Connecting Zwift Software To ANT+ Devices (Trainers, Powermeters, Speed & Cadence Sensors)

Connecting Zwift Software To ANT+ Devices (Trainers, Powermeters, Speed & Cadence Sensors)

61 thoughts on “Connecting Zwift Software To ANT+ Devices (Trainers, Powermeters, Speed & Cadence Sensors)

  1. I saw the Kedge mount, who makes the phone case? would love one for the iphone?!

  2. I'd like to know if the Garmin 800 requires a specific Ant+ device to work best with Zwift.

  3. Can you tell me what K-Edge Iphone mount you are using? Seems really clean and quick! Thanks

  4. do you the ant+devices if you have a garmin 510?

  5. I would like to try Zwift with my Garmin ANT+ sensors (GSC 10 and HR sensor). Do you recommend specific ANT+ dongle or it is not necessary? I've found some model from hLine, similar to Garmin one.

  6. Hi, a basic bike sensor like a cateye mounted on a spin bike will swift work? thanks.

  7. Would a set of rollers and a device such as work? Your website suggests that I require a power meter?

  8. If i'm using the classic setup I can set up my trainer to a really light resistance, for example -9% downhill, so I could easily speed up to 50km/h and that would give me an advantage over others? or won't it?

  9. Hello. I have the tacx vortex T2180 but zwift not find trainer. Only power and cadence.

  10. I would like to know if my speed and cadence sensor from my Garmin 910 Tri bundle would work well with zwift?

  11. tenho um garmin edge 1000 é compatível com zwit, é só eu adquirir o ANT+ ou nao?

  12. Do you have to have a speed sensor ???

  13. Zwift when is an iPhone cover/mount being released! Has to be a market

  14. Unfortunately, Zwift doesnt ship to Brazil

  15. I can use Garmin USB ANT Stick to connect swift with my "Elite Turbo muin smart B +" with Misuro B +?
    because I have tried to connect zwift only with "Misuro B +" and unresponsive power sorce.
    Thank you so much

  16. I'm fairly tech savvy but tbelevel of comp,

  17. I'm fairly tech savvy but the level of complexity here, added to not being clear about what equipment i need to buy or how much it is, or whether it is compatible wigh what I've already got, is keeping me away from Zwift even though I'd like to give it a try.

  18. Hi Zwift. I'm keen on the basic set up and already have a Garmin cadence and speed sensor, along with HR monitor. All sensors are Ant+. My question is when I do a Zwift session can I pair my sensors to Zwift as well as my Edge 500? The reason for asking is to know if I'll be able to upload to Strava from Swift or can I track my ride on my Garmin and upload from that, as I usually would on a normal ride.

  19. How would I set up Zwift with Garmin speed/cadence/HR and Garmin 520 with rollers ?

  20. got the software on my pc, the ant+ dongle, a smart trainer and the app on my mobile, stil not working attol, think the ant cant find a thing?

  21. What if your trainer isnt in the list?

  22. Hello
    I have a tacx Bushido, do I need the ant+ to fell the slopes, or the Bluetooth will do it?

  23. If I have a non bluetooth computer, can I install a bluetooth 4.0 dongle and have it function with your software? I just got a Kickr 2, cadence sensor and HR strap that are all Wahoo and bluetooth. My laptop is non bluetooth but trying to decide if a 4.0 dongle will work or get a ANT+. For ANT+ will need a different strap and cadence then. Was hoping to use everything with the laptop and my iPhone

  24. I havé à élite réal realpower wireless it's ok for Zwift

  25. Hey, that is Dan Lloyd!

  26. I have a question … can i use Zwift without smartphone ? I have only PC , garmin sensor and Zwift sensor

  27. How do you unpaid a trainer. I have the Cyclops Phantom 5 and it logs into indoor cycle 95 automatically. Would like to pair with phantom 3 or cyclops indoor cycle. Thanks

  28. do i assume that if i don't have a speed sensor on my bike, the trainer will not show my speed in zwift? i have a cadence sensor but not a speed sensor because my bike apps always showed my speed. please explain

  29. if i am using an iphone 6s or a ipad mini, the ant+ dongle is not needed?

