(eng)아이패드 사고싶어지는 영상! 아이패드로 다이어리 꾸미기 (굿노트, 프로크리에이트)

(eng)아이패드 사고싶어지는 영상! 아이패드로 다이어리 꾸미기 (굿노트, 프로크리에이트)

hello! i’m UG Today, I will teach you how to decorate your diary with my iPad. It’s my apple pencil. If I take off the case, It’s just an apple pencil. The puppy chewed my pencil. I’m going to decorate my diary now. I’ll make the canvas a screen size. Choose your favorite brush and put the grid in. Add layers Draw a line, and then push it down to make it straight. I’m going to make a border like this. I’m going to add another layer, and I’m Please make it as angled as possible. Next, tie it with a noose and set it apart. Add layers, and then do the same thing with the vertical line. I’m going to add a new layer, and I’m going to make a space for the date. I drew a line and erased the unnecessary parts. Now I’m going to merge with the layers below. monthly is done. You can make a copy of it. Write what month it is. Write the day and date of the week. I’ll keep the completed diary in my album. And it runs on good notes. Now, let’s write it down. I’m going to write it down from the day I think of it. The order is in a mess. I usually write it down in a gallery or a diary for my schedule. That day, my boyfriend went to the army. At that time, I ate sweet and sour chicken. It’s a competition class of nine to one. Those moments are included in the winter vacation Vlog, so come visit if you’re curious. I’m going to get the pictures from the gallery and use them as stickers. If you fold the border, it becomes a sticker. It’s my puppy’s birthday. Please use a highlighter on special days. Diaries are pretty when they’re complicated. It was a layered cut. looked pretty at the hair salon. Clean it up, or it’ll get messy. I like hand drawings like emoticons. I’ve never been to Taylor’s coffee before. be very delicious The friend I went with said it was delicious. There is a delicious pork cutlet restaurant in Hongdae. The line is shorter than other locations, so you should go there. I’ll clip the pictures for you. I didn’t like the location, so I adjusted it with a noose. Allowance Day (Highlighter because it’s an important day) I even drew a picture on the blank. This is my puppy. Please open the safari by the side. I’ll go into a site called Pinterest and find you stickers. Please find the picture you want. If you find the picture you want, drag it to the good note. Then it becomes a sticker. This sticker doesn’t fit, so I’ll cut the border off. You just have to repeat it over and over again. It’s easy. I found something better. Modification is possible infinitely. This is the completed February diary. The tone looks neat. It’s a combination of sky blue and black. If you enjoyed it, please like and subscribe and leave a lot of comments.

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  1. 아기자기 감성❣

  2. 헐••• 이렇게 아이패드 살 이유가 하나 더 생겼네욤,,, 월급 모아서 아이패드부터 장만해야겠어요… 다이어리 10년 살 돈 붓기ㅎ… 그나저나 남친 애칭 돼지감잨ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. 펜슬은 필기할 때 생펜슬인가요?

  4. 분명 아이패드로 유지님 영상을 보고있는데도 괜시리 아이패드 사고싶어지는 마음이 드네요 ㅎㅎ

  5. 아악 내 아이패드 배달 언제와ㅜㅜ애플 배송 너무 느린거ㅜ아녀?ㅠ

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