Download Instagram Video to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 12)

Download Instagram Video to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 12)

Hey What’s up Guys! Dhvanesh from iGeeksBlog Most of us have wanted to save our favorite
Instagram photos on iPhone at some point or the other. So far we had to take a roundabout way or
use a third-party app to get it done. But that is no longer the case today! Thanks to a super handy shortcut named “InstaSave”. This shortcut lets you save any Instagram
photo, video, stories or even entire Instagram profile. You can install this shortcut from the description
down below. Once you install it, launch Instagram app
on your iPhone. Head over to photo or video you want to download. Then, tap on the tiny three dots at the top
right of the post and choose “Share to” from the menu. Now select Shortcuts from the share sheet. If you don’t see Shortcuts in the share
sheet. Make sure you have turne it on. Up next, tap on InstaSave shortcut to run
it. Now, wait for a few moments until it has successfully
downloaded the video or the pic. Next, you can open the Photos app to access
the image you have just saved. Now if you want to download Instagram stories
to your iPhone camera roll, visit the profile of your choice. Tap on the three horizontal dots at the top
right corner of the screen. And copy profile URL from the menu. Now launch the shortcuts app and make sure
your on the library tab. Now tap on the InstaSave shortcut. From here you can download stories, stories
with highlights, HD profile picture, latest 12 photos of the profile or even entire profile. So that’s all guys! This is how you can save your favorite Instagram
photos or videos right into your iPhone camera roll. If you find this video helpful, give it thumbs
up, share this video and subscribe to our channel for such interesting videos. I’m Dhvanesh signing off and will catch
you in the next one.

64 thoughts on “Download Instagram Video to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 12)

  1. Thanks For This Helpful Video

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  4. Thanks!!! ❤️

  5. Thank u so much!!!!!

  6. Its not working?

  7. Is there a way to save an instagram photo from an account I follow that’s private, because it doesn’t work with this shortcut, as for stories I’m following the steps you said & it isn’t working, any help regarding that thanks

  8. How do I get shortcuts

  9. The url thing doesnt work for me


  11. this was super helpful!! tysm

  12. shit dont even work smh

  13. You didn’t explain how the instasave shortcut appeared in the shortcuts app.

  14. The share to doesn’t show up

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  16. It works on images but the video doesn’t.

  17. There’s no app called INSTASAVE on the AppStore.

  18. It just works. Thank u

  19. Thank you so much so helpful

  20. Doesn’t work fucking carpet bagger

  21. THIS IS THE HACK OF THE YEAR (well atleast for me) THANK YOU

  22. worst voice over…. Poor English. I'm disappointed

  23. For anyone that can’t see the “share to” option. After you’ve added Instasave on Shoetcuts. You have the shortcuts app open, then go to Instagram, copy the link of the post you want downloaded. Then go back to shortcuts and tap on Instasave. It will load for a few secs. Once it’s done, go to your camera roll and boom!

  24. It doesn’t work at least not for me I tried to search for instaSave and it doesn’t show up

  25. No insta save

  26. This really works! Thank you so much!❤️

  27. i love you

  28. URL doesn’t work for videos????

  29. Thanks man

  30. amazing, thanks

  31. Worked in a pinch thanks

  32. there is no instasave in library. what to do

  33. This does not work if the account is private though?

  34. Stories only save as photos, not video. Anyway you could change that?

  35. omg THANK YOU soooo much, i wanted this to share some soccer vids with someone who does not have Instagram. Thank u Thank u THANK U👍

  36. Can you release this video in English, not Spanish?

  37. It workkkked

  38. GENIUS

  39. Thank you so much! This video help me so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻😭

  40. For myself it saves photos but not videos. Which is unfortunate because that’s what I wanted

  41. This still works. Awesome man thank you!

  42. dude there is no instasave through shortcut app, atleast reply to people who already asked this or re you another bulshiter?

  43. Thank You Brother .😍 You Solved my problem 👍👍👍👍

  44. Says ‘bad URL time stamp???

  45. This doesn’t work. It says bad time stamp

  46. It doesn’t work anymore i don’t know why :/ it only downloads a white picture :/ I also tried to re-download the app and the shortcut but it won‘t work;-;

  47. I’m not sure if this works anymore, it stopped working for me today. I make the save destination my DropBox because it doesn’t save to my camera roll first for some reason. Help would be appreciated.

  48. Hi! This worked so well a few weeks ago, but now for some reason it’s having the “Bad URL Timestamp” thing happening and I can’t download anything anymore. If you can re-update this so it can work again it’s much appreciated!

  49. We have updated the Shortcut and you can download the updated one from here.

  50. Says bad url time stamp for video and I tried your link. Still doesnt work

  51. Used the old shortcut, didn’t work because of bad time stamp. Trying to use the new update you’ve posted but that isn’t working either.

  52. i did exactly what was explained then right when it starts to download is says “Make sure to pass a URL to get the contents of URL action”… this is frustrating me😂

  53. Can’t find Insta Save on there..

  54. I updated to iOS 13 and now the shortcut isn’t working 😭

  55. Thank you so much this one works better than insta save since I updated to iOS 13 it stopped working and I’ve been looking for one that works thanks 😩👍🏼

  56. Cool, thank you so much!! I was having a problem with this but I found when it wasn’t downloading using the “Share to..” function, i found the way to get it working was to copy the link from insta, then just pressing on the shortcut in the shortcuts app to make the shortcut work. thankss again

  57. Not working

  58. It stopped working and now it’s telling me it can’t convert stuff

  59. T-Series wannabe

  60. i cant understand a single word this guy is saying

  61. best indian ever

  62. hey i dont know if anyone else is having the same problem but here: this method worked perfectly for me when saving a video, but when i tried to download another it just downloaded the same video as before. i tried with different videos from different accounts and it just keeps downloading the same video :/ is there any way to solve that?

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