Evernote loses 15% of workforce, Inbox Shutdown, iOS 12 Shortcuts and more…

Evernote loses 15% of workforce, Inbox Shutdown, iOS 12 Shortcuts and more…

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Software Pulse This is the weekly news segment all about the latest software and updates that have been released in the market So I really apologize before we begin if I sound a little under the weather I’ve not been feeling very well the last two or three days so my voice might be a bit hoarse So guys just before we dive in a huge thanks to our sponsor this week Which is Hive, Hive, for those who don’t know, is a project management resource I’ve included a full tutorial to the project manager below You can check it out and also get 25% off your first 12 months with the coupon code keep productive So feel free to check that one out guys a huge. Thanks to those guys for sponsoring this week So let’s dive in guys The first of this week’s news is ever don’t again now obviously I did this week a feature about Evernote death spiral specifically the TechCrunch article there was Looming around the internet but a couple more pieces have come out since one piece in particular Leaked some of the job losses that have happened to Evernote according to this article 15 one five percent of the work force Has been dropped which equates to 54 jobs at Evernote now the CEO has made a statement sort of outlining why this has happened so I include both links in description But again, this doesn’t really play very well as they sort of get this bad news cycle out of the way I am almost finished on the ever no subscriptions video probably reposted Monday or Tuesday So moving on to the next news very sad news again. Another email application has gone Well, almost gone Gmail inbox March 2019 It will be dying Gmail have decided that this experiment is four year experiment is now over This is something that I sort of hand in the back of my head. Anyway, slowly in the latest released of Gmail they obviously included a lot of features like snooze and And a couple of the visual features the inbox hand and now inbox doesn’t really have that much relevance So of course, although it is sad to see it go It will be going in March 2019 suggests to let you know in other news Mac poor have also released Clean my Mac X. This is the 10th anniversary of Mac paw and they are celebrating with the X edition their notes has also released a brand new edition their 1.6. This is one of their most recent updates and it’s quite exciting literally release the other day it includes some of the series shortcuts which will be speaking about near the end of this video quick navigation for your iPhone and I pants dark mode for when mojave launches on Mac and Also a few more Pro films as well as tank cons and a few more exciting things So Microsoft to do is really trying to work in a few updates I saw a couple of Android releases, but they’ve also pushed out the web edition a brand new looking web edition It don’t look long clean I’d say but again not really huge amount of changes here again I think they need a few more features until they are are in the ballpark of the likes of to do is take take or Some of the other big ones so you’re probably wondering to do is to dark mode. When can I get it? I believe the due date to launch is Tuesday the 25th So next week, which is quite exciting. You can get dark mode available on iOS Android and pretty much every other device It’ll roll out and I’ve got an article waiting I’ll have an article waiting on key productive vlog if you’re looking at a work out how to activate. So guys Notion notion have released a smaller update. I believe it’s at 1.7, but they haven’t actually put the number out on their blog Basically, it focuses on the relations in the database allowing you to connect up important databases and make it a bit more interactive When you’re planning out stuff visually, they’ve also introduced page locks, which is very helpful in case you’re sharing new things So for example if you don’t want anyone to edit it Or you just want it to be a static page then you can do so that actually makes a lot of sense They’ve also introduced a host of new code block languages as well as the ability to improve the view on hidden column boards Inside of notion. So guys, of course, we know that iOS 12 result was released this week. I believe it was Monday or Tuesday I can’t really remember now. They don’t blend in and one run of it So I do have the video coming about the iOS 12 productivity features some of the smaller things they’ve added it’s more of what people saying as a Sort of speedier update so they focused on their sort of stability at the platform But I will be doing a feature on on shortcuts include the video that Christopher lolli me and him are doing in : very soon has done on shortcuts. It’s literally being posted I’m not really watched yet. But now I trust Christopher’s fantastic opinion so I’m gonna put it in the cards above you they’ll probably pop up someone I will also be bringing in a zapier or zapier I could Depends on how you say an expert very soon to be doing a feature all about how to set up your own process there So guys a few final updates any do have launched a few new look changes This wasn’t really publicly put out to some extent. They obviously released it through the app updates and things like that But again, this is a really nice addition to the na-do platform I will be doing a refreshed review of any do very very soon on the channel So do stay tuned if you want to know all of the lovely updates so Newton for those who know know is closing next week later next week It’s gonna be a very sad day mainly because you know for me I worked with the Newton team for two years amazing product Amazing team, but naturally it will be closing down so if you’re looking for Newton alternatives Feel free to check out the blog as well as the video of them and finally although slightly not productive or productivity app focused Headspace have a new edition called sleep sleep. My headspace will be a way for you to listen to stories calming Audio before you go to bed and that’s a nice addition I think there’s a lot of these sleeping apps and they can really help you to calm yourself before you go to sleep Anyway guys huge. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed this week’s news So let me know in the comments, but are missed anything Obviously the house perhaps should have been quite a lot recently and I hope you were like in the two week breaks Between these because it obviously makes the software pulse a lot more exciting Anyway, guys, I apologize for my voice being a bit croaky a big big Thank you to honey for sponsoring this week here on the Keep Productive YouTube channel So we’re gonna be back next month as well with the sponsor their response to this particularly close to my heart So I hope you guys find that one. Very interesting. Anyway guys a big big. Thank you for stopping by today Make sure to have a great week Keep Productive and I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers

24 thoughts on “Evernote loses 15% of workforce, Inbox Shutdown, iOS 12 Shortcuts and more…

  1. This week's news was PACKED!
    Let us know in the comments your thoughts!

    I'm getting through the comments slowly guys, the Evernote video exploded so I've got a lot of backlog aha!

