Crushing Nokia 3310 with RED HOT HYDRAULIC PRESS

Crushing Nokia 3310 with RED HOT HYDRAULIC PRESS

Welcome to Hydraulic Press Channel Today we have new red hot press video We are going to crush and burn this snowball orange Nokia 3310 some Legos and dry ice Let’s see! And here we go! It escaped a bit I think this is the worst thing that can happen to your Nokia phone Yeah, it is completely destroyed There is nothing left I think Nokia found his winner finally And the, the dry ice and here we go! Quite strange I would think that it would like melt the whole thing but no, just in the middle And here we go! Yeah, very nice First Lego explosion ever and we have still some good fire going on Yeah, that was really boring Yeah, I think that is all for today thank you for watching and have a nice day And for today’s extra content we have this fireman He’s melting and laying out just still there but but he’s still extremely dangerous and can attack at any moment so we must deal with him

27 thoughts on “Crushing Nokia 3310 with RED HOT HYDRAULIC PRESS

  1. finally, after 17 years, the international community has found a way to recycle nokia phones


  3. Fake

  4. Well… I guess if anyone was going to make Lego erupt into a fireball it'd be you guys.

  5. The nokia just teleported away.



  6. Nokia went to hell….

  7. do u listen to heavy metal like me cause u use metal in ur intro and in the slow motion shots

  8. This is fake news!!

  9. his red hot is by far better than anyone else has out…man that nokia..GONE! but i like watching crap get squashed.

  10. First time i have ever seen the raging soul within a Nokia 3310 released

  11. Maybe 1:33 should be part of your intro?

  12. Crush various animal skulls.

  13. Are you seriously making this video in a snow storm?

  14. you need to make like a t-shirt with something like faak smartphones i hev nokia3310

  15. f̶a̶k̶e̶

  16. That is Nokia smoke! Don't breathe that

  17. Itd be cool to see a variety of batteries especially since the lithium nokia battery did so well i wonder what an 18650 would do or even a regular alkaline

  18. welcome to hoodrollic press channell

  19. i love your vid and i like the little thing crushed at end each time x)

  20. Mama said: Nokia out!

  21. red hot press. Ayy

  22. Should have used a sonim instead.

  23. Fake! that nokia phone is a paid actor.

  24. Мужик, откуда у тебя столько много мобильных телефонов нокиа 3310? Ты что ограбил все музеи? ?

  25. i am pretty sure it still works

  26. Hydraulic press crushes hydraulic press, make it happen.

  27. FAKE

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