Place cat in front of screen. No, not your face. Warning: You may lose a monitor during the course of this video. Why are you here? Just to suffer? cat mouse Didn’t you read the title? “FOR CATS ONLY” You need serious mental help if you identify as a cat. be gone


  1. Hhhhhhhhhuhuuuhhuhhuhuhuhhhuhuhhhhhhhho

  2. mi gato igniro el raton preferia mi dedo :v

  3. mi gato se fue al otro lado de la pantalla para revisar y estaba alli :v

  4. Phhhhhhhh haha my dog loves this

  5. It did do it for my cat!!!! 🙂

  6. Kkk tudo em ingles minha gata gosto mas a unica coisa rum e que eles tem digital ai fica saino e etc

  7. my kitties keep wondering were it went

  8. Desculpa falar que nao gostwi foi minha gatinha mais e surper bom fostei

  9. a mi gato le encanta este video siempre se pone a jugar con los ratones XD

  10. mi gato se quedo mirando trato de agarrarlo busco detrás de la computadora y se fue molesto porque no podia agarrarlo

  11. my cat was literally trying to chase it it was so hilarious. she was so confused as to where it was

  12. Doesn’t work

  13. Meu gato fico loco kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk quer pegar tela do pc carai

  14. Mi gato ama este video ya apenas.escucha la.musica se desespera por que sabe que es su juego😂😂

  15. I used it for my dog…

    My screen broke

  16. Mis gatas no hacen nada que mal i eso que tengo4

  17. Mi gato escucha esta música y va corriendo a mi tv para atrapar el ratón.
    Like si ya te rayaron la pantalla 😝

  18. My dog just playing it he's happy

  19. mi gatito uy mi dios todo loco se pusho

  20. mi gata si le gusto

  21. my cat yawned and started grooming herself

  22. My cat was scared and just ran away… 🙂

  23. I can vouch, Humans can play this too.

  24. Jajajajajaja me mate de la risa la gata que tengo rajuñaba la pantalla al verlo

  25. Wow keeps me amused

  26. Oo great! Going to use this as research for one of my cat games!

  27. I was pleasantly surprised at how two of my cats reacted to this video. One, a young cat who has never seen a mouse before, and the other, who had been a mouser for some years…both reacted exactly the same…with rapt attention. Thanks for the video!

  28. my cat is too stupid to look sceen

  29. My kitten loved this! but she kept stepping on my keyboard and so pausing it n stuff

  30. meow ( this is so fun! )

  31. i lost my 4k gaming monitor to my cat

  32. okay basically i woke up my cat, showed her the monitor, she started sleeping on the monitor until she noticed that mouse and she went behind the monitor sniffing it. okay then

  33. I hate you👿. Cats are sucks!

  34. Mi gatita busco al ratón bajo el celular y bajo la cama, se puso loquita buscando.

  35. とても面白いですネ!


  37. My cat gives no fucks

  38. Meu gato é tão retardado que quando vai pegar os ratos clica pra sair do video

  39. my cat hitted my computer lol XD😼

  40. Mi gatito buscaba tras la tablet jajaja xd

  41. cat loved it, surprised she didn't destroy my computer screen.

    its 1 am what am i doing

  42. Me and my new kitten Alice of 3 months watched it and she was impressed. I have to get one for her. I told my husband “I’ve never done anything like this with any of my furry children.” Didn’t have that technology. A first for this old lady.

