[ÇÖZÜM] Google Play Store – Açılmıyor (Bağlantı Yok – FIX)

[ÇÖZÜM] Google Play Store – Açılmıyor (Bağlantı Yok – FIX)

Hey everyone, today I will be guiding you to fix the Play Store connection error. ♪ intro song plays ♪ First of all, your phone or tablet is probably rooted and freedom app is installed. Open the Freedom app and you’ll see three dots at the top right corner. Press on that three dots and press “Stop.” And it’s done, it may be slow on some devices. After you done all of these, press on that “three dots” once more. If you see the “Start” text, that means its stopped. (obviously) And now, you can open Play Store without any problems. ♪ music volume rises ♪

6 thoughts on “[ÇÖZÜM] Google Play Store – Açılmıyor (Bağlantı Yok – FIX)

  1. enis "maalesef clash of clans durdurdu" hatasının çözümünü biliyorsan çeksene öle diyor giremiyorum 😛

  2. ok

  3. Abone oldum sende bana ol

  4. Play store'u. amk

  5. hll la sana oldu vallah

  6. Uygulamanın adını söylermisin???

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