Destruction Of The iPad

Destruction Of The iPad

oh this is Kyan over there hey hi hi
you guys and this is Joel hello, today we have before us the glorious
not so glorious iPad – yeah wait thank you to strengthen 32 gigabytes I’m gonna
be taking it apart because it doesn’t work I wish I could use it become
randomly types things by itself it has a mind of its own so before we take it
apart I just wanna show you with us the SIM card is which is what received
cellular service so you can have Wi-Fi on the go here are you ready so watch
this little thing thank you guy in and pokey and you you can’t use the colored
paper clips because they have that coating that makes them too wide and so
you just have to poke it in really hard and eventually it works but it’s not
working today I think I did it too many times the other day maybe this paperclip
is just too bendy who knows one sec don’t worry folks we’ll get to the fun
part in a good 30 seconds hopefully yep so yeah
we almost got it oh sorry hey guys let’s hear drawn go Joe go Joe
go Joe okay we got this it’s gonna work this time
I’m just gonna work this time oh never mind it’s not gonna work okay it’s gonna
work this time because I said so and y’all trust me guys always is right aha
Oh No hey say hi but letters come on also that’s nya this is Kai and sister I
almost got it open yeah you know what we’re just going to get that but anyway
take my word for it opens and it’s kind of cool but we don’t have time so yep
lose the iPad okay I erased it because it doesn’t work so it’s right here hola
hola hello I have no idea all right ciao whatever that is I think it’s
Korean just kidding already so alright let’s go
Eddie alright come on let’s do this alright alright ready we broke it doesn’t turn on anymore yeah
yeah no it’s probably just a what is that
take it off touch it touch it is it is it cool yeah my turn Oh feels like
kinetic sand guys yeah feels like a nutty plan
let’s hit the back go try the back that’s at the back to move it
oh look at that we got some real bump oh yeah alright hit it yeah alright let’s
try the back no hot I know it I just can you roll it up like sideways hot no it’s
fine hold it up sideways like like back here we go I’m scared I’m scared
oh sorry doll the gyms over already let’s hit some of these subprocessors so
here as you guys can see this is camera is yeah we’ve got the camera satisfy look at that guy’s let’s see oh it’s
gonna be all the way through I can’t barely yeah is it hot it’s just
the Sun oh yeah you guys I see Josie what happened is it’s that did
electrocute as you can see you guys there is and by the way please everybody
I’m sorry for not saying this earlier but try this at home please do
not throw tried at home we did a I’m 11 he’s 10 okay you guys can do it well I
you can do it just be very careful and ladies have supervision right we don’t
but it supervision of people over we’re good I’m just messing with you guys please do
not describe to PewDiePie and beautify if you’re listening to this all right
here we go let’s see let’s see what have we got
what you got here so I think I can see this is the fourth layer so far and so
far has not been hot yeah yeah yeah I mean I just thought that’s
how good I let’s break that little apple wait I’m gonna see if I can take it out
leaving at the Africa oh wait wait stop I’m gonna break the Apple I need my here
I’m gonna hang it on my wall I’m just kidding it’s broken no way you can’t go for it go for it go for it
if you feel the back that’s a battery no I don’t think it’s a battery we’re here
that could be a battery I’m not sure oh crap I see wiring just keep going keep
going now look all the parts of QR codes that ones
just I think that’s so that keep going keep going come on let’s all the parts
have circuit though few are codes all right here break it oh do you want this
what is this it’s the a5 chip oh my gosh I want that I want it I can make an iPad
now but if I take this I can actually make it I think we can make it outside
with this I don’t know this is the Apple I mean I heard about this thing this
thing this thing this thing is on the website they still use it it’s great oh
by the way please nice
he’s 2019 and we’re very sad he’s only gone to Virginia what if you
live in there I mean we live in California but what is in Virginia doggie
he is a bull mastiff everybody if you didn’t know you should not mess with me
because I will bull mastiff right here everybody
you should not mess with him he’s a strong little dude he will take one of
your guys’s but I Toro get this on camera get this one camera on her where
we go watch this oh crap crap nothing happened next time you do it oh yeah you burn a
hammer but I shouldn’t have done it you threw a hammer and it worked so I
thought I could do it but I would have been perfect it’s only because I sorry
guys scratch up my mom’s car if you guys will
see it’s not that big but right here you see it and it’s nobody’s fault it’s fine
we can just repaint it it’s nobody’s fault all all right we’re throwing this
away okay let’s see this big shit we got here we a five Apple
it’s the a Apple a5 chip and here by the way I’m in if you want this and like
Jimmy no never mind I mean I wish I could send this to you cuz you would
totally love it by the way everybody we take suggestions so this um comment
box or the suggestion box if there is one you’re going to the
description and someday we will have a raffle for this piece of fine equipment
and you can have it and I might even turn it into necklace now I’ll also
please make suggestions of what our next video should be but bye you guys this is
joy we’re not done yet and cayenne yet first video are you
really going to shoot me okay here hold the camera here watch this we’re not
done yet see okay I’m done I’m done shooting you you
I’m not gonna shoot you please no I’m kidding Illuminati control
the god no no no no relax you confirmed by the way you guys if you wanna see my
messed up dirt bikes that broke but you’re you’re right bro no that was the
best dirt bike the world has ever seen Illuminati confirmed it hey you guys this is concert bags for
hats and cookies Oh feet the reason we need to feed the viewers some cookies
these days I’m like for a free cookie okay we’re actually gonna give you a
cookie right now everybody behold behold the moment of truth and by the way I’m
sneaking a cookie don’t tell my dad yeah that’s yours I got a smaller one
there you go yep thank you so much you’re welcome viewers yeah goodbye
thanks for watching our video goodbye

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