DJI smart controller is it worth it I’m
gonna answer that question in the video coming up along with some alternatives
to this new DJI controller all right I’ve seen a lot of reviews a lot of
people talking online other YouTube videos about this controller and to be
honest I think a lot of them hype up this controller for whatever reason I
think other people have certain agendas on this channel I try to give you an
honest look and just give you my opinion based on experience and based on what I
observe not based on what other people say or any other type of hidden agenda
and thing like that so that’s why I can say I’m not as excited about this DJI
product as I was for the Mavic – yes nevertheless it does have some merits it
may be the right controller for you so let me go over it and then I’m gonna
give you my opinion as I go along now let me say this I don’t actually Odin
the controller yet so don’t kill me in the comments but I have flown almost
every DJI drone I have the zoom and the pro so I’m gonna give you my opinion
based on all my experience of flying DJI drones and I’m also going to talk about
alternative options like an iPad and some other things like this for either
this drone or other drones out there from what I can tell the screen looks
great 1080p it’s also gonna be twice as bright as your mobile device or any
smart device that you have so when you’re using in bright sunlight anywhere
outdoors it’s gonna be very handy now alternatively you could just use your
normal controller and right here I’m using this cord I can use a lot shorter
cord and yes this screen is 5.5 inches but a lot of people fly with like a note
eighth note 9 or the new iPhone that’s really really big so the screen size and
resolution isn’t that huge of a deal 5.5 inches it’s still a lot smaller than my
iPad nine point seven inches yes with the iPad I do have this little cord that
I have to connect to my USB right here and I just take out the little cord on
the side and I fly that way with my iPad but the iPad
it’s so easy to fly with and actually having this screen real estate with this
big iPad is to me a lot better option some people are gonna say oh yeah the
iPad isn’t as bright so if you fly in the Sun it’s not gonna be as good well I
can just attach a hood to it like this you know I can put this hood on it or if
I were flying with my controller like this I could just add a nice little
shade over here so I can put that over my controller and the Sun wouldn’t
really be a factor so the fact that you have that huge screen real estate you
could use a big phone I only have the iPhone 7 but if you had one of those
bigger phones that would make up for the size and then in terms of the brightness
you can turn it up or you could just put a little shade over and you can save
yourself a lot of money now you may be asking yourself what do I connect with
basically I take off the cable on the side and I just connect with a little
cord on one end is a USB and the other end is just my normal lightning bolt
connector so you could use whatever connector you have for your phone and
then you could just plug it in to your controller a lot of people say yes it
has a key sync 2.0 this new controller well the maverick 2 is I can sync 2.0
with this controller and if you connect it to the usb right here and take out
the cord on the side and then turn off your Bluetooth your gonna get really
great transmissions so that solves all that problem so so far I don’t see a
huge advantage of having this new smart controller but let’s move on the way
that the new controller is also gonna be a little heavier than this controller
but it’s not really gonna be that much of a difference so the new DJI smart
controller is gonna be compatible with the Mavic 2 drone so the Mavic – zoom
the Pro and Enterprise drones so that’s really nice you still have to bind the
controller to the drones but that shouldn’t take very long and the
advantage of having this new controller is that you won’t have any wires so
someone in an emergency situation especially those who are using the
enterprise drone like firefighters and other people have like jobs with
emergencies this is a big advantage and I will say having this controller is
definitely worth it for those type of jobs and those people so if you don’t
like dealing with cables then obviously you want to get the new controller if
don’t mind it then it’s not really that huge of a deal the new controller has 16
gigs of internal storage as well as can take cards up to 128 gigabytes but I
will say whenever you have a card slot for a controller I don’t believe it’s
actually going to record the highest quality onto that card I think you have
to put the card in the actual drone then you could take it out of the drone and
put it into the controller to view it to edit it to show a client so if you’re
working with a big client or you have a commercial operation this controller is
going to be helpful for this so you can take out the microSD card and then view
all your photos and images now how good is loading those files onto your
controller versus using an iPad I don’t know yet we’re gonna have to see and you
can use third-party apps as well such as lychee drone deploy pics 4d so if you do
any type of mapping or advanced photography and video techniques and use
other apps then this controller is going to be helpful but once again like I said
before you could do that also on an iPad and save yourself some money one thing
it says is that the mimo app is also supported so that’s the app for the Osmo
pocket I don’t know if you can use this new smart controller to control the Osmo
pocket that would be really cool what I think is gonna happen is you’re gonna be
able to take out your micro SD card from your Osmel pocket and then you’re gonna
be able to hook it up to your new smart controller and then see all the videos
and photos that you took and show a client so using the Osmo pocket with
this new smart controller that might be a good combination so if you’re one of
those people this new controller might be for you alright the battery life
lasts two and a half hours and it takes two hours to charge this isn’t bad this
isn’t great it’s nothing to write home about
you can always add a separate power supply I use this little supply which
I’ll put in the link below it’s called anchor super-small it’s about the size
of a lipstick you can use this and you connect it to your smart controller or
if you had an osmolar pocket as well you could just get this and you get the
right connection to connect it right here with a USB C and then you can walk
around and you can film all day or with a drone you can shoot much
longer though honestly most people don’t use their drones for two and half hours
so if you are a skier a person in cold weather this new smart controller can go
