Dropped my iPhone 11!!!!

Dropped my iPhone 11!!!!

100 thoughts on “Dropped my iPhone 11!!!!

  1. And? Atleast it was not me

  2. Put it in rice

  3. Thats what happens when you own a iPhone

  4. 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  5. You have at least 5 more at home. Nothing to worry about.

  6. Gurl you can buy the whole store 💀


  8. This is why I will never get an Apple case again. I had my 7+ and dropped it on the Cabo stone the second day I had it and had the same dent you did to yours. I couldn’t stand it… gave it away to my husband and got a new one. (Then they were cheaper, now I wouldn’t even carry it outside my purse)

  9. My friend got a iPhone 6, came home and dropped it the whole screen came off and wouldn't turn on…later that day she got a new one and dropped it again but this time it only shattered

  10. 😂

  11. People kept doing experiments on their iPhone, while there's me still on Android and can't afford that xhit

  12. arctech pro case is better

  13. You didnt run fullspeed

  14. I dropped my hair ….. ok

  15. I dropped my hair

  16. Note to self

    Don’t give Justine a new phone that’s worth lots of money

  17. 😆

  18. I would be literally crying

  19. this is so stupid

  20. you are so prety

  21. Nooooooooioo

  22. Bruh just buy a new phone since you buy like all the iPhones 🙄😒

  23. I am so mad at you because I can't even but the first I phone

  24. My old one made it over ten years

  25. JuStInE!!!!😂

  26. Hahahaha time 2 change new pants baby😂😂🤣🤣

  27. it will never break if that was samsung

  28. Lol her face when she relized her phone fell 😂

  29. iJustine you drop all of your iphones…

  30. I dropped my iphone 11 the second day I had it 😰 but nothing
    Happened to it lol

  31. I dropped my s6 edge

  32. 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌

  33. The slofie reaction tho

  34. Girl your not alone:)

  35. And THATS why I dont EVER wear my phone in the back of my pocket

  36. Scripted 😂

  37. Justine will never learn

  38. Oh yeah

  39. She was like she got shot on the back🙄

  40. Who cares you can obviously get a new one

  41. Love u more 🥰

  42. One time I dropped my iPadOS 13 on the floor at my house and it cracked so bad that I had to buy a iPadOS 12

  43. Got my new iphone 11 pro max in midnight green today, and lesson learned from this video, ill never buy those case with an opening at the bottom !

  44. You should never run or jump while you have a phone in your pocket unless it has a zipper

  45. brainless bembos

  46. Her:*realize that she droppd her phone* Nooooo its the wnd of the world

    Me:realizes their is no more Food

    Noooooo its the end of the World


  47. you should" try not to drop my phone everthing i have a new phone challenge"

  48. 2 phones and Lululemon leggings
    Noice 😂 thats probably how much i earned in my 13yr life 😂

  49. How ARE you

  50. I love how the slow mo video makes it look like the phone was a bowel movement 🤣

  51. i drop my Galaxy J7 my bike thin i ran it over

  52. Don’t u have like 10 iPhone 11’s

  53. at 1:42 my dad walked in the room and asked me why i was watching a whale documentary.

  54. Okay u dropped ur iPhone 11. U can buy a billion of those since ur so rich Lmao

  55. Was Chewbacca recording your slofie?

  56. Duh duh doom

  57. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  58. Oof i wish i had money for one in the first place ://


  60. I came here after i dropped my ASUS Zenfone 5Z today accidentally, i am afraid of battery.

    THATS AN 11 PRO!

  62. Gravity.

    (Hope humans understand)

  63. Lol those face impressions are priceless!

  64. Running at full speed?

  65. I new it

  66. Omg i drop it, omg i drop it twice… for free nk problem

  67. Once the zoom is 100X and it takes 100 megapixel pics and 128K video at 1kHz then maybe they will become more rugged.

  68. The thumbnail just makes wanna cry

  69. Useless case!

  70. Lol

  71. In the slow motion video secan you guys sounded like bears

  72. Why do you need 2 iPhones 11

  73. #iPhone11

  74. No one cares

  75. You should buy a Rokform case for your iphone. It protects all of your phone. That what i use for my XR.

  76. the only thing i hear with the slomo is

  77. Justine: * Drops iphone 11 without crying *
    Me: * Drops iPhone 8 and cries *

  78. Dropping phones can happen to anyone and that is why I use a case. The drop on this video confirms why I never ever want to have a case with open bottoms like most Apple iPhone cases, even though the leather ones are really beautiful.

  79. drops phone mouth: O

  80. She wants to flex the fact that she can afford apple care and that she can fix it anytime

  81. Yuh bloodclat stchupid

  82. buy an iphone but dont buy their case. use a proper one for antidrop.

  83. Anyone gonna question the fact that she was carrying TWO phones?

  84. That's why you need to buy Androids

  85. I advice u to get a cover that covers everything even the bottom and top and a cover with a raised camera lip to keep yr phone pristine and a full coverage tempered glass

  86. me seing this at my notifications: ah here we go again

  87. Justine: drop the new iphone and laughs and the beginning of the video


  88. Tell me how apple charges 40 for their cases and they don't even protect

  89. I got the iPhone XR today. I haven’t dropped it yet and I’m only 12. Like omg.

  90. I don’t know if you have heard about a clear case or screen protector

  91. Por pendeja 🥱

  92. Girl my phone is galaxy s7 edge and i didnt break it

  93. You guys are so cringey

  94. Awwww don’t be sad. You can afford new one :). Just give me this one I fix it.

  95. I remember when you where so exited to get the new iPhone 6 in 2014

  96. I dropped my Nintendo switch walking out of my bedroom

  97. Ah, shit, he we go again…

  98. Justine: drops iPhone 11pro max doesn’t care

    Me: drops iPhone 4 starts crying

  99. First your rose gold Apple Watch then your phone then your new iPhone 11 omg your hand are so slippery

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