Essential djay Hotkeys Using The iPad Pro Smart Keyboard – DJ Tutorial

Essential djay Hotkeys Using The iPad Pro Smart Keyboard – DJ Tutorial

– One of the most awesome
things about djay for iOS is that it’s got an intuitive
and slick interface. Everything is just so crisp, so clear. It makes spinning using your fingers and a touchscreen, very, very easy. But did you know that if
you’re using an iPad Pro you can get the Smart Keyboard attachment, you can connect it and you can get access to essential keyboard commands. So in this video, I’m
going to show you some of those essential keystrokes. And towards the end I’m going to show you how you can access all
of the available hotkeys using the keyboard. Let’s get to it. Alright, so I’ve got DJ running
over here in my iPad Pro, I’ve got my keyboard attached. And now I’m going to show you a couple of essential shortcuts
that you should want to use while you’re spinning. First up, you probably want to know, “Hey, how can I scan through a playlist or create that I’ve got in here?” Well, yeah, you can use
your finger just like that. But if you want to use the keyboard, in order to do that, you just need to use the up and down arrows. So down, goes down and
up, moves the selector up. And let’s say we want to load
a track on the deck again. You can just drag and
drop it using your finger but again if you want to use the keyboard makes it a little bit faster sometimes you can just use the
left and right arrow keys pressing the left arrow key moves it to the left deck right loads a track over onto the right deck so let’s try that right now. I’m going to try loading this song. There we go, and that automatically plays and let’s try loading another track over here on the right. Let’s try this one. There we go, now these are both playing and I’ve got my crossfader set all the way to the left. Now let’s say I want to add a hot cue All I got to do is to press
the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 over here on the left deck or the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9
over here on the right deck. So let’s just stop both these tracks first. You can play or pause either deck just by pressing the
spacebar just like that but let’s just move back to the beginning and let’s say I want to
add a hot cue over here move it over there and I
just press number one and now I’ve got a hot cue over there. It’s good to go. I just press it again if I want to jump back just like that if want to add another one press another hot cue button and now I can jump in between
the hot cues, super easy. And for the right deck, let’s try to move the crossfader
all the way to the right to the very beginning over here. Now let’s say I want to a add cue here at the beginning, just press number 6, that’s the first cue. Spacebar, now let’s add another one, 7 and 8, 9 and so on. Now you’re probably wondering “Hey, how come when Joey
pressed up spacebar deck 2 played a while ago it was deck 1?” Well it depends on the
context of what you’re doing. If you were doing something in deck 2, pressing the spacebar will stop or start that deck and if you’re
doing something in deck 1, it will start or stop that deck. So let’s move to the first hot cue. I’m going to press play here and let’s say I want to add a loop. Adding an Auto Loop is super easy, just press A to add a Auto Loop over here on the left deck, like that. And if you want to double
the length of the Auto Loop just press the Option button
and press the letter D. This doubles it. You can halve it by pressing Option + S. Smaller and smaller just like that. And if you want to disengage the Auto Loop just press A again, right. Now for deck number 2, if
you want to engage a loop just press letter L. And if you want to double
it, put Option + K. And if you want to halve it Option + J. So you can use this for creating EDM style or future house buildups. Again to disengage, just press L again. There you go, super super easy. Alright, so let’s say we
want to try doing a mix. So we want to move from the right deck over onto the left deck. Of course I can just drag
my finger along the crossfader over here to move that fader
from the right to the left, but you can also use the Smart Keyboard in order to do that, so try playing this. Go and I’m going to to
sync up the left deck over with what we’ve got
currently playing on the right. Press sync. Okay, now I am going to hit play. There we are, and then
now I can press Option and I can press the left arrow to move the crossfader incrementally
from the right to the left. I can also hold it down
so it moves like that. If I wanted to be a little bit smoother, I can hold down the Option button as well as the Command button and
press the right arrow key. That’s going to move it all the way to the right little by little, but I don’t have to hold down on the right arrow key anymore. So there you go. Different
styles of crossfading, depending on the speed with which you want to fade from one deck to another. Again, you can just simply
swipe your finger like that. But yeah, so this is more
for giving you options when you don’t want to have to go to the touchscreen in order to do that. Right, so I just showed you
a couple of essentials there, showed you how to start or
stop a take by using spacebar also showed you hot cues
for the left deck and the right deck by using the numberpad over here at the top. I showed you Auto Loops using
a A, S, D for the left deck and L, K, J for the right deck. And also showed you how to work a crossfader using the
arrow keys over here. And of course, to browse
your playlist using the arrow keys as well. But there are tonnes of
other keyboard shortcuts that you can use, and
in order to view them all you got to do is to
press the Command button over here on keyboard, hold it
for a couple of seconds. And this little window shows up and this now shows you all of the available keyboard shortcuts. So you’ve got tonnes here,
you can set the grids, you can do, you know, you
can jump to start points if you like and set start points and you can even match
the keys of the two songs if you want to do some harmonic mixing. And you’ve also got, you know all of the reset slider commands over here, you can do some brake transitions if you want to emulate
like a turntable stopping and you can also change the tempo of the decks incrementally just by using the keyboard as well. So again, in order to access this, just press and hold on the Command button over in the keyboard,
and this window pops up showing you all the
available hotkeys for djay. So that’s it for this
Tips & Tricks video. Let me know if you’ve been
spinning with DJ for iOS. Let me know how you spin with it. Whether you use it with
like a DJ splitter cable, do you use it with a DJ controller like the Reloop Mixon 4 or the Beatpad 2, or you just use it all on its own. Let me know in the
comments, I’d love to know. So don’t forget to like,
share and subscribe. Now get good, get out
there and make the moments.

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