Custom Nokia 8110 4G – WhatsApp, multitasking, screenshots and OmniSD – BananaHackers [ENG – SUB]

Custom Nokia 8110 4G – WhatsApp, multitasking, screenshots and OmniSD – BananaHackers [ENG – SUB]

In this video I will show you some interesting things in the end of the video I will show you also what you must search for all this customizations tips you must know that all was started with the first version of Jailbreak, in August….from there I was unable to get OTA updates when in the modifications you touch the system partition every update to a new firmware version will be blocked so…the only thing to do is adding modifications manually, and adb on a root shell is all you need to do this for example: the stock system app contain a file with instructions for the “slide” and the “power button” use the screenshots, for example if you can see now, if i put the slide on half/keyboard coverage and I press the power button I will take a screenshot the screenshot is saved and now I ‘ll show you how to minimize the opened app I have my slide full opened now, then if I press the power button I can minimizing WhatsApp now I can go working on other apps… for example, the File Manager this app was not implemented in Nokia 8110 4G for an HMD’s decision…other KaiOS devices already have this I don’t know why anyway…. if you can see now I’m going to re-openi WhatsApp and it is still on where I was before minimization I want to take another screenshot now every single app on this phone have a little customization, for example the icons are colored I had to replace every single app one by one to get this now I want to show you the screenshots, them will be saved into an hidden folder on the main memory OK now is time to show you my website on Google you must search for BANANAHACKERS as you can see is only one word BANANAHACKERS click on the first result – Google Sites this is only my homage to the fantastic people that are part of the BananaHackers Forum on Google Group All members of the BananaHackers Forum are non-professional programmers and developers or ordinary people but with a common goal using very common devices and fully exploiting its potential in a completely free and the ability to make full use of services without brand and country limits! from the mainpage you can download four apps: one is BananaHackers, a shortcut to the forum…. …the other 3 are app stores with hundreds of applications. Everyone of them works in a different way from the other. The store contained on this website is called B-Hackers, and is a Google Drive interface. The other two stores are faster, this could be a “backup store”. Here on the top left you can find a menu with all the summary of the most important things from the Forum Home…Forum….a Backup section that contain useful tools to made your experiments in total security….. here you can know how to dump all the partitions, how to restore /system… and there is also a v12 cleaner to un-jailbreaking if needed Here are all known jailbreak methods for Nokia 8110 4G and some Jio Phone versions waiting for an official sideloading of the apps for all the KaiOS devices I will show you how works OmniSD later “Categories” is the B-Hackers store, and here you can read all the categories of apps you need more of them are shortcuts to the best websites (PWA), other are full apps from Firefox OS Marketplace or various apps from the BananaHackers forum…. there is also a “Warning” category with some apps to rebuild for a correct use: don’t install them for the common use! Here are the scripts and the tools to have Root permissions for all the devices with an available Debug Mode to enable it on Nokia 8110 4G you must type *#*#33284#*#* and you can see a bug icon on the top I must remember you that modify the system partition will break future updates, but there are also safer ways to have Jailbreak and Root on your device customizations available for now are…… Swapfile, to increase the RAM to 1 GB…. a great thanks to Marcus that have made all these tools. API update for v12 firmware or older, if like me you can’t update and you need the latest APIs to made apps like WhatsApp to work on your phone….. ADblock for the system to increase internet browsing speed…..edit, replace, remove stock apps as you want…… screenshots and multitasking, as you have seen…and a shortcut to the Busybox guide, to know what to do on a shell from your PC we have also a custom rom: GerdaOS GerdaOS is a complete fork of KaiOS oriented to the privacy and the free of use….you all must absolutely go to see this fantastic project! Thanks to Luxferre, our “Morpheus” in this Matrix adventure…..was him to invent the forum and the Jailbreak! Really a great brain and a great personality! recently we have also experimented a Voip call on a testing app…soon it will be available on our stores soon will be available also a Java emulator, for now in testing like the Voip app…but I don’t want ruin the surprise now is time to show you how to download an app and how to install it on OmniSD as you can see there are many categories like in the official Store….many apps are only widescreen shortcuts that works separatelly from the browser I have already shown to you WhatsApp, but now is time to show you another great app: TELEGRAM A great thanks to Sylvain BLOT for the great effort. Him is also the developer of KaiUS, one of our 3 stores. Downloaded, the link redirect to a separate tab….the great limitation of my B-Hackers, but JBStore and KaiUS are faster. I repeat, mine is only a backup store, but alway updated because the site must be always updated. Now we must open OmniSD, the great tool that make possible every installation of third party apps. just select the zip file we have downloaded…. Telegram is installed! To go back, in this app you must use the “call button”, not the “back button” like in the browser or other complete KaiOS apps. Shortcuts/apps have not this possibility, for now…I hope in the near future you all could do better than me as developer. Well, I hope you like this video… ….for more informations you must see the links in the description of this video. Then, good hacking to all…. …and let taking back your freedom! 😉

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