Eng)?아이패드7세대 언박싱 및 6세대와 간단 비교리뷰/랩씨 애플펜슬 스킨 이벤트?

Eng)?아이패드7세대 언박싱 및 6세대와 간단 비교리뷰/랩씨 애플펜슬 스킨 이벤트?

Hi! i’am oddlife 🙂 I’m going to do a review of the iPad 7th generation unboxing today. And I’ll compare it to the iPad 6th generation. The iPad Pro 2nd generation video I uploaded last year was good. So I prepared a video for the 7th generation of iPad today. There is also an event at the end of the video so please watch till the end The iPad 7th Gen is priced from 449,000 won. Components include an iPad, a cable and a 10w charger. Similar to the previous series, there is a home button and a camera on the front. At the top there is a power button and a microphone terminal. At the bottom is a speaker and a charging terminal. On the right is a volume key. I’ll explain what the iPad 6th and 7th have in common First, use the first generation Apple Pencil. It has the same A10 processor as the iPad 6th generation. It’s been released to A11 and A12, so I wonder why A10 processor is installed. Of course you can mount a higher processor. But the price goes up. The price is the biggest merits since it was released as a low-end type. I think that’s the difference between the iPad Pro and the iPad Air. If you’re not a heavy user like me, the iPad 7th Gen is a tablet that lets you experience the full power and performance of the iPad. Then I will tell you about the differences between the iPad 6th and 7th generations. IPad 6th generation price is 430,000 won The iPad 7th generation price is 449.000 won The price of 19,000 won was raised. The display is increased by 0.5 inches. IPad 6th Generation 9.7 inches, iPad 7th Generation 10.2 inches The display is larger, but the size of the bezel is reduced, making the design more beautiful. You can work in a more comfortable size when watching videos or doing paperwork. The bigger the LCD, the more merits it is because it’s not just watching video on the iPad. If you take a lot of notes, it’s best to choose at least a 10-inch tablet. 1g of ram was added from 2g to 3g. Of course, you could use multitasking in the sixth generation, If you use 3 or more programs, you can use it more smoothly in 7th generation. Video editing and rendering that required a higher specification was also possible. I did not play games, so I searched on the Internet and found that I could play high-end battleground games without difficulty. And smart keyboard can be used in 7th generation. While using the iPad Pro 2nd generation, the smart keyboard was used very well and the 7th generation smart keyboard was prepared. I will briefly explain the smart keyboard The smart keyboard does not need a separate power supply. No USB or Bluetooth connection is required. Just plug your iPad into the Smart Keyboard and you’re ready to go. It also has the function of a smart cover. The keypad is waterproof, making it easy to carry around. I also like the keyboard keys personally. With this update to ios13, the mouse can now be used. The mouse can also be used with a Bluetooth connection. The iPad isn’t a perfect replacement for a laptop, but the keyboard and mouse make it more productive. You can also use a smart cover to help protect your iPad. Inside is a soft cloth to prevent scratches on the liquid crystal. The iPad can be mounted at two angles. It can be used at low angles when taking notes and mounted at high angles when watching videos. Lastly, because it is a low-end product, there were some unfortunate things. It’s new, but it doesn’t support Truetone display like the iPad 6th generation. It wasn’t laminating as many expected. The laminating process removes the space between the screen and the liquid crystal. There was no great inconvenience when writing with an Apple pencil, but I felt the difference between being laminated and not. IPad 6th generation was a very good product, so I recommended a lot around And it was a product with high satisfaction. Lately, after the release of the iPad 7, there is nothing different from the iPad 6, the iPad 6 is the best. Display size increase, RAM increase, smart keyboard support And the iPad 7, which looks forward to Apple’s update for a longer time, might be a good fit for those looking to buy a new one. Recommended for those who want to use the iPad or for studying. Please note that ms office is charged for tablets larger than 10.1 inches, but students can use it for free. After over a year of using the iPad, I think it’s a good option for those who hesitate to buy it. The final product to be introduced is LABC’s Apple Pencil Skin. I reviewed it before, and this time, 157 new designs were released. I chose 10 designs that I like. I’ll attach one of these to the apple pencil I like the tree the most, so I’ll use this This time, skin design has been added, allowing for personalized customization. The sticker is so thin that it doesn’t get thicker. Apple Pencil is fully covered, so it is safe from scratch. When contaminated, it can be removed simply by wiping with tissue. Also in the last review video many people asked questions. Is it not sticky if you remove it right away? It is not sticky even if it is removed using 3m fabric. If you have any questions about the iPad, please leave a ripple below. I hope we can see you for a long time Thank you for watching the video today

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  68. bogata dracu

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