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>>Wade: Hi, I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA
project at Easter Seals Crossroads in Indiana.You know
in a recent filming, we took a look at the issue of the
fact that there is tons and tons of mobile devices these days,
but a lot of them require audio output, speech or sounds of those kinds
of things. Sometimes those tiny devices have tiny, little speakers.
So, in this recent video, we took a look at better
options to make those devices a little bit louder.>>Wade: So, in a tech tip, not too long ago,
we talked about “Verbally” which is an augmentative communication application
for the ipad. And, I’ve got that running on the screen now.
If you’ll look, if I tell it to talk,>>Ipad: I use this ipad for speech.>>Wade: It does a good job of that but inherently,
these kind of devices like the ipad don’t have very loud
speakers, which is where these things come in. This is a product
called “Tweakers” and Tweakers if very compact. You can see
they fold up into just a little compact arrangement like that.
You use one of these retractable cords to connect the two
speakers together. The other retractable cord goes into your
ipad, ipod, MP3 player, any other device that you want to have sound.
Then you…>>Ipad: I use this ipad for speech.>>Wade: …will listen that you get a lot
louder sound out of speakers like this. So, for a hard wired solution
that you need to have speakers that are portable and connected,
Tweakers are a good option. Another one I have here is
the iClarity from Monster. This one is interesting because you
can connect it via, a regular cord. I can connect these two, the
Monster Speaker to the ipad. I can also do a bluetooth. I’ve
got this connected to my iphone via a bluetooth connection right
now. You’ll see that you get good sound.>>Ipod: (Music) You had my heart..>>Wade: I can use this bluetooth speaker to
play music. I can use it with the ipad for speech output. It gives
me a lot of options. I can even use this for telephone and conference
calls so that this speaker not only will play music or do my
augmented communciation, but will connect with the iphone’s conference
call systems so that I can make calls over that. While we are learning
that devices are becoming more poratble, the ones that need
to have speech output or produce sound, sometimes don’t have big enough
speakers to really be heard. With these and other options, it’s
easy to connect your portable devices to bigger speakers so that
you can more effectively communicate or be entertained.>>Wade: That’s your tech tip for this week.
I’m Wade Wingler with the INDATA project in Indiana.

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