Does David Mitchell use his iPad to kill wasps and carry hot chocolate mugs? – Would I Lie to You?

Does David Mitchell use his iPad to kill wasps and carry hot chocolate mugs? – Would I Lie to You?

Possession. Ah, right. There’s a box under your desk. Take the item out first. Lift the box onto the desk. Right, now, take the item
out of the box. Got it.
And now, read the card. Last Christmas, my brother
bought me this iPad. I’ve never turned it on,
but I have used it to kill a wasp and carry three mugs
of hot chocolate. Lee’s team. Right. Who were the mugs
of hot chocolate for? Go! Sorry? Who were the mugs
of hot chocolate for? Say them now without thinking. It’s too much pressure! I don’t
know three people, it’s a lie! LAUGHTER Who where they for, David? They were for my wife,
for me, and for my mother. Where were you taking them to? I was taking them from
the hot chocolate-making room… the hot chocolate
consumptorium. Kitchen to living room?
Yes, that’s it. Did you kill the wasp with the
glass side or the non-glass side? The non-glass side. OK. How hard did you hit it? Um… Well, it’s dead. It wasn’t like a great sweeping,
you know, smash. Was it mid-air? It was more sort of
a press and lean. Lulled into a false sense of
security with my terrified whimpers. And then at a certain point,
it settled on a flattish surface and then I went in with
a press and lean. If you kill a wasp,
you don’t slowly press it like a psychopath. He only said that he does the push
and press because he knew that there wasn’t any dents on it.
No, no, no, no. I’m not saying I, like, gradually… As soon as I was pressing,
I pressed quickly. I didn’t want to extend
its suffering. I wasn’t whispering stories about, “Do you find the room is
getting smaller, Mr Wasp?” “I’m sure you must be imagining it. “Finding your little antennae
are getting a bit crushed? Oh… “What next? Try and move a wing. “Oh, you can’t!” Right, it’s time to take a guess.
You say it’s a… Lie. You say it’s a lie. It is a lie. So, you say it’s a lie. David, were you telling the truth
or were you telling a lie? I was telling… a lie.

38 thoughts on “Does David Mitchell use his iPad to kill wasps and carry hot chocolate mugs? – Would I Lie to You?

  1. Lol I was just watching the Lee Mack WILTY compilation and this popped up. So much yes

  2. David, an iPad and 3 mugs of hot chocolate?

  3. I am curled up on my mum's sofa and just watched this episode. Got this pop up and had to leave a message. Merry Christmas, and thank you for all the work you put into WILTY on YouTube! 😄

  4. I love Hot Chocolate Making Room and Hot Chocolate Consumptorium! 💛

  5. That got disturbing.

  6. When he said "Last Christmas" the song automatically started playing in my head

  7. 2:04 – 2:22 that's exactly why I want to see David play a Bond villain.

  8. I wonder why they didn't aks him why he never bothered to turn on the iPad… I was pretty convinced it was a lie as well though, sounded too much like the story of him killing a rat with his BAFTA (which was also a lie). Still, his torterous wasp-killing imaginings were fantastic! XD

  9. Wilty for Xmas. Thank uuuuuuuuuu

  10. I was wondering how his brother would feel if it was the truth.

  11. Do you find the room is getting smaller, Mr. Wasp?

  12. Wilty on Xmas is a Christmas miracle ♥️

  13. Lean and press

  14. The best thing about this episode was David playing a psychopathic killer of flies

  15. Right below this in my subscriptions was a video entitled "What if we killed all wasps?" 🤣

  16. I'm still waiting for the day somebody says "Possession", and then pretends to be possessed by a demon. Perhaps if they ever have Linda Blair on the show.

  17. I gave you my heart.

  18. Just make James Acasta a regular already

  19. Just ask him to turn it on, if it does, he uses it or someone does, if it doesn't then it's lost all its charge since last Christmas

  20. I expected the story to be about David throwing the iPad out of the window. It’s just some really thin microchips.

  21. Whenever David says "My Wife" I just uwu/ I love them <3

  22. The Masterchefs of laughs… Fave guests: Mortimer & Acaster…

  23. Bloody brilliant x David ur amazing x so fun x so intelligent x so sexy x I love u x love this show x love u wilty x thanku x god bless x

  24. That I pad came out 3 months ago

  25. They need to cast David Mitchell as the next James Bond villian

  26. That looks to me like the newest version of iPad so obviously he couldn’t have gotten it last Christmas. Checkmate.

  27. “I lulled it into a false sense of security with my terrified whimpers” 😂

  28. I feel like most Lee and David’s are lies.

  29. The content on this channel is better for people's mental health than any anti-depressant.

  30. This takes its rightful place amongst the Mitchellian rants and outbursts.

  31. I don't understand how they get the stories. Not the lies, they can just be made up. But if it's a truth. They say they don't know what's on the card, but surely to get the story in the first place the person it happened to has to have relayed this to someone in the production. So how do they not know the story they're telling & why do they sometimes act all "oh no not this one" when they read a truth. They had to have blabbed the thing to someone for it to be being read out. Never mind getting into the whole objects & this is my part of the show.

  32. god, they look so much older when you come from watching their earlier seasons. i mean duh, of course, but its quite a shock in contrast

  33. David plays a great psychopath killer.

  34. David Mitchell need to be the next villain of Ant-man and the wasp

  35. The Hot Chocolate Consumptorium! We love you, David Mitchell…

  36. I feel like David and Lee get handed so many lies now-a-days that the other team can pretty much just say lie automatically. Even in perfectly plausible stories like this.

  37. He has sooo done that to some poor insect! Maybe not this wasp, but definitely to some other poor insect 🤣

  38. That story i could have actually believed, but it was a lie so there we go…David doesn't kill Wasps with Ipads.

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