E3 2020 is Cancelled…Here is What They SHOULD DO Instead!

E3 2020 is Cancelled…Here is What They SHOULD DO Instead!

Yo what’s up everybody OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’re gonna be discussing the unfortunate news that
III is going to be cancelled now as of the time that I’m recording this video
there hasn’t been an official announcement by the time that you’re
watching this video though there could be an official announcement of III being
canceled and to be honest this isn’t really a surprise to me considering what
was happening beforehand III was already on thin ice right
because you have the CV that’s going around you guys know that virus that’s
going around that’s causing a lot of problems causing a lot of issues across
the world when it comes to the stock market when it comes to prices on things
when it comes to everything people stocking up on supplies
there’s all sorts of craziness going on people are worried it is spreading
there’s new cases everywhere and it was already having problems right it was
already having problems people pulling out like Sony not going to last year’s
e3 and already announcing the student they’re not going to be at this year’s
e3 you have one of the producers or planners of the show saying that they’re
not gonna be able to do the show this year you also had Keeley saying that
he’s not gonna be at the show either so things will already kind of bad it for
e3 this year and it seems like things have just taken a pretty much complete
nosedive to the point to where there is no return III is not happening this year
or it’s going to be rescheduled for some other time multiple different industry
insiders like I talked about have stated that III is not happening and we’re
gonna go ahead and start off with one of my fellow spawn cast members Nathan
direct feed games he actually quote tweeted devolver digital which that is
the first place that I saw from anywhere was devolver digital but will redock
what devolver had to say than the quote tweet as well so devolver digital said
cancel your III flights and hotels y’all and then direct feed games quote tweeted
that and said this isn’t a joke discussions are ongoing but an official
III 2020 cancellation announcement may come this week and then direct feed also
follow that up by saying no longer a make um a cancellation announcement is
imminent and for those who don’t know nate from direct video games he works
for a lot of different places he knows what he’s talking about so that’s very
unfortunate that it’s going to be cancelled or it seems like it is now
there’s also other industry insiders and sources as
well like F from Twitter as well also stated that my day started with
investigating some III stuff and it was multiple and I mean multiple sources
coming my way III cancellation announcement scheduled
for tomorrow a.m. and that might have already happened by the time that you
guys are watching this I don’t think it will hold the night many of us have been
engaged by sources this evening cancel your plans then we also have Jason
Schreyer he’s saying that been hearing secondhand whispers tonight from several
dev slash pubs that III is canceled although I’ve also heard from a couple
of people in positions to know that ESA has officially made a decision yet and
is still consulting with pubs either way it’s only a matter of time so
it does seem like it is going to be canceled when it comes to the III and
this is a very unfortunate thing I’m gonna talk about why it’s unfortunate
but then I’m gonna talk about what’s gonna happen instead this is what
they’re going to do instead in order to kind of salvage what we have from III
from a business perspective because III is always huge business-wise games
always do really well people pre-order stuff people buy stuff people save up
for I mean it’s just something that III is something that people really like to
celebrate and it is a big time in the industry I think that we need to have it
I think it’s a good idea but it’s unfortunate because III just represents
so much in the gaming industry it’s been going on for 20-plus years now where we
see the latest and best in gaming we see the future of gaming we have developers
come out and have big shows there’s always some great announcements at every
III I’m not sure if there’s ever been an e3 where there wasn’t amazing
announcements like in the past decade there maybe was some that I’m not
thinking about or whatever the case is but for the most part even if one
company or a couple companies or Sony’s off that year if Nintendo’s off that
year Microsoft that yeah there’s always something to help make up for it there’s
always multiple really cool announcements at e3 so it’s very
unfortunate that they’re not going to be having it seemingly this year if it’s
not already announced so that’s very unfortunate but here is what they do
instead I’m not a person who just likes to mope and say this is just doomed then
we’re not gonna do anything I think there’s a way that they can salvage it I
think this is what they’re gonna do instead so the plan at least what I
would think the plan would be is to have everything like you had it before
scheduled it right remember III already runs on a schedule
when it comes to developers and publishers when it comes
to what Microsoft was presenting what usually Sony presents Square and excuse
me takes that slot not at this point still have your digital presentations
all we can do that Microsoft can put together a digital presentation I’ll
save them a ton of money they usually use the Microsoft Center that’s like
right next door for their e3 presentations and all that just do it
online so they can do like the exo or whatever 18 or exos shows that they have
they can do that and just do it at e3 you have Square Enix they can still have
their show just do it all digital that’s fine by there you know there’s no
problem there and tendo already does a Nintendo Direct so that’s fine as well
all of the other publishers like devolver and also limited run games and
all the other press conferences or kind of press conferences that they have all
those can still go on just as planned I think developers definitely have time
it’s March 10th as of the time that I’m recording this video March 11th when you
guys are watching if you’re watching it on day one and here’s the thing guys the
thing is this they can get demos ready okay if you can’t be at the show and
show off hands-on demos okay that’s fine have a couple demos ready have it be
