Fantastical 3.0: iOS, Freemium & $40 Tag

Fantastical 3.0: iOS, Freemium & $40 Tag

Hey guys, welcome back to another video, it’s Francesco here So in today’s video I’m going to be looking at Fantastical 3 again I did a breakdown last week many of you may have watched that already if you have not you can see that video but I missed a few things I missed a few things in terms of talking about the freemium some of the core features and also discussing the pricing as well so in today’s video We’re going to jump into all of that dive over to the laptop and explain a little more of some of those questions So without further ado guys, let’s roll into today’s video Okay, first things first guys, what I wanted to do is clear up the freemium side of stuff so I didn’t actually nearly mention in the first video that Fantastical 3.0 and the new pricing does introduce a free version of the experience So what you get would be essentials so the free account is broken up into Varying parts. So you do get the ability to add accounts and events and tasks delete events and tasks notifications show location event details and also three days worth of weather forecasting and Standard email support and that’s in the essentials category So that almost works in very identical sense to apple calendar So when it comes to a few of the more advanced features, this is where the premium comes in so what you can’t get inside of the free account is full screen day week and month and Year view as well You also do not get the full task support including iCloud reminders and todoist You also only get one set of calendar So essentially you won’t be able to toggle between certain Calendars one of the features as well that you do not get in The free account is calendar sets syncing. This apparently is the ability to sync calendar sets to all of your devices Including Apple watch and you also will not get the time travel and time to leave Notifications as well as entry in calendar now. It does become a little bit trickier inside the free account You do not get as many collaboration abilities. You can’t get invitees Scheduling which means propose times Google Hangouts Google means or zoom support Combine duplicate events hide events and favorite time zones And you also lack on some of the customization for example the templates for events and tasks Which is becoming a very popular feature custom event colors Custom home screen for example at the icons on iOS and iPad as well as custom notification sounds on IOS and iPad, so there are the things you do get in free It’s mainly the viewing and editing options of each event so you could use this in a very simple way you pretty much like you would Apple calendar and if you wanted the premium features, they would come at the $39 90 now an annual price or billed monthly Which I’ll include a link in description So just being clear. There is a free experience to fantastical 3.0 and you can download it or down below if you want So you’re probably wondering what do the premium features look like? And that was one of the many questions weather forecasting you can get up to ten days And this is what that looks like you can basically see the forecast From the AccuWeather for as much as you can within ten days, which is very helpful Sometimes associating the weather to a certain day For example the weekend what you’re exactly going to do is quite useful So apparently whatever device you’re on one is premium features that full screen day week month and year view Which will let you see whatever view you want. You can see a quick overview of the calendar Including the day ticket and calendars view. This will be more highlighted in the iOS tour that we’ll do in a minute So if you’re looking to connect up iCloud reminders and todoist and notifications again This is only available for premium. And this is what that looks like You also get unlimited Calendar sets as well as the ability for the syncing Which is something that a lot of people in the comments were really really happy for So that they can have all Canada synced in real-time You also have travel time and time to leave notifications as well as interesting calendars Now some of the collaboration features you can invite people as you can see here You can schedule and propose times zoom support combining duplicate events hide events Favorite time zones, which is all very useful as well as a template functionality So there’s some of the premium features that a lot of people were talking about Okay, so one of the many questions that you guys had was what does the fantastical three iOS application look Like and as you can see, this is what it looks like in premium. It’s got this really nice daily Ticker view allowing you to essentially see what’s coming up You can scroll ahead and you can even see all of the events as well as any apps you’ve connected to the experience Now as you can see up here we’re currently in data to view But you can also view the tasks Sony or calendar only as well as the day week month and year and again These fullscreen views are only available in premium Ok, so inside of the premium. This is the full screen views as you can see here You can basically see a really nice clear view of the day You can also scroll to the week view, which is something that is available In other apps like woven and calendars 5, however, it doesn’t it nice and clean and easy to view But again, a lot of people would argue this is currently available in Apple calendar You can also get month view as well something now I don’t particularly like but I know a lot of people enjoy it and also year view as well Again a bit like the heat map that we demonstrated in a fantastic f3 breakdown So that’s really nice and be able to see your tasks. This pulls in all of the iCloud reminder tasks as well But what I did noticed is I am signed in on my to-do list on the Mac version But they aren’t pulling the tasks in that I had from that version So there may be a syncing issue that might need to be solved here So you’re probably wondering what does the Apple watch? Version look like so the Apple watch version looks like this and they’ve tried to keep the design very similar now Apparently the syncing works on this one as well. And again, this would be more of a premium experience So you’ll get all the cross-platform abilities inside of the premium edition You You can scrub all through which is really nice and you also get the plus button which allows you to ant using intelligent input Very similar to dates smart date passing allowing you to add an event really easily You can also change that to a task if you wanted to now down here once you’ve set up templates you can quickly access one for a specific event or a specific task allowing you to essentially if you wanted to say organize a Monday morning meeting you could quickly do that using that template So I had a look guys a lot of you guys questioned Do I get the upgrade if I was on fantastic hour – and already paid? according to their FAQ all the features from fantastical – are Automatically available and do not require a fantastical premium subscription This is only available to existing fantastic out to customers So anything you’ve had in version 2 and you sign in you get everything you had before? however, if you want any of the new 3.0 features, then you’ll have to upgrade so they mention here There are also new features available for the free to existing fantastic out to cut users You can see there that there’s anything from the weather to the to do is support the parser upgrades the autocomplete Recommendations as well as some of the iOS Mac and iPad specific updates. So that’s something to note for anyone That is a fatass Scout to user something. I should have mentioned in the last feature So I actually had a lot of questions about their pricing and a lot of people were sort of buying back in the comments about The pricing being too much and I totally agree Sometimes once you paid for an application like that for such a long time Say you’ve done a one-off and you’ve kept it for about three or four years It’s sort of like a bonus because you’re actually getting a pretty fantastic deal if you’re paying $49 90 9 and you have that application for three years only works out to about 15 bucks to 20 bucks a year, which is fairly reasonable for a calendar application Now a lot of applications are heading in the subscription model way and I think that this is almost Pretty much a certainty that this will happen in the future. But the thing I’d say is that it really depends on Whether you use a calendar as much as this for example Some people use email quite aggressively and you can get email for free for $0 on Gmail but a lonely people looking at super human missive and other Paid email applications because the experience is far superior in terms of design The quality and the support that you have with these applications. So people are paying from you know between $30 a month and 100 dollars a year on email So it’s the same with calendar if you value in calendar a lot if you time block a lot if you have lots of meetings if you manage for example zoom calls Google Calendar invitees Then this $40 is gonna go a long way for the year But I feel like in a way I feel like fantastic. Our two users should have been upgraded to six months worth of premium Instead of necessarily. Just getting all the existing features maybe they should have added on that six months for the extra loyalty and I guess this sort of came out of the blue Maybe I didn’t check in on some of the news But I guess they just sort of chucked this on us as they did this new release So they felt like they were getting the subscription out before Actually just releasing yet. But overall I think fantastical is a fantastic calendar application in my opinion. It’s a solid Application. It’s pretty much Apple only but it is a good application. I’d really love to hear some of your thoughts I read all those comments and I agreed with a lot of the points there and Thank you very much to the likes of Adrian on Twitter who mentioned About my review not being fair because I wanted to make sure I covered all of those points So hopefully I did do that in today’s video If you’re brand new here, do subscribe and I’ll see you guys in a future video. Cheers, everyone. Bye

