Destroying the $130 dollar Otterbox Defender Case for the iPad (Part 2)

Destroying the $130 dollar Otterbox Defender Case for the iPad (Part 2)

What’s up guys and welcome back to my youtube channel the other day I uploaded a video about the OtterBox Defender Series to the iPad pro case I wanted to make a couple clarifications to in the video, there was a screen protector installed on the iPad, but after I Recorded everything I removed that screen protector and put it back in the case and I still is having touchscreen issues I’ve reached out to OtterBox and they claimed that it was air Air is the reason that the touch screen does not work. I don’t know if I believe all that so today We’re going to do something about it Got a Hair dryer right here. I have the front piece of the case We’re gonna heat up the glue and completely remove this I’ve already installed another glass screen protector on the iPad. So we’re gonna leave that on there and see how it works Not sure how long this is gonna take I just don’t want to damage the plastic but for you guys I’ll speed through all this when I upload it Once you get the glue kind of heated up I Just need to get it started you can kind of easily peel this built-in screen protector off Well, that is the built-in screen protector it is very very thick I can see why I had issues with The touchscreen other users claim that they have no issues. So Maybe it was just this one. I don’t know but I’m not my problem anymore So I Wish I had some kind of rubbing alcohol or something But I could not find any So we know the glass screen protectors work great, I personally have an H born in spring protector on my iPad I’ll leave a link down below if you’d like to check one of those out There’s another flip Like I said in my first review of this case, it is not one that you’re gonna want to take home take off Once it’s on there, you’re gonna kind of want to leave it there There is structural weakness where the Apple pencil is charged Though I mean overall It’s still a pretty heavy-duty case I have now removed The original straight protector and just have a glass screen protector and everything works Perfectly fine. So if you do need a case that provides extra protection This is an option. It’s not the best option since you are obviously essentially destroying one hundred and something dollars case But removing that everything still works Perfectly fine. So that’s honestly what I would recommend you can check out the H for screen protector in the links down below, but overall it is a Lot better now I could actually at least use this and I know that with the H bonus screen protector touch screen works fine and the Apple pencil also works fine Overall, I’m not entirely impressed with the OtterBox Defender Series Having to do this to the case to even get it to work kind of sucks to be completely honest. I mean, it’s 130 dollar case you would expect it to work. I know some of you guys who commented on the last video Said that their case worked perfectly fine Maybe this was just a defective case. I don’t know. I do know that the plastic that was used on it is Extremely thick so that can contribute to the issues that I was having I do like having the glass screen protector on there Anyways, I like the way the glass feels it’s just a higher quality feeling. I don’t know I hope you guys enjoyed this video though If you did, please subscribe to my channel after you do that if you hit the bell You can get notified of all mice latest videos. I hope you’ll check me out on line at Logan’s tech You can also check me out on Twitter at Logan tech review There’s no s in that and I’m on instagram at Logan’s tech review Thank you guys very much for watching this video and we’ll see you next time

8 thoughts on “Destroying the $130 dollar Otterbox Defender Case for the iPad (Part 2)

  1. Air??

  2. Are you ok with the screen protector you have on?It has not so great reviews on Amazon…

  3. Let’s face it…this case is not worth it…the ZUGU or even the Supcase is better…still waiting for the stm goods Dux Plus case to become available…

  4. I am concerned with the pen sensitivity.

  5. Does it wobble when you draw a straight line?I sketch and the screen protector I have now does it…subtle but annoying…

  6. Damn I would have requested a refund considering the price of the case!

  7. I wonder if it didn’t work because you already had a screen protector on the iPad?

  8. Can you store the pen behind that flap? What I mean to say is connect the pen and close the flap

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