  30. I am interested to try Zwift because of a friend who is using it. I am not completely sure that I have all I need though. I have a road bicycle, equipped with Garmin Edge speed/cadence ANT+ sensor (also ANT+ heart rate sensor). I have a Windows PC for the software, but it only has Bluetooth (ANT+ is same frequency, but different protocol so not compatible). I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone which supports ANT+ (already tested and it works). Is that enough or do I need to have USB to ANT+ adapter for my PC?

  31. Although I have a Garmin Speed Sensor fitted to my Bike, it is fitted to the front hub and not the rear due to the rear hub being too large to fit the Speed Sensor to. I have a Wahoo KickR Snap – can I assume that between the SNAP and Zwift that my Speed data can be determined otherwise?

  32. hi I have a cateye strada digital wireless (cadence and speed sensor). is this compatible with the garmin Ant+ dongle? please help

  33. I have a jet-black z2 fluid trainer which isn't supported by zwift. Can I still use zwift with this trainer plus Wahoo Speed/Cadence sensors (Ant+BLE capable)? And will I need an Ant+USB dongle thing too?

  34. What sensors are usable with the ANT+?

  35. Hey ZWIFT team! Where do you guys got that k-edge mount for iPhone ? I need one of those in my life

  36. Can I plug an USB Bluetooth dongle to my pc to get ZWIFT and my devices paired ?

  37. i have a cycleops fluid 2 and a garmin 810 with speed/cadence and heart rate sensors. can i connect my garmin via bluetooth to my laptop for zwift or do i need to buy a ANT+ dongle?

  38. Heart rate sensor NEVER picks up on zwift? I'm sick of trying. It links with all other software, just not zwift

  39. can I do it using bluetooth?

  40. Is it possible to connect to Zwift with a smart TV and leave out the computer and smart phone. I have a Samsung Model UN32M530DAF Smart TV, which I have connected to the internet. But I can't find the Zwift Ap for it.

  41. so why do your mobile apps not support ant+? It seems ridiculous to pay extra twenty for something i already own.

  42. That’s funny…..if only Zwift could find my smart trainer.Tried everything doesn’t work. Only randomly for no reason it will work.

  43. can I conest it with blootooth if my powermeter have blootooth?

  44. what about if i have a desktop?

  45. Uhh. First of all you need a dongle.

    Where the fuck do I buy a dongle. No explanation whatsoever.

  46. as far as the heart rate monitor is concerned, is there a way for me to pair my apple watch? I am currently using a Tacx smart trainer and my laptop for swift.

  47. I was under the impression that I did not need a bike computer to use zwift. That is incorrect since my purchase of a power meter there is no way to set crank arm length and angular approach. My power meter is nothing more than a expensive cadence sensor on zwift.

  48. hi do you think its possible conect with a smart TV?

  49. I have a veloman 1.28 counter. How to connect via Endomondo. I also have a bluetooth heart rate beam.

  50. Can I just use my garmin sensors to pair to zwift on iOS or do I need something else?

  51. Zwift paid dan :O

  52. What a dumb shit video clip. Even with the 4mins blah blah, still so many questions we can see down here.

  53. can you help me i have just got a kurt kinetic smart trainer with Bluetooth connection I don't know how to connect any help but then I have cadence/speed/heart rate all on ant+ I just wanted the trainer with Bluetooth to automatically adjust to the terrain thanks

  54. Can you connect the Misuro sensor to Garming edge 520 plus and then to zwift? I want to connect my garmin to a turbo muin trainer and have this zwift compatible. Thanks!

  55. Daniel Lloyd, please be an honest vlogger, don't sacrifice your reputation for a paid promotion. 10 seconds into the video you say "the good news is you'll only have to do this once". Any Zwift user knows that is simply untrue. Do your review, user your years of knowledge and interesting insight, but don't mislead people for this money. You can at least warm people that it's basically still in beta.

  56. Is what you are showing on the video a cadence sensor rather than a speed sensor? I have the standard Garmin speed and cadence sensor pack and I have my speed sensor on my front wheel hub and the cadence sensor on my left crank. Can someone advise if I need both sensors for Zwift (or just the cadence one) and how I need to configure these? Thanks!

  57. I don't use zwift.


  59. Hello greetings from Colombia, I have a question, can I use a huawei honor band 4 running as a sensor? Thank you

  60. ant+ on android, if you get it there will be a lot of new users like my self 😉

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