(Eng Sub) iPad Pro Unbox on Day one! 首发开封!怪兽来袭,谁来挡?订阅关注后续视频

(Eng Sub) iPad Pro Unbox on Day one! 首发开封!怪兽来袭,谁来挡?订阅关注后续视频

这是一款iPad Air
This is an iPad Air 白色
White 这是一款 iPad Air 2
This is a iPad Air 2 白色
White 在几年前用的 iPhone 5
An iPhone 5 that I used few years ago 白色
White 然后今年的6S
Then this year’s iPhone 6S 白色
White 我想今年2015年是时候改变一下了
I think 2015 is the year to change this 所以我拿到的是 iPad Pro黑色版本
So I got a black iPad Pro 接下来我们拆封
Next let’s do the unboxing 看看它里面装了什么
To see what was inside it 一把黑色的剪刀
A black scissors 米哥等这一款 iPad等了一年
I have been waiting for this for this iPad for a year 足足一年
One full year 这是我本年度最期待的产品
This is my most anticipated product of the year 虽然很早就知道它是一个放大版的 iPad Air 2
Although it has long been known that it is a blown up version of the iPad Air 2 但它仅仅是放大版的 iPad Air 2吗?
But it is simply just a larger version of the iPad Air 2? 我觉得应该不至于
I don’t believe so 非常开心地能够这么快拿到它
So satisfied to be able to get it within such a short period of time 哇,打开之后呢,非常漂亮
Wow, after opening, it was very beautiful 漂亮至极
Extremely beautiful 因为这是米哥第一次用黑色平板
Because this is the first time using a black tablet iPad 哇
Wow. 哇
Wow. 哇,感觉拿起来好爽啊
Wow, feel good when you hold it ok,先放一边
Ok, put aside 然后我们可以看到这上面有一个iPad的充电器
Then we can see there is an iPad charger over here 还有一个非常……
There is also a very…… 这次的包装非常别致啊
The packaging is very unconventional 它的充电线我感觉要比以往结实一些
It seems its charging cable is somewhat more robust than before 这款充电线应该是一款新款充电线
This should be a new type of charging cable 我记得之前的充电线都非常非常脆弱
I remember way back charging cables are very, very fragile 也许,苹果终于听到我们用户的心声
Perhaps Apple has finally heard the voice of customers 把它改变
And made a change 然后这是说明书
Then this is the user manual 就非常非常简单
Very, very simple 然后我们看看底下还有什么东西吗
Let’s check what else underneath it 当然,是没有的
Of course, nothing 好了
Ok! 把它拿出来
Take it out 然后呢,这就是 iPad Pro
And then, here is the iPad Pro 这个放一边
Put this aside 非常非常开心可以拿到这个东西
I am very, very excited to get hold one of this 哇,好帅的苹果标志
Wow, so awesome Apple logo 这就是太空黑……还是太空灰?
This is the space black or space grey ……? 天哪
Oh Dear! 好……真的
Really good …… 之前总是在视频上看到
Like before you always see in other people’s videos 但是如果你现在真的把它拿到手上的话也会觉得它非常非常大
But if you now hold it in your hand, you will see it is even bigger than you thought 非常非常地大
Very, very big 但是呢今天
But for today iPad Pro 米哥为什么要每一年换一款iPad
So why am I switching iPad every year? 之前在做 iPad Air 的评测的时候
When I was doing the iPad Air reviews before 我当时就说Air,不是Air 2,我就说这款平板大概能用两三年
I had said that Air, not the Air 2, I could probably stay with this tablet for two or three years 确实,我依旧留着它
Indeed, I still keep it 后来为什么买iPad Air 2
Then why I bought iPad Air 2? 是因为我觉得它更薄
Because I think it thinner 然后效率更高
And more efficient 而且还有一个指纹识别
And there is a fingerprint sensor 我当时特别喜欢指纹识别
I was particularly fond of fingerprint sensors 米哥买这个iPad Pro 的原因之一主要是它很有可能替代我平时工作用的笔记本电脑
One of the reasons why I bought this iPad Pro is mainly because it is likely to replace the laptop I usually work with 所以说我是对它抱非常大的期望的
So there is some huge expectations of coming out of it iPad Pro如果你单纯地买到一款机子
iPad Pro, if you only buy a machine 而不买任何键盘的话
Without buying the keyboard 我觉得是一个非常大的损失
I think it is a very big feature loss 但是因为呢今天米哥去了苹果店问了之后店员说苹果键盘还不知道什么时候上市
But because when today I went to Apple Store and asked about the keyboard, the genius bar guys told me they are unsure about when the official keyboard will be available 我没有办法我只好买了一个替代产品
I had no way but buy a replacement product 但是这款替代产品
However, this alternative 这是一款罗技针对iPad Air的键盘
This is a Logitech keyboard targeted for iPad Air 但是当时米哥在买了这款键盘之后
I bought this keyboard 虽然它是一款full size keyboard
Although it is a full size keyboard 是一个全尺寸的
It is a full-size 但是用起来非常非常地别扭
However, with very awkward 首先它是蓝牙连接的,它必须充电
First, it is a Bluetooth connection, it needs to be charged 非常地麻烦
Very troublesome 然后,当时用的时候手必须这样去打
Then, when typing, you need to type like this 这样子,特别特别麻烦
This way, extremely troublesome 所以说米哥这一次换了一个罗技的新版
So this time I switched to a new version of Logitech 这个键盘叫做……
The keyboard is called …… 也是罗技为了苹果 iPad Pro 专门定制的一款叫做Create
Which Logitech tailored to iPad Pro called Create 我们先看一下这个键盘
Let’s check this keyboard out 因为我觉得iPad Pro的键盘是非常非常重要的一部分
Because I think the iPad Pro keyboard is very, very important component 之前我从来没有推荐过说大家买IPad Air要键盘
I’ve never recommended you guys to buy an iPad Air Keyboard 我觉得那种使用体验是怪怪的
I think that experience is strange 一种很奇怪的感觉
A very strange feeling 但是这次iPad Pro一定要配一款
But for iPad Pro, this is a must 我们可以看到这款键盘
We can see this keyboard 看起来这个颜色是正好匹配这个黑色版的iPad Pro
This seems to be exact matching color of the black iPad Pro 所以我就把它搭上去
So I’ll go hook it up 这怎么搭呢
But how to hook it though 搭上去之后大概就这个样子
This is roughly how it looks after it’s connected 非常非常地酷
Very, very cool 让我想起了最近在使用的Surface Book
It reminds me of the recent use of Surface Book 所以这就是iPad Pro搭了键盘之后
So after iPad Pro is equipped with keyboard 可不可以成为一款笔记本
Can it serve as a notebook? 那么iPad Pro使用体验到底如何
So how iPad Pro experience will be? 我们在下期视频当中我们再聊一聊
Tune in next time, we will discuss about that 因为米哥一定要在使用体验之后我才能告诉你们
Since I have to fully experience it and then tell you guys how it performs 现在还没有办法告诉你们
There is no way to tell you at the moment 所以说记得订阅我的视频
So remember to subscribe to my channel 一定要订阅
Be sure to subscribe 然后关注下一期的iPad Pro的使用体验
Then follow the next episode for iPad Pro hands-on experience 非常非常关键
Very, very important 好了,我们在这里就要说再见了
Well, Peace out guys 我们在下一期节目再见
See you in the next episode 拜拜

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