Chrome Web Store – What’s a web app?

Chrome Web Store – What’s a web app?

When the web started, web sites were simple:
they had text. When you were sick of text, you could have…more text.  And then an
image.  And then…more text. The web, in essence, was about reading. “Doing”
was reserved for programs you installed in your computer.
Over time, though, websites evolved. They became faster and more responsive and added
richer graphics, audio, video and animations. Today, websites offer features that are pretty
much like those found in applications installed from a cd: we can write and send emails, play
games, edit photos, watch videos and more. One of the cool things about “web apps”,
as we call this new generation of websites, is that you never have to update them.  Every
time you visit Gmail, for example, you automatically enjoy its latest version with its newest features.
And you can use web apps from any device with a browser: your office computer, your personal
laptop, even your phone. At Google, we designed our web browser, Chrome,
specifically to run web apps, keeping it faster and up to date with the latest web features,
like 3D graphics and apps that work offiine. We’ve now taken Chrome’s support for web
apps to the next level with the Chrome Web Store, our new online marketplace. Try a web
app from the Chrome Web Store and you’ll get a colorful new shortcut to this app in
your new tab page. And don’t worry; you can easily remove an app if you want to.
There are thousands more apps waiting for you to discover them at
Have fun exploring!

98 thoughts on “Chrome Web Store – What’s a web app?

  1. @OnlyJustUnknown opera can block ads as well ^_^

  2. @OnlyJustUnknown Chrome does almost everything you listed here. Plus it's light years faster and easier to use. Chrome is brand new and is already the third most used browser. Give it another year, it's still a baby.

  3. @OnlyJustUnknown Chrome has extensions which is just like Firefox addons. They have nearly everything firefox has in place of addons but now Chrome also had apps which is pretty cool. Firefox is just ugly and clunky no matter how much you tweak it.

  4. @bipenettt An app is a website that does a task. For example, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google Docs are all web apps.

    Where as extensions are little programs that you install on your browser to give it more functions. For example, the LastPass extension gives your browser the function of saving your passwords or the Google Dictionary extension lets your browser look up words without leaving the page.

  5. @bipenettt Google did a couple of videos on these topics

  6. Google is awesome, that's a fact.

  7. @OnlyJustUnknown

    It seems like you havn't even tried Google Chrome! You know, Chrome too have a louds of addons. All of the things you mention above is possible to find for Chrome too.

  8. @leevitron You havn't tried Google Chrome Webstore, thats for sure!

  9. @OnlyJustUnknown There is LOADS of ftp extensions for Google Chrome! Just search for ftp in chrome web store 🙂

    But yeah, I guess their is some extensions that doesn't exist for google chrome and that besides the better configuration options in FF makes it to a good competitor, but right now I choose the speed of Chrome. Especially the instant start up time!

  10. @spy4561 PSHHHT good luck XD

  11. Is Google going to be releasing SDKs specifically for creating web apps?

    From a purely developer point of view, a major factor to getting people developing for Chrome OS is by making sure the apps are compatible with other browsers. Nobody likes to spend time learning a new environment and having to manage multiple versions of the same program/site.

  12. @yudanielk they're written in either HTML or CSS

  13. @Nnnvcg Oh… I thought Google was going to create a new model for the web apps that target Chrome kind of like what they did for Android.

  14. Who care about Web Store? It doesn't work on iPhone so fuck it.

  15. Chrome 9 จะเร็วกว่า Chrome 8 มั๊ย ต้องลอง!!!! <3 Chrome ^^

  16. So if a web app is the new generation website then can somebody explain to me the difference between Chrome web store and Google search engine? Why in Gods name would I pay to 'install' a website that I can also just visit?

  17. @ginno3 I'm already using Chrome but that has nothing to do with my (rhetorical) question.

  18. games?

  19. @ArthurNL78 Don't take the 'store' literally. Most of the 'bookmarks' are free. Some of the apps are not even bookmarks, but actual apps. Some are worth the money.

  20. @evJeremy Yes, but these are developed for Chrome, not Internet Explorer.

  21. Good for you, but I don't want to deal with it. Where's my option to remove the "apps" from my new tab page? I tried editing the html, but I found no "save" feature.

  22. @Madfoot713 Which is good. The extensions are really what makes Google Chrome the best. Google chrome might become more popular than Firefox's addons.

  23. Add APNG support ;D

  24. Is awesome grom google to add web store

  25. Best web store really LOW prices:

  26. Det funkar inte!!!

  27. TL;DW: What's a Web App? a website.

  28. angry birds is on!

  29. @bitcloud1 That's the point. Google is trying to say that a lot of websites these days do tasks that would normally be a program you download and install on your computer. Gmail is not a typical website that you read. It's an email client.

  30. @bindia103 That one sentence is intentional troll bait.

  31. @jackrakino Why don't you get off it then dumbass !.

  32. how do i delete an app seriously HELP

  33. @kakuna121 Hover over one of the app icons on your new tab page. Click the wrench icon that appears. Then click Uninstall.

  34. will move after you remove other bookmarks from tools bar and have private browsing as default option

  35. i believe that advanced games and stuff like that will be seen at least 6 or 8 years later



  38. i think about 10 years from now, we would be able to play black ops on chrome!!

  39. I HATE THE NEW CHROME STORE the old one is better . Is there anny way i could change it to the old version???

  40. Why the new web store sucks:
    1. No related apps etc.
    2. LAGZ
    4. ????
    5. NOOBFIT

  41. 3DS Teapot!

  42. You can't say this is an appstore, this is just an index of webpages you can easly find on Google without "installing" them…

  43. Whats a web app? A shortcut.

  44. @Madfoot713 No, because flash is shit 😉

  45. 0:48 "Every time you visit GMail, for example, you automatically enjoy its latest version with its newest features."
    If only I didn't have to use that new PoS GMail interface… With "web apps" you can't choose not to upgrade.

  46. If you type the full name of the app in the bar it will come up with a box icon in the list.

  47. nice video.

  48. somehow though, there are apps built for HTML5

  49. Who else checked their Gmail ?

  50. I have a chromebook, it lags when you try to play 1080p youtube videos.

  51. it's your connection

  52. no it's not, I have a 30mbps connection

  53. Web Apps still suck compared to Desktop Apps. Take Games, E-Mail, Media, Documents…

  54. well just use 720p there is hardly any difference

  55. Scary Chrome Logo.

  56. love it!

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  62. how to know which apps is free ?

  63. Chrome is wonderful application.

  64. Love Chrome but the app store is a bit hard to use when searching for a specific app.

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  66. А если изменит?) Я что купать их должен?

  67. lo quiero poner en español y no puedo

  68. I think I'll stick to native programs, thanks, but no thanks.

  69. Are there any free apps?

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  73. Lidt forvirrende at komme ind i Google Chrome synes jeg hopper fra det ene til det andet,hvad du skal gøre osv! Vh Jimmi.

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  75. Quit with the BS talk! Explain how to load the app!
    I installed a few apps and I can't find them anywhere!
    I followed every help tip and video. But the new version does NOT display a link to the installed apps!

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  86. simply use this link in firefox to use chrome extension in android… 100% working….but use it in firefox..reply me if any problen occurs.

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  88. it did not help me at all 🙁

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  90. The question is how do you know when I'm offline

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  92. 2018, and we have Google Earth ON BROWSER!!

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  94. Youtube comments are full of amusements sometimes….

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