able to download on the PSN download on Nintendo network Xbox Live and still put
together something still put together preorder deals rights they’ll put
together sales on games you can have a digital III event I think this is where
the ESA or whoever this is where everyone just needs to come together and
think of a way to still have III and a way to still capitalize when it comes to
the excitement when it comes to the hype when it comes to the business aspect
there’s still plenty of things they can do to salvage a three yes you’re not
gonna get the hands-on demos from people being there yes you’re not gonna get the
floor shows yes you’re not gonna get the booth tours the booth babes the dancing
the all the other stuff that comes with III guys for those who don’t know I went
to e3 for multiple years three years in a row of 3p 2014 2015 and 2016 met some
awesome people played some great games got some great footage all of that is on
my old channel player since gaming or on the new channel here just type in III
floor tours or whatever the case things like I’ve got III footage and while it’s
a great time it started raining on me and it started waning on me and
of going to e3 and actually physically being there waiting all day to play like
one game or two games it just wasn’t my style so I decided to stop going after
2016 2017 2018 2019 and now 2020 will be my fourth year covering the show pretty
much just from home right and just seeing what other people are doing and
looking at the trailers looking at the digital presentations just looking at
stuff and live streaming and reporting on it and I think that if the developers
and if the publishers come together get some demos ready for highly anticipated
games imagine getting some type of small slice of cyberpunk
right at e3 this year small double that you can go and download almost like
Final Fantasy 7 remake right I think that there’s time they can kind of say
okay we’re gonna have it like around maybe mid June or so and you can still
get that hype and excitement you can still get those sales you can still get
those pewters everything that encompasses what III is about you can
still have that yes it’s not going to be the same impact as actually having to
show they’re having a GN and having these big people that have their boots
they’re on the show floor and getting the developers in there and talking to
them and all that but you can do video conferencing there’s video interviews
that you can do you can still hold stuff all of these different publications IGN
and all the youtubers and people who cover the show we can still cover the
show we can still call developers we can still talk about games we can still do
everything it’s just going to be done in a little bit of a different way and I
think that if everybody works together when it comes to the developers
publishers and also the press in terms of how to break down things and how
things are going to go and setting up a schedule obviously it’s not gonna be
organized by the e3 people just have it to where maybe they can even kind of
help out and then they can do some streaming on their end in terms of
things I think that there’s still there’s still something but it sucks for
the e3 people obviously they make a lot of money off of III and if they can’t
have it people aren’t gonna pay they’re not
gonna pay for stuff and Los Angeles in that area obviously makes a lot of money
but guys it’s a very unfortunate thing that it’s been you know canceled and all
that but there’s still some salvageable stuff from it I mean I didn’t mention it
beforehand but obviously CV there’s a huge break out or there is not a huge
but there’s a break out in Los Angeles so it just makes
since there’s no way considering how like the local cover at alva
government’s been handling things so far there’s no way that you can let people
all come in there from all these different parts it’s way too much of a
risk to do it so I understand but like I said you can salvage it you can still
have a III when it comes to digital presentations when it comes to demos
being downloaded on the PSN store and stuff like that in Tendo network there’s
still plenty of stuff that can be done I mean a lot of stuff that even happens at
e3 is digital right you watch it yes the people are there live but you watch it
so you can still do other things and I’m hopeful that they are going to do that
I’m hopeful that they’re gonna work together and the companies are gonna put
together a good III kind of schedule and flow all digital of course or even
showing from their own offices right just having a presentation right there
from their own offices and kind of doing that how saccharide does his
presentations for new smash DLC characters and those are fantastic some
people watch those I think people would love to go inside CD Projekt RED and see
what cyberpunk is up to when it comes to the game see what CD Projekt RED is
doing with that people would love to get these kind of developer hands on tours
of the games and stuff like that so I think it’s salvageable and I think that
they’re going to do this instead I think it’s going to be successful I still
think that there is a shop at e3 while it’ll be very different it’s still going
to be III and they’re still going to be some stuff with e3 going on in that same
timeframe and getting people excited for games and everything so that’s my hope I
think that’s what they’re gonna do maybe Nintendo saw this a long time ago
obviously 2013 you know kind of taken away from the whole live presentation
thing and having the digital events just in case and they’ve perfected their
formula or Microsoft and Sony are still working on their formula to get a you
know better more exciting show so I think that it’s like foolproof plan
obviously it worked out for them but I think that it’s not over yet guys it’s
not over yet I don’t think that all of a sudden III is cancelled and nobody’s
gonna have anything Nintendo’s not gonna have any Nintendo Direct at e3 I don’t
think that’s going to be the case cuz III and that time period is so important
for sales so important for pre-orders and all of that so what are you guys as
thoughts when it comes down to this what do you guys think about my plan let me
know in the comments section below alright guys that wraps it up for this
video here check out the link in the description below we’ve got Twitter
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thank you so much for watching we’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