from negative four degrees Fahrenheit all the way to 104 degrees Fahrenheit or
negative 20 Celsius all the way to 40 degrees Celsius so extreme weather and
each time to extreme condition if you just wanted to bring it around and
actually use it like your iPad so I know I’ve been comparing a lot to an iPad but
there are a lot of similarities although I’m not sure whether my iPad can handle
those extreme weather I think it can but there are a lot of similarities between
the two with that said those extreme temperatures especially the cold weather
is made for the enterprise drone so then because they have self heating batteries
so the normal drone I wouldn’t fly in like negative 4 degree weather whereas
if I had the enterprise because it has a self feeding batteries I wouldn’t really
worry about that and even the type of person doesn’t like cables you’re also
the type of person that likes things happen very quick so this controller can
start up in 30 seconds or less which is gonna be faster than the normal
controller but for me waiting an extra minute isn’t that big of a deal
now the sticks on the new smart controller are not compatible with the
old Mavic 2 controller so if you have the Mavic 2 controller unfortunately
they’re not going to work for your DJI smart controller ok I’ve seen a lot of
other people saying oh you can live stream to social media to Facebook to
YouTube and all these other platforms well in the normal DJI go for app you
already could do that so for me I think it’s still a great feature but it’s
nothing that we haven’t already had so it’s not a new feature it’s something
that’s still there and that’s that so it does have bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can
share and connect and emails and do all that sort of thing with this new smart
controller it also has a microphone and a speaker so if you want to do a live
stream or record stuff or play stuff back for a client you can hear things
and interact a lot more than the normal controller although the normal
controller still was able to pick up audio but it didn’t have a speaker so
that’s where the these two differentiate because this smart controller is
compatible would the zoom the pro and the
enterprise I think DJI might make another Mavic to drone so I’m thinking
something like the Mavic to platinum could be wrong I don’t know I don’t want
to start rumors but that’s just a hunch I have a thought I had after saying hey
wait a minute it was compatible with three of them why
wouldn’t they just make another one much like they made the Mavic Pro and then
they had the Platinum later on so maybe they’ll do it I don’t know but this
controller might be good if you have future upgrades or decide to upgrade
from this Mavic to to like an enterprise or maybe a platinum drone in the future
but that’s all theoretical now so I just thought I’d put that out there but we’ll
have to see now I know I’ve been kind of critical of this new smart controller
and I’ve basically said that you could just get an iPad and that’ll do the job
just as well and you can save yourself a lot of money one thing I will say it
does have an HDMI out at 4k 60 frames per second so that’s pretty cool because
then I could hook up my footage I shot with my Osmo pocket at 4k 60 frames per
second take out this microSD put it in my new smart controller and then hook it
up to a monitor show a client that so I can use my controller not just for my
drone but then I could use it with my Osmel pocket to show a client what I’ve
been shooting now the house mole pocket looks kind of small for a professional
shoot our commercial shoot but it really does produce outstanding outstanding
footage so I think a lot of people are gonna change their perspective and their
view of size and what cameras and things do I think DJI has done a great job of
changing that perspective in the Hosmer pocket is a huge step in that direction
so if you are a professional drone pilot you could hook up your smart controller
to a separate monitor you can show a client while you’re shooting they can
see everything you’re shooting live this is the same as the Crystal sky too so if
you already have a crystal sky you probably don’t need this controller
because you’re already able to do this because it has the HDMI out port with
that all said if you decide to get an iPad instead of this new controller you
can hook up your iPad to your phantom controller you just have
to connect to the back where it has a USB you can fly like that now you might
say the Phantom controller doesn’t have that HDMI out port which the new
controller has for the Mavic – well you can actually buy a DJI controller module
right here that will fit it’s about a hundred dollars or so and it fits on
here and it does have an HDMI port on it so you can then make your phantom do the
same thing I don’t know whether that would produce 4k at 60 frames per second
not exactly sure of that but this could be an alternative option for you if you
already had an iPad and you had both a phantom and a Mavic drone and didn’t
want to buy this new controller alright guys I hope that was helpful if you are
pumped up and you want to get that new GGI smart controller go for it
obviously I gave you a lot of alternatives to doing so because it is a
lot of money to spend for one controller if you haven’t bought the Mavic 2 yet
and are thinking about getting this controller DJI is gonna have this
controller with the Mavic 2 as a bundle together and they’re also gonna have the
normal controllers so you can buy the drone with either the old controller or
the new controller and in that case it might be worth it just to spend extra
money and get the new controller with all that said if you already have the
Mavic to buying this new controller to me it all depends what you’re gonna do
if you have an iPad I gave you alternative options to use with that if
you don’t then you got to think do I need this controller am I going to use a
separate monitor or do I mind attaching a cable and waiting a minute and thirty
seconds instead of thirty seconds to start my drone if these are things that
are bothering you then get the new controller if they’re not to me you
might be better off just buying a mount to put your iPad or buying a shade or a
hood to cover it up either your phone or your smart device and saving yourself
all that money but if you want to go for it go for it alright guys if you want to
get more videos like this please subscribe to my channel and don’t forget
to press that like button if you found it helpful I’m gonna come out with a new
video soon about the Osmo pocket I’ve done a lot of other awesome old pockets
you can view some of them over here and before I go guys
siempre Avante Naga Petra

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