Change Home Screen Icons for Supported Apps on Your iPhone [How-To]

Change Home Screen Icons for Supported Apps on Your iPhone [How-To]

When it comes to customizing your home screen,
Apple provides few options to do so. You can change text size and boldness, choose
between two different app icon sizes, remove badges, change your wallpaper, and other minor
tweaks that iOS lets you perform. What you cannot do is change an app’s icon
to whatever you want, at least, not without some hard work on your Mac using the Apple
Configurator 2 app. There is, however, another option that’s
starting to pick up steam, which let’s you change app icons on your home screen with
just a few taps. Ever since iOS 10.3, Apple has given developers
a way to let their users change their app’s home screen icon. The feature is called “user-selectable app
icons,” and it’s not a required item in order to get an app into the App Store. It’s completely optional for developers,
and many have been slow to jump on the bandwagon since there’s a lot of extra work involved
in getting them ready for users since they need to work across all iOS devices with different
screen sizes and resolutions. At first, many developers charged a small
fee in order to select different icons, but there are more and more free options popping
up everyday in the App Store. Finding apps that support user-selectable
app icons isn’t very easy, but we’ve compiled a list on Gadget Hacks that lists all of the
ones we know about, and we continually update the list as we find more. So make sure to visit Gadget Hacks to view
the complete list. Once you have an app that supports user-selectable
app icons, there are variable ways to choose the icons you want. For instance, HQ lets you 3D Touch the app
icon on the home screen. Super simple. After tapping “Change Icon,” it automatically
switches, since there are only two icon designs in total. Some apps even let you change the icon right
in Apple’s Settings app. Just tap on the name of the app, then the
option to change icons. Choose your new icon and you’re done. The majority of apps, however, make you change
the icons in their in-app settings. For example, in Tinder, open the app, then
head to the in-app settings. From there, choose the option to change icons
and pick the one you want. Hopefully, all developers will jump on board
and we’ll be able to change the icon for every app on our iPhones. Until then, these apps offer a nice change
of pace for home screen customization. Make sure to check out Gadget Hacks online
to see all the apps that support icon changes in iOS 10, 11, 12, and in the future. And if you want to change app icons to whatever
you want, whether it’s a cool picture you found online or something you designed yourself,
check out our guide on using Apple Configurator 2 to do just that. Before you jump to our website, though, make
sure to like and comment on this video, and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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