23 thoughts on “Fantastical 3.0: iOS, Freemium & $40 Tag

  1. What are your thoughts on Fantastical 3.0 a few days in?!
    Let us know below!

  2. Still, nope. Subscription for a calendar. No, thanks. I expected to get future updates with purchasing it 4 months ago or so. But received big label with “pay more”. Thanks. Not for me.

  3. Absolutely not, we are oversubscribed as it is, I'll stick with BusyCal.

  4. Deleted it again after 2 mins. In the free version there is no daily, weekly or monthly overview. Completely useless. That’s not how you are thrilling people.

  5. I feel like some of the features included in premium should be free. Features like full screen view, leave notifications, invitees, custom calendar colors are included in premium, but they are all things you get in Apple’s calendar app for free.

  6. I bought Fantastical 2 already- no I have to pay again to use the calendar i've been using all along?

  7. This app has gone from great to horrible. The month label does not even update when you scroll to another month.

  8. One big criticism I’ve seen on Twitter is that the version 3 app has been filled with bugs. I can attest to this as I’ve encountered many. The company has been great at trying to address them, but I beta test quite a few apps and this v 3 app had more bugs than I’ve ever encountered in a beta test. In addition, the feature unlock did not work for many people as advertised and it’s taken time for the company to address that. Finally, for me the Apple Watch app has been pretty unusable. I actually don’t have issues paying money for good software but the number of bugs in fantastical makes me question if it’s worth $40/yr. I do like some of the features and thing they could be worth it, but first work out the bugs. I’ve been following the comments on Twitter closely and I hope Flexibits can recover from this and make things right for their customers.

