Chỉnh Font Chữ Siêu Đẹp Trên iPhone iPad

Hello everyone! Do you want to create text with variety of fonts like this? or sometimes just send messages to your friends and make them curious about how you can have that kind of font… That’s reason why I’m gonna show you the way to edit Font on iOS. Let’s go to Appstore and type the key word “Fonts” It is completely free on Appstore and I already downloaded it. Next, let’s go to Setting. Pull down. Click to Font and turn it on! Now we can customise the Font. I will show you on Messages… Click to the Global icon to change the keyboard if you want or you can use 3D Touch on that icon to quickly customise the keyboard. Select Font As you can see there are so many kinds of Font above the literals for you to select. I will try with this font and text to someone. Here it is… the content of the text has a different font! Especially the message that your friend receive will still be described on the font that you selected Like this one! The weakness of this app is it has not supported texting in Vietnamese yet. It seems like the developer has not cared about developing this app in Vietnamese market. Hope they will soon ! I will try with another font now. There are so many interesting one! You can customise fonts on a lot of apps. For example: Messenger…. It works out well! or I will post a status with a new font on Facebook. Here it is! You can use Fonts to decorate for your status and emphasize the meaning that you want to focus on. I can make sure there are some friends ask you about the way to do it! Intertesting right? I have just showed you how to edit Fonts on iPhone as well as iPad. Please Like and Share with your friends if you like this video. Thank you for watching. Good bye and see you!

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