Cheap Way to Use iPad as a Teleprompter – PrompterPal App: Video Tips by Web Video Crew

web video crew dot com presents along with zero to sixty production an overview of the prompter pal app for your ipad. If you are exploring different
teleprompter apps for your ipad, be sure to check out prompter pal. This inexpensive app will allow you
to import your scripts by transferring from itunes or simply copying and
pasting from email or other cloud base apps. You can use your ipad as a
stand-alone device or use it as part of a teleprompter
using options to make the text appear correctly in the reflection. The free prompterpal remote app
allows you to control your scripts remotely to get your dialog just right. You can find prompterpal apps in
the itunes store. Thank you for watching zero to sixty, if you want to talk video, give us a call, or check us out on the web at web video crew dot com!

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