Face Off – Affinity Photo iPad Pro

Face Off – Affinity Photo iPad Pro

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6 thoughts on “Face Off – Affinity Photo iPad Pro

  1. niceeeeee you should teach a class

  2. I lost your actions 1/3 thru the video… I'm still new to this and it's too fast for me to keep watching, looks cool tho

  3. Looks great but you loose people if you don’t speak , It would be great 👍🏼 if you would talk while you show

  4. Hi Bethany, I hope you are very well. beautiful video I love your work, advice with the image where you lose your step by step work because it looks away, if you can return as before it is much prettier. Goodnight. Besos desde Argentina.

  5. Yes it did , but we were busy watching the video

  6. No speaking, but the added text is brilliant. Excellently done!!!

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