Craig’s Full Demo of iOS 11 on iPhone X

Craig’s Full Demo of iOS 11 on iPhone X

[Phil] I’m really excited to invite out Craig Federighi to show you iPhone X, and what it’s like to use it for the very first time.
Craig? [Craig] Hey everybody. Wow. Well, I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to give all of you, your first live look at iPhone X. This is a phone we’ve been dreaming about for a long time, but the reality of it in your hand, it’s– it’s really something epic, so let’s take a look. Here is iPhone X.
Now unlocking it is as easy as looking at it and swiping up, and you know–
Let’s try that again. Oh-ho-ho. Let’s– uh– go to backup here. And get right in.
So here we are and you see this expansive display. It’s just a beautiful canvas for all of your content and your gestures. Now I’m just gonna go into the Weather app here, and you can just see how apps look when they take advantage of the edge-to-edge display.
Now, exiting an app couldn’t be easier.
You just swipe from the bottom. Just like this and throw the app right back on the home screen. Let me do that again. Just swipe right up.
Let’s take a look at the web. It just looks unbelievable– edge-to-edge on this display.
And your photos, of course, are just gorgeous as well. Let’s jump into this one. Just amazing. Now, video, of course is unbelievable on the Super Retina display.
It looks great in portrait, and, in landscape.
Of course this is HDR video. Just incredible-looking. Now, Phil told you a little bit about multitasking on the device. Let me show you. I’m just gonna jump into Maps, and if I want to move between my applications I can just swipe up and stop– My other apps all come in I can get at them with a tap. Just lift. It’s just that easy and we have a great shortcut as well. You can actually move back between apps just by swiping along the bottom like this. It’s really easy.
Now you may be wondering about Control Center, and worry not– right where your status indicators are, in the upper right hand corner– You can just swipe down and get at Control Center from anywhere. It’s that easy. Now let’s take a look again at Face ID, because unlocking your phone is just amazingly intuitive. You just raise it, look at it, and swipe right up to get started. But now it’s also incredibly fast, so I’m just gonna do that again.
I just raise it, look at it, swipe– I don’t have to wait and it’s also really, really smart.
So let’s say I wake my phone, and I’m not looking at it– Stays locked, but once I give it my–
Once I give it my attention, well it unlocks, and I can get right in.
It’s really cool. Now Face ID is also great for Apple Pay,
so I’ve been at the register I can just double click on the side button. I’m authenticated.
And I can get in just like that. Now the TrueDepth camera behind Face ID isn’t just about authentication. In fact, we’ve extended ARKit with some incredible new face-tracking capabilities that provide a whole new class of augmented reality experiences. Now, we’ve been working on one with Snapchat,
and I’d like to show it to you now. So I’m gonna launch in. You see it builds a mesh of my face, and now I can just select a mask The tracking is just unreal. Let’s check out this one. Now look at the detail over the eyes– the incredible metallic reflections, the quality of the tracking.
It’s– it’s just stunning. Now, of course, many of us like to communicate with emoji.
And with Animoji, we can now breathe our own personality into our favorites.
It’s available as an app right inside of Messages. So I can just go right in here, and it immediately starts tracking me so I can make whatever expression I want, like– And just pick that up and use it as a sticker.
Drop it on my message like that– We also let you manipulate these in fullscreen. You can audition your favorites. There’s some really great ones like the kitty cat.
So expressive and ferocious. *imitates cat noises* It’s a happy puppy.
Check out the physics in the ears– The pig– We’ve got a chicken. *never in my life would I think I would see this happen* And the unicorn.
Mythical creature, favorite of the startup- *unicorn noises* And– Yes… If you were by chance, wondering what humanity would do when given access to the most advanced facial tracking technology available– You now have your answer. Now these can be so much fun, you’re gonna want to share them, and fortunately we let you record messages. I’m gonna record a message here for Tim. “Hey, Tim. I’m not sure what the protocol is here, but I’d like to call dibs on the fox for my favorite emoji. Which one do you like?” [Replay] “Hey, Tim, I’m not sure what the protocol is here, but I’d like to call dibs on the fox for my favorite emoji, Which one do you like?” [Craig] Now you can send it with just a tap.
And it appears as a looping video right inside the transcript. If we’re really lucky, for our grand finale, we might just get a response back from Tim– Oh. Here it is. Let’s– let’s take a look. [Tim] Take me to your leader– Wait a minute, Craig, I am your leader!
Let’s wrap this thing up. [Craig] So that is your first look at the new iPhone X and the amazing experience with the TrueDepth camera and Animoji. I think you’re gonna love it. Thank you very much.

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