  2. TLDR ?
    – Evernote loses 15% of staff (54 jobs): https://tcrn.ch/2ppV7TV
    – Google Inbox shutdown set for March 2019: http://bit.ly/2O4MQCO
    – CleanMyMac X launches on Setapp + MacOS: http://bit.ly/2OHwVaT
    – Bear 1.6 introduces Quick Nav, Shortcuts + more: http://bit.ly/2QIxD94
    – Microsoft To-Do revamps Web Edition: https://todo.microsoft.com
    – Todoist to launch Dark Mode on Sept 25th: http://bit.ly/2PTQfBH
    – Notion adds Database relations, Page locks + more: http://bit.ly/2DklHYy
    – iOS 12 overview: https://apple.co/2Dk2Mgt
    – Shortcuts (iOS12) by Chris: http://bit.ly/2MQcOFF
    – Any.Do's new look: http://any.do
    – Newton Shutdown: http://bit.ly/2MTTqrv
    – Sleep by Headspace: http://bit.ly/2OH0tFz

  3. Hi Francesco, this year I decided to manage my personal life and job with less paper as possible. To achieve this I have been using Evernote and Todoist. And I am very satisfied so far. But with this Evernote rumors, the possibility to disappear, I became worried and I think I should find out some way to back up my datas. What do you think? Nice weekend and hope you recover quickly.

  4. Evernote upgraded the Windows app and all I got was a bright orange upgrade button that I cannot get rid of. They appear so desperate. I love their product but they are pushy. And, by the way, I'm already on the $3.99 plan, so it's not like I'm a freeloader. I'm already paying them and they still make me deal with advertisements for the product I'm already using.

  5. I missed Pulse !! Glad it is back

  6. I can’t believe inbox is shutting down. I still much prefer it because it displays attachments much better and is less cluttered than gmail.

  7. Thank you for the mention! Great video!

  8. Great info…..love this channel…..always look forward to the next one – good to see these news items….. Cheers

  9. Really wish people would stop talking “Evernote death spiral”… all that does is scare people, push them away and of course, could very well make it a reality. Yes, I wish Evernote would make some changes to give us a refreshed look – BUT that being said, there is nothing coming close to what Evernote currently does. With over 40,000 notes in my system, I’m concerned, and yes looked at alternatives. But Evernote does things quite well all things considered!

  10. When will G+ die?

  11. This is why I don’t trust many Google apps because they just kill it whenever. Gmail, Drive/Docs and Photos seem to be the main that will stick around. I won’t touch almost anything else.

  12. Literally transferred from OneNote to Evernote 6 weeks ago, spent every evening uploading, organising………..I need cake!

  13. Thanks for the good update. Your opinions are clearly stated and fairly presented. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  14. You did not mention TickTick for iOS was just updated to 4.6 with a new look. It has more of a Things 3 feel to me.

  15. Sad times for Evernote. Such a shame that things are going sour for those guys, but the lack of innovation and imagination seems to have made them stand still whilst others move forward. I can anticipate that, like many others, I’ll be moving my stuff elsewhere soon.

    Hope you feel better soon F!

  16. Did the good folks at Google announce that Inbox was a four year experiment when it was launched?

    It would be rather difficult to base a Productivity system on Google!

    What to make of turmoil that Evernote is going through? Is it time to pack up or to jump the fence to other pastures like Notion.

  17. Any major reason that makes people doesn't use Evernote anymore? Or any serious competitor? I could think of Bear, Notion, Dropbox Paper.

  18. I really like your videos ?

  19. Evernote got greedy. No one wants subscription based payment. If we buy an app, we should have the option to actually buy it not just rent it. Haven’t touched evernote for years after I ditched it when they moved to subscription and crippled their free service.

    I used the free service but would have been willing to pay a onetime payment option.

  20. I am completely underwhelmed with MS To Do. As I understand it, the guy who developed the 2Day app was hired by Microsoft to basically re-develop his app for them. 2Day is so awesome, it has Kanban like functionality where you can see all your tasks on separate lists, all at the same time but it is a simpler, cleaner look than Trello or Wunderlist. All you can do with To Do is look. at. one. list. at. a. time. – totally useless. I can't plan unless I can see all my tasks at once.

  21. I've been using Inbox since it was released. It's blunding system is great. I can't believe they're going to shut it down.

  22. 한국어도 번역해줘요

  23. Evernote SUCK!

  24. Arrogance has gotten the best of Evernote. Years of rebuffing people who asked for improvement and change! The culture at the company must be quite static.

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