Everything You Need to Know: All-New Reminders in iOS 13

Everything You Need to Know: All-New Reminders in iOS 13

But what we really went deep is with reminders we’ve completely Reinvented the app rewriting it from the ground up Hello everyone and welcome back to the keep productive YouTube channel on today’s future We’re taking a look at the new iOS 13 reminders application app or at the latest WWDC Developer conference have released a fresh new design Into their application and a few new features in today’s feature We’re going to be taking a look at how Apple’s made it more intelligent and more intuitive Making a look at what’s new with the all-new? reminders app If you are brand new here welcome, this is keep it up to YouTube channel Make sure to hit subscribe if you want regular features all about productivity software and resources so for those who don’t know Apple this week and their WWDC conference, they normally have this in June it’s a software conference where all of the latest software and updates come for Apple developers now they released iOS 13 now iOS 13 is packed with a bunch of features and including a full redesign of the reminders application Now iOS reminders hasn’t changed much in the last couple of years So this change comes at a great time for Apple something. I’d like to mention before we dive into this review And what does such a good job of improving reminders this year in terms of making it actually a good? standout competitor to the likes of other applications I will be recommending it where it fits along other applications near the end of this video. Ok So what’s new with Apple reminders? Let’s start with the home page You have this hub like experience on the Apple reminders home page in iOS 13, and it does look great Now it does look a little bit like another application that is very popular in the Apple store called OmniFocus 3 It has this sort of four quartiles with list below the full quartiles include today Sheduled flag and also all what you’ll also get with iOS 13 is dark mode They’ve made this available consistently across the platform and it make the application look rather brilliant Now, of course, you’ll be able to and reminders like in traditional fashion but one of the killer features is that you can create lists that are Smart lists so you can invite other people to these lists based on person and even tag people as well I’ll get into some of the advanced features like be Siri enabled suggestions later on but as you can imagine Apples done a great job here whenever you go to add a reminder You can add a little bit more context to it like for example a location a time and also an activity and in this case you could say anything from getting in the car to leaving work and it will be able to detect that inside of the Intelligent input like feature. So for example, if you would put something like buy milk every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m It will automatically detect that and be able to remind you in advance Now this is something we haven’t seen event board reminders and it definitely gives it a big boost so what you can do now in reminders is create one large reminder and that’s by simply dragging a Smaller task or reminder below a task. And this allows you to create almost subtasks under your reminder This is a perfect action to perform inside of lists in case you’re packing or doing something big like that Now Apple have done a good job at giving you a lot of customization options with all of the lists so you create and you can share you can add twelve beautiful colors and sixty expressive list icons which allows you to design the lists in a whole different way and this is something a lot of people will Find valuable then when it comes to adding tasks so you don’t actually just have to add tasks you can add locations Reminders and also images as well so for example If you’ve taken a photo and you want to add it as a reminder specifically you will be able to do that So when it comes to capturing stuff they’ve added this thing called the quick toolbar and this apparently will be accessible above the keyboard Allowing you to capture absolutely anything from an image to a location or even a message from a friend it’s all accessible through this and one of the great things is if you have a specific reminder that you wanted to associate to a person your contacts list you’ll be able to do that and whenever you open the Application and you’re talking to someone it will remind you at that period of time so that you can weave it into that conversation Now this is a really neat feature and I see this actually being used quite a lot because I see there’s a sort of disconnect between productivity and socialness and I think this will fix that problem and if you tag a person in a reminder Well next time you’re in a messages conversation, you’ll automatically get a notification Letting them know that now is time to talk. It’s really handy So Siri will obviously be a big part of the reminders application It will pull in from maps from your calendar and email giving you reminders based on those experiences now I don’t know whether a lot of you guys on iOS 12 users But I’ve noticed this especially the series suggestions are getting even better sometimes in the evening you’ll give a reminder to even just set the alarm at the time I’d normally do and It saves a bit of time and I think reminders will have a huge part in that Play now from the information they’ve made available You can add attachments not only photos but apparently documents links and also scans as well to set as a reminder and this is something that they haven’t really Clarified but probably will be rolling out as we reach September so now to Obviously who we recommend this for now who I’d say this typically is best for is the notes Users those who want to stay in the appo week Apple ecosystem Who use iCloud who want to be able to have a simplicity application the house ability is connected to your Apple devices Now this is gonna look great on the iPad with the new iPad OS so it’s obviously going to be rolling out in September so make sure to check it out. But what I would say is this is actually Apple’s take on trying to compete with Microsoft adieu and when it is available, I probably will put them head-to-head Because this is slowly creeping up on that territory now, it does a little bit more than I’d say the likes of Google Tasks But this is perfect for anyone that wants a lightweight house manager It doesn’t want the complication of getting it to do is store ticktick like application or they don’t need that complexity in their everyday routine So going I applaud you to check out the articles below and obviously the videos that we reference here in this feature and of course if you want to learn more about the Apple event, you can go to apple.com slash iOS 13 I think it is I’ll include all the links and resources that I’ve had in description below and if we go as if you were brand new here and You wanted to check out what you were learning about all the new reminders. Welcome to keep productive it is great to have you please do hit subscribe like this video if you enjoyed it and share your comments below about what you Think the new riders will be able to do for you in terms of your day-to-day productivity. It’ll be really great And thank you so much for stopping by today come and join us and keep it up tip I’ll see you guys very very soon. Cheers everyone

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