Filmy Haseena, Engineer Deewana feat. Ahsaas & Gagan | V-Day Special || Girliyapa UnOriginals

Filmy Haseena, Engineer Deewana feat. Ahsaas & Gagan | V-Day Special || Girliyapa UnOriginals

You’re looking for me in the corner
and I’m waiting for you on the counter. What? Turn behind! Urvashi Dinanath Chauhan. – Father’s name…
– Enough. I don’t want to see your papers. Siddhanth Kapoor. – By the way, the place is beautiful.
– I know. It’s a very romantic place. Do you know Saif Ali Khan first saw
Kareena Kapoor in this place… …when she was small. By the way, where’s our table?
Where are we sitting? Far from the entrance, across the washroom and kitchen, there’s a tiled floor. Our table is there. Follow me. By the way, I’m glad that Rahul and
Anjali arranged the date for us. – But I’m sad.
– Why? Oh, my God! You don’t know? – Rahul and Anjali got into a fight again.
– Oh! That Rahul is a cheater. Do you know what he did? He showed her ‘Godfather’
in the name of ‘Sarkaar’. Hello, sir! Here we serve the best Punjabi
Dal, Kashmiri pulao and Rajasthan… Neither I can hear the name
of the states nor I can see. I can only hear one
name and that’s China. So get me some manchow soup, some hakka
noodles and some schezwan sauce on the side. – Thank you.
– Anything else for you guys? Yes. Can you click a picture of us? – Yeah, sure.
– Yes, you can take my phone. Wait a minute. Sorry! I’m ready. Say Ranveer… The picture is nice. Isn’t it? Do upload this picture. #nofilter #notanlook. Thank god! I’ve my Lotus DD Cream with
SPF 20 which gives me sun protection. Because the sun is not getting dimmer. By the way, you please tag me in the story. Take it easy urvasi. It’s S-I. S-I. S-I. All this is ok but tell me something
about your life, your ambition, your dreams. I want to fly, want to
drown, I want to play tomatina, want to run in front
of the bulls but… …don’t want to stop in front of them. Good decision. Not stopping in front of the bulls… – …is a very good decision.
– I know. Right? But I was asking more
about your profession. You mean girl’s profession? But they don’t show it in films. By the way I’m a full time engineer.
9 to 5 guy with a very cool ID. Well, many people don’t know but… – Oh, my God! Chandrachur Singh.
– No. It’s Siddharth… No. He’s alive. Give me your phone. Thank god! I still look perfect. My DD cream is still intact. Chandrachur Singh!Main Hoon Tere Khayalon Ki MallikaHey, did you take a selfie? He didn’t even give me his autograph. He ignored me in such a way,
the way I ignored my ex. Why did you ingnore your ex.. I met my ex in Corsica. – Oh! Corsica.
– Corsica pub, Andheri east. Oh! Corsica. I was his ‘Mona Darling’
and he was my ‘Don’. We both had promised each other that
we’ll not say anything except lies. Then? That idiot turned out to be a real don. Cops were searching him outside but he
was doingMatargashtiinside the jail. I’ve come here to make him feel jealous. I want to see what he’s
going to do with you. Brother! One drink for me. Make it for me as well. I’ve done everything for him. I praised him unnecessarily. I accepted his body, mind, wealth and fun. Do you know what he did? Promoted someone else. You burn your ID. Just burn that idiot! Remove all your frustration. No. Why do you want to burn it? So then let’s bury it. No. Not needed. I’m not going to bury it. Have you gone mad? Don’t you undestand the difference
between your real life and filmy life? Huh? Please get out of this filmy life. All the time Bollywood. What’s new?
Everything is same in your Bollywood. And what has your Bollywood
given us till date? Excuse me! If Bollywood was not
there then who would’ve taught us… …that a boy and a girl
can never be friends. Who would’ve taught us that
there’s no coincidence. Everything is planned. If there wasn’t ‘Gangs of
Wasseypur’ then who would’ve… …taught us the values of
dying for the family. If there wasn’t ‘Hum
Aapke Hain Koun’,… it wasn’t possible to make an
escalator from staircase. If there wasn’t ‘Mogambo’,
Who would’ve taught us to be happy? Have you ever thought about this before?
If not then think now. Throw them out.
Not even allowing us to watch the match. Mahi is playing. Get out! Sorry! Because of me the date got ruined. I think I’m too much filmy. No. You’re not filmy. You’re little Bollywood. That’s it. Sid! I’m not wrong,
it’s just I’m little different from you. Chandrachur Singh’s autograph! How did you do this? I caught him inside the bathroom. Where will he go from there? Thank you. Someone had said that in
friendship, no sorry, no thank you. Okay! So you’re going to friend zone
me by hitting the filmy line. I didn’t say friend zone By the way, how much time you
took to copy the autograph? The time it took you to tear my ID card. Got it! Wait a minute. What’s this? You should have some manners. No, no. It’s okay.
You can touch but take my permission. Please! You’ve started harassing me. Eww! – I like Taimur so much more than you.
– Okay. But I did better than her though.

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