Download “PROFILES AND DEVICE MANAGEMENT” free on your iOS Device

Download “PROFILES AND DEVICE MANAGEMENT” free on your iOS Device

hello guys this is alvee here from alvee 1 in this video I’m going to show how to download the profiles and device
management on your settings so the real problem of the many people is that they
go to settings and go at general according to some videos and they search
for profiles and device management and found nothing so due to the lack of this
profiles and device management some people cannot download these some of the
apps for like tutu helper and so on so guys in this video I’m going to
show you how to have the profiles and device management on
any Apple device starting from ios 8 first of all go to safari then search and click at the apple beta
software then here click sign in the your account then sign in through your apple id then you need to just scroll down until
accept then you need to do what to go and click ios beta software click it and roll your
device then you download profile then you need to click that download profile and they would take you to settings setting you need to hit the install
button then have a clicker password also it’s a password and after then you need
to go here and hit the install button and after then you need to get the
install button and we start required you need to do what is to restart your phone after some time it will get restarted away no give your password again and
check whether it has been installed or not general and here you will found that
you have the profile here you will found that you have this profiles thank you
guys for watching your video and if you have liked this video don’t forget to
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34 thoughts on “Download “PROFILES AND DEVICE MANAGEMENT” free on your iOS Device

  1. That really helped

  2. thx

  3. cool keep it up

  4. Hi there,you are the best,straight forward and educative.You are a good teacher.

  5. Doesn't work if I do with it's gonna be like this @(&;=#*#+|"'clsox woamspemrfocso Xkd£++]*~ f like that pls help me I'm sad can't you do it on ipod pro

  6. Hello help me please
    Does it affect the device?

  7. Hola ya bruh..can i know how to signed in the profiles configuration from telco to get verify like this??my ip cannot get the LTE support for my telco server bcoz the profiles cannot signed in..tq

  8. Simple!!!Useful!!!

  9. thanks useful

  10. Thanks

  11. You get a new software for your iphone go to setings , general., software uptade , download wait a few minutes and look your phone its ios 11 beta

  12. Can you pls do a video like this but for iPad pls thx

  13. I can't find profiles… I'm on Samsung

  14. Every Viewers it is requested to subscribe my channel😀

  15. No device manAgment ;( just profile

  16. Omgg it worked thanks!! +1 subscriber and like 😊😄

  17. There is no "device management" option! Only profile! If you don' know how to install "device management" don' write it at the comment section! Not ok.

  18. Thank you

  19. It’s working on ios 12?pls help

  20. yes I have the profile. now what do I do with it?

  21. Кто русский лайк

  22. I also put same pascode last week


  24. Fuck u Hacker

  25. I have profiles. I need device Management please someone help me!!!

  26. That is so easy for people to still your info if you put you passcode and Apple ID they got it in they stuff and can steal your stuff…

  27. super

  28. I have “ profiles “ but not “ device management “!!! Then when I download an app and it needs to be trusted I do not find the trusted button!!! Pls heelp

  29. Thanks

  30. This never helps when your account is with iCloud in its name so they don’t accept it

  31. it didn’t download device management?

  32. Yo I restarted my device and this video is infinite loading idk if it’s my internet or not so ima post this comment to see if it’s just slow
    Edit: i can post a comment instantly but I can’t load a fucking video

  33. Its not downloading

  34. Bosadike device management bata

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