18 thoughts on “E3 2020 is Cancelled…Here is What They SHOULD DO Instead!

  1. Nintendo Spaceworld is coming back boys

  2. Sure, fine, whatever.
    E3 had gone to sh** anyway. I´ll just pop in my E3 2004 DVD and pretend the world is still cool.

  3. The only thing I want from E3 is Nintendo directs but since E3 isnt required for Nintendo directs…

  4. If stadia was smart they should rush to partner with e3 and use their platform to stream demos timed in with the events. Even if its only available to media who sign NDAs about not copying n distributing the demo

  5. Still have the PS5 coming this year so thats ok.

  6. Meh. Everyone has their own online presentations so…I am like one hand sad I am saying this…considering the past I have watched E3 online for years. Its become an amazing pastime and sort of a celebration of my favourite hobby. Gaming. It's where we see all the major PLAYERS present to us what they have in store for us. It has its own charm and mystique but hey it was always on its way out to be honest.

    Even if they will bring it back next year its always been declining hasn't it? (I mean these days companies just tweet and have their own presentations as Nnitendo began this trend with their Nintendo Direct, Sony has state of play and Microsoft has their Xbox thing too) Other companies and publishers could do the same easily. Social media or online video on demand or live stream. So w/e. If it stays or goes. w/e.

  7. While it sucks E3 2020 is no more I think its a good opportunity for many publishers to start adapting their own directs and focus only on the games and services coming in 2020 and beyond. Demos, Trailers, and even Dev interviews can still be shown up to the event.

  8. If you ask me E3 has lost relevance at this point I think it's time for developers to announce things on their own time and when they feel like it instead of adhering to a tradition like E3. As much as I love the show with the gaming landscape as it is now E3 is hardly that necessary anymore especially considering all the leaks that tend to trickle out as well as that personal information blunder they made a while back. Besides we still have Directs, State of Play, and Inside Xbox but E3 does not need to happen for any of those. Again developers (including Nintendo) should start doing their own thing and announce things when they feel like it instead of adhering to tradition. And now we have the Covid-19 Virus so at this point saying that E3 still needs to happen anyway is being way too generous and giving the benefit of the doubt where it really shouldn't.

  9. Somehow Xbox lost again lol. I cannot explain how, but they have already lost.

  10. Now that it's confirmed, I think I would miss watching the gameplay from the treehouse live presentation the most. If Nintendo can film some in-depth look at some of their games to go along with that big Direct, that would be nice.

  11. So far I think Coronavirus will not overtake 2009's swine flu, its just that the Coronavirus has an extremely toxic meme community (as well as tons of fanboys/fangirls) and the recoveries outrun the deaths. You can read it on Toxic Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki. I think for right now Direct-style announcements are the future, because it takes less organization and resources.

  12. F*cking Cronovirus. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Anti-vaxxers aren't helping the situation either.

  14. But Nintendo still has the treehouse live and and show floor demos. How are they going to display that if theres no E3? Maybe at their new Super Nintendo Land theme parks in the future?

  15. I know people like to trash talk E3 for different reasons, but I still like the idea of lots of companies coming together during 1 time of the year to reveal their games at the same time.

  16. What if Nintendo teams up w/ Game Stop & Reggie w/ demo kiosks

  17. I need booth babes in my life!

  18. Really cool video PE Ninja Master.

    I am totally down for a Digital E3 in and around when the E3 Event would have been showing and if we could get Demos for us too Download n sample the games coming out etc, that would be great stuff.

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