(Eng) 紐約生活 – 新iPAD, 架設背景幕, 水族館拍照, 日式咖啡廳 🐟

Hello, today I have a very important phone call to take So… It’s a bit early I’m going to get ready just finished a long phone call And then, today I will be unboxing The new iPad I bought I bought the iPad It’s just iPad Not iPad Pro nor iPad mini not iPad Air just iPad The 7th generation I bought the silver one Peeling off the screen protector and then it has my name engraved on it It’s super cloudy outside And it’s a charger and a manual aside from iPad I also bought Apple pencil I don’t know what generation this is 99 USD And iPad is 429USD I bought it online and picked up in store This should also be a manual The Pen is here what’s inside is I don’t really know what this is This is an alternative pencil tip This should be I don’t really know how this works I bought the basic one because I don’t really know much about electronics so.. so I thought so I bought the basic iPad Alright that’s it for the unboxing And then I’m going to open my package the place I live now doesn’t have a plain white wall for me to shoot There’s some stuff on the wall So I bought a backdrop and then So I could have a plain background or any color I like So I’m going to unbox it Alright so my backdrop has already been installed and I’m going to get ready to go out, today I am going to lots of places alright Hello I’m out and then I am after I walked to the subway station I realized the subway is not running today The line I’m taking, so I’m waiting for my Uber But it’s going to take 15 minutes and it has started to rain it’s like not so lucky finally on my Uber yeah you know I can’t put a mic on this it’s the most basic the mic for reception is here going to take pictures So I have a different shirt putted on going to the aquarium Pouring rain just left the aquarium and now pouring rain going to have desserts theres a bathroom I changed to a different outfit No one on the street it’s only 7 but theres no one on the street barbecue for dinner lights are out there’s something going on

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