EndNote iPad: Importing References Using the In-App Browser

EndNote iPad: Importing References Using the In-App Browser

EndNote on the iPad
Importing References Using the In-App Browser You can search and import references using the
in-app browser much like you can in EndNote on the desktop or
online. For this example I will import a set of references
from PubMed. Perform your search of the online database. Select your references. With PubMed, if I do not select any references it
will assume I want all references. Some of these references have free PDFs I can
download and attach to the EndNote record, such as this one. Tap the Free PMC Article link, then tap it again in the next screen. Tap the link for the PDF. A bar showing three options for what EndNote
can do with the PDF appears. Tap Download. You see a brief message that the download has
started. If you tap Done to return to the library screen
after downloading, you will see that Downloads now contains one
item. This is not a necessary step. Returning to the in-app browser I see it still
shows the same page. Tap the Back button until you return to the list of
references. Tap the Send to link to begin exporting the
references, then select Citation Manager. It is possible to export up to 200 references at a
time. I will export 20 for this example. Tap the Create File button. Once again a bar appears with a set of options. Tap Import to EndNote to import the references. Tap Yes to add the references to the EndNote
library. Tap Done to return to the library screen. The Unfiled group now contains 20 new
references. Tap the Action Item button. Tap Select All to select all the references, then tap the Move to… button. Tap My Groups to create a new group for this set
of references. Give the group a name and tap OK. The references are moved to the new group. To attach a file to a record, tap the record to open
it. Scroll to the end of the record and tap the plus
sign (+) under Attachments. Tap the plus sign (+) in the File Attachments list. There are options to add attachments from your
iPad photos, your EndNote downloads, or Dropbox. Select the Add from Downloads option. Tap the file you want to attach. It is added to the File Attachments field of the
EndNote record. Tap Reference Editor to move to the main
Reference Editor screen, then tap Save. Scroll to the end of the record again to see your
attachment. Tap the attachment to open it. Tap Library to return to the EndNote record.

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  1. is there an easier way? that's a lot of "taps"….

  2. This app is not worth, it freezes every 10 minutes. You should do something about this.

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