Đừng Dùng iPad Khi Chưa Biết Những Mẹo Vặt Sau!- Don’t use iPad if you don’t know these tips!

Đừng Dùng iPad Khi Chưa Biết Những Mẹo Vặt Sau!- Don’t use iPad if you don’t know these tips!

Hello! today I’m gonna share with you some effective tips on iPad OS. I’m making this video on iPad 10.2 inches. If you want to know more about this device, let’s click to the link that I left in video description below. The first one is you can pin apps that you usually use on Widget. Let’s swipe to bottom then click to Repair. You will see the Favourite pinned apps You only need to pull any app that you want into this folder or pull out if you don’t want. The second one is Hard TikTok. For example when you touch and keep a icon, it will show you some quick options. such as Searching or Subscribe channel on Youtube. Each of app will have it’s own features. or when you touch and keep any Shortcut button in Control center. It will show your more detailed options of that Shortcut. In Safari, you can touch and keep the website link then it will show you a small window for you to preview the website! The next one is Dark Mode on iOS. As you already know that you need to active Dark Mode through Setting. However, there are some other ways. For example, you can touch and keep the Shortcut to control the screen brightness. There is a quick shortcut here for you can turn on Dark Mode. Or you can go to Control center then add Dark Mode. Finally, you can active the Automatical Dark Mode then set up the time for it. The next one will be about the Keyboard. When you are typing, you can swipe from both of two side to the middle to zoom in the keyboard. then you can move this keyboard to any side that you want. If you want to zoom it out, you just need to swipe to both of two sides. The next one is action when you are typing texts. You can touch and keep a paragraph in about one second to black it then use your three fingers to swipe and bunch them up to copy or zoom out them to paste. Besides, you can delete the most recent actions by swipe to left or to the right to undo. The next one is about Multi-task of iPad OS. To use it, let’s swipe up the Dock bar. Click to an app and pull it up to open it in a small window like this. You also change apps in this small window. Swipe to one side to turn it off. Similarly when you pull that app to the edge of iPad, the multi-task will be separated into two windows like this. You can edit the size of these windows. You also can open only one app like this Note in two different windows to easily use. Even when there are two windows of them now, you still can open more. When you are surfing internet, you can touch and keep a link then pull it to one side of screen to open it in a small window. or two windows with the same size. Next, when you watch videos on Safari, you will select all screen mode then click to this icon to let video play on other bacground apps. You can also edit the size as well as the position of this window or even hide the video when it is still playing then pull out if you want to watch. The next one on Safari is when you touch and keep the rolling bar like this then you can quickly roll the page by moving your hand. Similarly, you can touch and swipe the Volume bar to left or right to control the sound. I have just shared with you some tips on iPad OS. Please share with us if you know any other tips. Goodbye and see you!

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