  43. This is cute but the pauses in between the mouses coming on the screen lost my cat’s attention

  44. A mi gato le encanta a jugado por horas

  45. Mi gato es un gruñón pero con este video se entretuvo 🤣🤣

  46. Mi gato me rayo toda la PC 😂😅

  47. Mis gatos trataban de comérselos a si que mordian la tablet y la rasguñaban

  48. My cat ( which is a kitten ) is climbing on top of my computer trying to look for it…

  49. TGIF xzxxz

  50. I bet this feels like a drug trip to a cat

  51. Leuk voor miwi en moupie

  52. My cat is still crazy about this animation still 2 years on in her life

  53. Mi Simba se vuelve loco

  54. Dkjnmjjnnhhgggsgffggswgqqawwgstrjtyun&bk)+pygt fbnikiki. S Rrf7zzgG🐼🐹🐷🐱😘😍Kl”df,&&fnhjkl

  55. My cat loves this and ran looking for it outside the screen 🙂

  56. Leuk voor miwi en moupie

  57. my cat put a mark on my screen lol XD

  58. Cabron mi gato me ha mordido el dedo pensandose que era mi dedo , me debes una tirita y 5 ml de sangre o quedamos para ajustar cuentas y muerdo a tu gato y sino tienes t muerdo el cuello a ti

  59. 0
    Thanks, my cat loved it.

  60. lol it worked my cat's going crazy xD

  61. for cat i was watching

  62. My cat is searching behind the screen

  63. А тебе сколько лет мне 15

  64. привет арина я уже на тебя зла недержу довай миридса пожалуйста ариночка

  65. My cat is behind my iPad looking

  66. Now I think I’m going to take a video of them watching this video!!

  67. Thanks so much for this! My cat needs to watch this at least one a day. We made a video of her watching this video, and now she LOVES to watch herself in action!!: So basically, she's teaming up with her former self to catch these mice. She's broken our TV, of course.

  68. my cat loved it but skipped ahead and paused it lol oops!

  69. My cat totally ignored the screen and just trampled on the keyboard ( which she is doing RIGHT now ) and just kept nuzzling my face with her wet nose. Guess they only want affection XD . Like if you read the subtitles!

  70. my car did not like this vid

  71. Thank you my cat loved it….😹😹

  72. Upvote if your cat went crazy!

  73. This is my Cats #1FAVORITE video!!!
    But TABLETS & phones NEED a screen-lock option to toggle..
    My Lucy always activates something with her paws..
    **and for the record, I’m not a barbaric parasite POS loser scumbag deuche who declaws a cat.
    Nothing again those that do ;D
    Btw,,Lucy does-not scratch my tablet or PC when she plays,,
    And it was as easy a pit to teach her not to scratch furniture..
    Actually, I don’t even remember teaching her that..
    She just didn’t do it.

    Probably bevause she prefers her stuff to scratch since it’s made for that and she k it’s it hers now…
    ThankYou for this video..

  74. My cat don't play. He just ran away. My cat dosn'T like that. Fishing is more better.

  75. 🐱

  76. Very good if not music

  77. my kitty comes running as soon as she hears the music lmao my cats the weirdest

  78. My cat has been enjoying this video since she was a kitten and that was 2 years ago. She recognizes the music now…no matter where she is in the house as soon as she hears this video start she comes running. Thanks for making such a great video, and all the others for cats!

  79. My cats come running as soon as they hear the music

  80. i'm not a cat and i'm not surprised that i catched it in first try

  81. A ver gente estúpida, los gatos no perciben la pantalla del móvil o de la PC como nosotros, ellos lo ven a colores raros y sin sentido por eso es que algunos no prestan atención.

  82. 猫がめっちゃ反応してディスプレイの裏を必死に見てる

  83. Just tried this with my cat she looked away and continued to groom herself 🤣🤣🤣

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  85. my cats only interested in my cursor

  86. Mi gata sigue amando este juego, ni bien escucha la musica ya sabe que es XD

  87. My little girl loved this game before she passed 💗

  88. well my cat is smart she knows that the mouse is fake

  89. Mi gato ama este juego me tira el telefono para ver si esta atras del Celu 😂 se lo saque y me miraba para q se lo ponga nananana😍💜

  90. my dog loves it

  91. My cat suck

  92. My cat did not even pay any attention and it is pretty stupid

  93. im not a cat

  94. Do u know the consequences when the cat play this game? But other screen😂

  95. this is so amusing to me yet i dont even have a cat

  96. my cat just walk on my keyboard so it close the page and open other

  97. 猫の鳴き声が邪魔

  98. My cat is STILL looking for the mouse after the video ended! When it ran off the screen, she was looking behind the monitor for it. LOL, I don't know who had more fun, her or me!!

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