Everything Wrong With The iPhone

Everything Wrong With The iPhone

– [Antonio] It’s been 11 years since the very first iPhone has launched and the iPhone has improved
tremendously over that time. However, there are a few
things that still bother me, that just sort of don’t really make sense. The cables. Let’s start with the cables. The new iPhones come with
Lightning charging cables. Now, the weird thing is, only the iPhone and iPad
use the Lightning cable. It doesn’t work with anything else. Whereas, for example, a USB-C cable, that works with a lot of things. And the other weird thing is, the USB cable doesn’t plug
into the new MacBook Pros. I have an iPhone and out of the box, I cannot plug it into
the new MacBook Pros. To me, this is absolutely nuts. It’s mind-boggling. Okay, this is an old one by now. The iPhones do not have a headphone jack. To be fair, not all of the Android phones have headphone jacks. Looking at you, Google, and your Pixel 2s. Say you’ve got wired
headphones, what do you do? Well, you use the dongle, right? Okay, so, dongle. You lose a dongle, you
gotta buy the dongle again. Say you wanted to charge your phone, while also listening to music. Also, not possible right? Unless you’ve got Bluetooth headphones, but if you have wired headphones, you can’t charge your
iPhone and listen to music at the same time. You’ve gotta buy another type of dongle, some sort of adapter. And that’s just not a
great experience, right? Let’s talk about fast charging. Finally, wow! It came
with the iPhone, finally. The thing is, though, if
you want fast charging with the iPhone, you gotta
go out and buy more stuff. You gotta buy a whole new
cable, at the very least. And then, you gotta buy
a special kind of brick. Extra cost, extra things,
more wires, more cables. Meanwhile, the cheapest of
cheap Android smartphones come with some kind of fast charging. The Moto G6 for example, $250 smartphone. It comes included with
a fast charging brick. Now, it’s not really consumer friendly when you offer a feature
but it also involves buying lots of other things
for using that feature. Let’s move on to iOS for a little bit and I want to talk about default apps and your choice, basically. What kind of choice you
have as an iOS user. Let’s take email for example. So, you click the email link
and it takes you to Mail, even though you have Gmail and that’s your preferred email app. Well, when someone sends you,
say, a link to a website, and you tap it, your iPhone
will take you to Safari, even if you prefer using Chrome. I feel like I should be
able to set whatever app I like for emails or anything. Something that a lot of
Apple people complain about with Android phones is it
comes with all this bloatware, all the bloatware, all the apps, and too many apps, and all that stuff. And to a certain extent, that’s true on certain phones, absolutely. But, hey, you know what, actually the iPhone has a bunch of apps too, that you can consider bloatware. The Watch app, TV app
is there, the Home app – what if you don’t have a smart home? I mean there’s a lot of
bloatware here, right? This is bloatware. Keynote, you know, when are you gonna do a presentation on your phone? Android is just more efficient
with the way you use it. It’s just smarter, it’s
just like a better design. Say I wanna go into
the Bluetooth settings, change something, switch to a new device, pair with a new device, I have
to go into the Settings app. I’ve gotta find Bluetooth
here, and finally, eventually get to Bluetooth. But with Android, you know,
it’s a quick swipe down and hard tap on the Bluetooth
icon and you’re there. It’s not hard, I’m not saying
this is like some crazy, terribly designed user interface. It’s just harder than Android. There’s no such thing as a perfect device. At the end of the day, it just depends on what
kind of user you are. But, if you want a
little bit more control, if you like to customize more,
Android is probably for you. But, if you’re perfectly
happy on your iPhone then, hey, stick with iPhone. Or, can I move?

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  1. It seems to be doing very well, it looks like a well-made and sturdy product, www.amazon.com/dp/B07XC9VGTG

  2. I’m done with iPhone forever. I’m getting an S8. With that, my life will change forever!! Woooooooo 🥳

  3. Idc I’ll keep my iPhone boo your just jealous that other people have apple products and ur traying to make an excuse about lol

  4. The charging while using headphones is definitely a problem.. my fix was to put the phone on the type of wireless charger that props your phone up and use headphones with that 🙂

  5. People hate the 3 cameras xd

  6. Everything wrong with an iphone


  7. Everything

  8. android users laughing in the background

  9. The drive behind apple is that it is expensive, people want to flaunt money and therefore buy it as a “status symbol” you would never pay 100$+ for a white tee with a red brick on it, but here supreme is selling them like hot cakes, it’s all about people who are desperate to impress others

  10. why is apple so overpriced and most ppl make fun of android

  11. My thing with Apple is the users thinking they're wayyyy better, richer humans than android users. I know everyone doesn't do this, but it makes me uncomfortable with a phone I'm comfortable with. Why get made fun of because of your choice in phone?