  9. People complaining, I get it, but in reality, tools like Outlook updated every two years. Mind you Calendar set syncing is a LIFE SAVER!

  10. I bought the Mac version for 40 $ 8 weeks ago….and now buy again 40 $ WTF???????

  11. I'v paid for the ipad app, iphone app and the desktop app. And now they are charging me again? It's a nice upgrade, but honestly all of this should be in the default version. It way to much money.

  12. I’ve been a Fantastical 2 user for 5+ years (on mobile and tablet) so I feel I’ve gotten my money’s worth by now, but I can certainly understand the outrage of people who recently bought F2, especially for Mac/tablet. I absolutely agree that F2 users should’ve gotten complimentary premium for 6 months. But I also think that the Day, Week, and Month views—or at the very least the choice of one of those views—should be in the Free version…it’s a hell of a lot more relevant than weather for a calendar.

    I wouldn’t mind the switch to subscription model because for example I heard it’s quite expensive to host files (attachments) (but correct me if I’m wrong because I’m not in tech), but it’s CAD$53/year or $6.5/month! That’s just asking for too much for a calendar app that STILL isn’t available cross platform! I mean, it’s more expensive than Todoist which has both of the aforementioned features. I, as a consumer, think that the maximum reasonable price is CAD$35, or $40 IF there were a Windows desktop version. But hey maybe Flexibits’ target market is specifically established professionals for whom paying an additional $50 or $7 for something is nothing (e.g. all those tech review writers giving raving reviews for Fantastical 3), in which case I can show myself out, thank you.

  13. NOPE

  14. Google calendars is better and it’s free. Fantastical fumbled this one

  15. It’s too expensive

  16. I have fantastical 2, and would love the full screen feature. Definitely not going to pay $40 for just one feature as the other features are of no use to me. Its back to Google Calendar for me.

  17. I went back to Calendars 5 immediately. No reason for me to have Fantastical if this is the case.

  18. Totally nuts! I’ve used Fantastical for a long time (sometimes switching with Calendars5) but paying nearly $100AU annually is making the same mistake Evernote made (I’ve dropped them too after 10 years of relying on it.
    In truth, I find myself returning to standard (free) Apple apps, calendar, mail, notes and reminders. For anyone committed to the Apple ecosystem it makes a lot of sense.
    As for Fantastical, I am dropping that for good.

  19. F2 user: AW version stopped working, very disappointed

  20. As a user of Fantastical on iPhone, Mac, and iPad, so I have paid my $79 for all three versions and been quite pleased for some time (with the exception of the 9-day week on the 12.9’ iPad Pro). Initially after the upgrade was available, I would have to click through screens recommended upgrade to premium to get to some settings and views. This was so annoying that I upgraded to Fantastical 3 paying the significant price. Fortunately, the purchase did include a 14-day free trial before the subscription was charged. This turned out to be useful because after several day of use, I do not see a $40+ value in the premium version. Sure, the iPad Pro now displays a seven-day week. The extended weather option is nice, but not really that much of a benefit. I have actually gone back to the stock iOS calendar and it seems to be pretty close in functionality. I always want to support companies in their development, and understand the subscription model. However, when you add up the subscription costs for a task manager, calendar, and note-taking/storing apps, especially when using Windows/Apple cross-platform functionality, the apps need to offer far more than the stock apps.

  21. Right, just what I need: yet another subscription. It's been fun enough buying F1 and F2 individually for each platform; the thought of paying annually for nothing that actually improves productivity isn't exactly making my socks roll up and down.

  22. F2 users, check out another app “ Calendar 366” for Fantastical alternative!.

  23. A calendar is an essential tool, but none of the Fantastical 3 features impress the vast majority of us as something worth $40/year. Google Calendar provides more than enough conveniences for FREE. They need to understand that people aren't going to pay for something when a FREE solution is functionally "good enough." Fantastical must be utterly compelling if they want to charge that much per year. "We should support indie developers!" Well, why? We aren't a bunch of volunteer beta testers. We are customers buying whatever we think is useful. We shouldn't be obligated to pay for something just because we feel sorry for them. Business is business. Give us a reason to pay you, or GTFO.

    Another BIG mistake Flexibits has made is that they yanked Fantastical 2 out of existing users' hands and forced them to update their copy, which litters itself with "Upgrade to Premium" nag messages. Users are most often wrong in asserting that they "own" a copy of commercial software (they don't, really). Still, they are rightfully furious at Flexibits for treating their existing users this way with this type of forced approach. They've been pretty smug about the whole thing as well. They should've left the old version untouched and introduced v.3 as a completely new product.

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