CyberLink increased revenue with Google Play subscriptions

CyberLink increased revenue with Google Play subscriptions

CyberLink was founded in 1996 and is committed to the development of multimedia software The PowerDirector PC version has long been a favorite among content creators The rise of YouTubers and vloggers in recent years is a trend that cannot be ignored For these professional users the ease of editing videos greatly affects how frequently they are able to update their work CyberLink identified this trend years ago And we decided to bring the popular PowerDirector PC version to the Android platform to meet the demands of the new generation of content creators The Android-exclusive PowerDirector offers many professional functions providing the best mobile creative solutions for both beginners and professionals PowerDirector provides powerful video editing features including video stabilization, zooming, freeze framing panning, fast motion and slow motion It also offers multi-colored background removal and 4K video output technology The PowerDirector app has already exceeded 54 million downloads globally on Google Play Its rating has remained at 4.5 stars In 2017, it was granted Google Play’s Editors’ Choice We are very happy to work with Google And through all the Google events, that we have learned so many optimization tips from Google itself and also other developers which have been implemented very successfully From March 2018, PowerDirector has switched from IAP completely to subscription model Other than premium features we also offer premium plugins, effects, music, and also filters This is our commitment to the premium subscribers We continue to offer unlimited content for their maximum creativity We are very happy that Google introduced the Free Trial approach With Free Trial we actually see the new subscriber is growing by 3X And also the revenue upside is 40% Another example is Subscription Account Hold With Account Hold PowerDirector is seeing involuntary churn dropping by 28% and we see the revenue uplift by another 10% We also use Firebase Remote Config a lot for A/B testing This is for the optimization of our subscription and also ad monetization for PowerDirector subscription We also constantly monitor the conversion rate and also retention rate in different countries This is for us to calculate the lifetime value and feedback to the upper stream CPI campaigns Localization is very key to our global success So, for example, in Indonesia we are using Google Play Console Store Listing to optimize our pricing our rate plan offering, our messaging And as a result, we see that Indonesia has become our TOP 10 country With continuous investment in developing technology engines and new features we work closely with Google We want to bring the most powerful and convenient video creation solutions to video creators around the world

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