
all faults in this car which is not possible with the standard obd2
tools. OK, that’s it. If you are interested in
this software and this interface please check the description below. You can
find this on App Store on your Google Play Store and the device is available
on Amazon. Thank you for watching, check my other
tutorials and reviews and see you soon.

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