  12. Im so happy im a fan of samsung and i have an android 😄

  13. iOS 13?

  14. Their dongles are too short

    If you know what I mean

  15. IPhone 8 removes headphone jacks

    IPhone 12 removes charging port so you need to Spend more money on a wireless charger

    Iphone 19 removes every button so you need to buy an extra remote to control your phone

  16. you can 3d tap bluetooth on iphone then it will bring up a bluetooth menu..

  17. So all you did was complain that technology is getting better and getting rid of the old.

  18. i dont think he likes iphones

  19. Sees Reddit,

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well


  21. Complain, complain and complain.

  22. my galaxy s6 has been perfect for the 4 years ive had it, my sister just got an iphone 6 and it constantly lags cuz of no updates, my s6 is fine with no updates no lagging or glitching at all

  23. Apple is fine but iPhones make no sense

  24. But were the headphone jack at?

  25. I like how he didn’t just swipe up

  26. watching this on my s8+

    while charging with wired headphones

    suck it iphone

  27. Apple sucks .

  28. Even the iphone display is made by Samsung so apple sucks .

  29. I've got a $15 dollar phone with free data and service. Its better than every apple up to the iPhone 6

  30. the likes are from the broke android users

  31. Lightning is in all the iOS products or newer iOS products

  32. Your also wrong with the Bluetooth thing aswell, go to the control centre, hold on Bluetooth click settings and book your on Bluetooth settings

  33. 3:09 well you could just swipe up and click on the bluetooth button but ok

  34. This guy is stupid he needs to do proper research because you can easily turn on Bluetooth by swiping up just like Android. He clearly hasn’t used Apple before

  35. Watching this on my iPad…

    …With airpods in…

    …On charge…

    …With my iPhone 7 besides me…

    …Also on charge…

    …Next to my Apple TV…

    …And my MacBook Air…

  36. Wait, he said that you could just swipe down to get bluetooth working on android, but cant you also do that with ios??

  37. I like my security





  42. bundica all games are in i[phone more then android everyone sya that bundica


  44. When Apple removed the headphone jack they made new headphones

  45. apple is still better than android

  46. Casually laying here with my android divices. Listening with headphones plugged in and charging. Y'know just enjoying the android life.

  47. Apple is better then andoid 😂lots of this stuff is not even true

  48. the disslikes are diehard iphone fanboys XD

  49. All the 3k like are iPhone fanboys/famgirls

  50. So I have an iPhone XR rn and my dad is making me buy a new phone for myself whilst he uses the XR. He gave me a budget of £150 compared to an iPhone XR which is £750

  51. oh my god, you have to make 2 extra 3 inch movements with your finger. I have to switch to android now it's just to much work to make those 2 extra swipes.

  52. I phones do have head phone jacks i have one

  53. Um you can do the same thing with blue tooth and other stuff you just go to control center and edit what you can swipe up and click let’s say low power mode

  54. For bluetooth you can swipe down on top right and BlUETOOTH button

  55. sorry dog you mentioned android…i dont speak poor.

  56. Watching this on my iPhone 10

    With headphones

    Not charging

    The battery lasts long enough in my case

    I think it’s a good phone

    Goodnight sweet peeps

  57. 2:45 the watch app is only a necessity if you have an Apple Watch like me if you don’t just delete it plus it’s only 2,6 mega bytes

  58. Hriday Gohel same

    Bye bye headphones jack
    Now you have to pay for a jack lol 💰💵

  59. That moment when you can hard tap the Bluetooth icon and it does take you to settings on iPhone

  60. Watching this a year later with my AirPods with wireless charging

  61. the reviews of the dongels

  62. And people dare to tell me phones without headphone jack are better, while companies are shoveling bluetooth headphones down their throat.

  63. Ive been an android user for the last of the years because i prefer it that way and i believe its far more user friendly and i really regretted being an ios user

  64. Samsung is so much better like srsly

  65. All Apple losers/fanboys rushed to dislike this video. Totally lame!

  66. Ever heard about wireless charging

  67. Going through comments hoping to find a bunch of angry cracked iPhone users but all I can find is android users or apple users who agree with the truth….damn I wanted to talk smack with a angry apple user😔

  68. You look like Neville Longbottom from harry potter

  69. The lighting cable works with the AirPods so your wrong

  70. This guy is very dumb. Does he even know about “ the settings”

  71. Yeah, I wonder how many pre-installed bloatware apps you can remove from your Android phone without rooting it? I mean, you won't use Google Play Music, but it's still there, meanwhile you can freely uninstall Home, Watch, even S t o n k s app from your iPhone and reinstall them whenever you'll need them. Hence why the point of bloatware apps on iOS is worthless.

  72. The worst thing about it is being a thing apple sucks!

  73. More like:*Everything wrong with Iphones Teaser trailer*

  74. I like Apples design way better.
    Also my Android got way too many spam calls.

  75. They got blow ware on android but at least you can remove it🙄

  76. apple is apple ok theres nothing wrong its u whats wrong u have no contentment as long as u can do simple thimgs u must be ok so that ull not be strresed out

  77. 1:45 I have a motorola G-6. Bought it for $165, perhaps the greatest phone I've ever used.
    Best battery life ever, super fast free charging (full charge in under an hour), and quite durable too.

  78. sponsored by google

  79. The only thing wrong with the iPhone is the lack of USB-C and that some still have LCD instead of OLED/MicroLED

  80. Everything is Wrong about Iphone,I don't even think it should exist.Coming from a person that uses iphon

  81. My mums android has a cable where u can switch everything from one phone to the other and my iPhone can’t do that 😭

  82. But apple worth my money in terms of quality.

  83. So basically nothing is wrong with the iPhone?
    None of your examples were actually true.
    You're either a liar or extremely incompetent, or maybe you're an incompetent liar?

  84. I think the title should be:

    Everything IS wrong with the iPhone

  85. Here at 666K views.

  86. Samsung Galaxy A20e – only £170, with fast charging brick included in the box, tiny notch unlike Apple’s massive one, facial recognition and better battery than the iPhone 🤷🏽‍♂️

  87. Honestly Apple is gonna likely stay successful it’s about the flex lmao not about no driod just saying apple overalls looks better

  88. Double dongle ,get an off brand. Moto g6 is shit. Disable mail. DISABLE THE APPS. Yes iphone is a quick swipe up. GET UR RESURCH nob

  89. Correction: EVERYTHING is wrong with apple

  90. Garage Band is STUPID

  91. I think these phones are terrible and extremely overpriced. It's just like clothes. People buy these phones for the name. They are more expensive, do less, and are more restrictive than other brands.

  92. It sucks that most Police departments use these. I hate iPhones, but am not biased. My work phone is an iPhone (sadly). I prefer my S8 more than that garbage iPhone.

  93. I bet you don’t have airpods

  94. 1, why would a MacBook handle such tiny power from something that powers a phone, a laptop would need lots of power…
    2, ok, I agree on you with this one, no headphone jack blah blah blah, but one thing you can do is have Bluetooth headphones connected e.g. airpods, and have your phone charge…
    3, you can buy a fast charging with usb.. but for big ones, yeah you need this and this, but I think buying fast charging from other companies would be much better….
    4, on google chrome, you can change that, settings—> content settings and change that bad boy to whatever you want, most apps for emails have this too….
    5. I don’t know what to say to you, don’t want it? Delete it! Easy Peasy!…
    6. The Bluetooth thing finally came on iOS 13. So yea
    That’s the end of it, some things you said were true, but some were just right in front of you, the answer is just right there.
    And Fin.

  95. I want to switch to a samsung a20e, do you recommend it? I literally have no idea of what phone should i switch to, please help

  96. Another thing that bothers me the most, is that they break SO FRICKING EASILY! You could legit accidentally drop it slightly on the floor, then BOOM broken. I dropped my Samsung WHILE RIDING A BIKE once, and it only got some invisible scratches that u can hardly see.

  97. The apple is incomplete, they want to suck us all to complete it

  98. I would use a adapter that clips on with lightning it has a lightning charger and 3.5 mm headphone jack

  99. Title: Everything wrong with the iphone

    Me: The f*cking price

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