Finally! Top 10 MMORPG Games of 2019 [Android/iOS]

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Let’s kick off our list with today’s sponsor, Perfect World Mobile. This Eastern Xianxia MMORPG is now available
for pre-registration on Android and iOS devices! The latest installment of this PC classic,
retains many of the features that made the original game so popular. The game looks breathtakingly stunning with
elegant settings and scenery. The classic class choices, The Human, the
Winged Elf and the Untamed, all make their return to the perfect continent. There are 5 different classes available, the
Elves have Cleric and Archer, the Humans can be Blade Masters and Wizards, whilst the Untamed
have the Barbarians. These classes dictate your fighting style
and what moves you can pull off so there’s plenty to check out! For Perfect World veterans and newcomers alike
this is the one MMORPG you cannot afford to miss out on. Checkout the links below to pre-register…Right
Now!! [Pause]
Next up, is Gamesloft’s Dungeon Hunter 5. This is a free to play, intense, hack ‘n’
slash game coming in at 3000MB. Team up with millions of players online for
this challenging adventure. Take control of Bounty Hunters in a world
ravaged with terrors. You’ll have to decide whether you’re fighting
for good or gold in this addictive MMORPG! [Pause]
Up next, we take a look at Crusaders of the Light. This 2200MB app from NetEase Games brings
40 person raids to your fingertips. Crusaders of the Light features a compelling
story where hordes of demons have occupied your land after 700 years of piece. Battle the unwelcome creatures as you aim
to take back what is rightfully yours. Begin your journey by choosing from 5 different
characters, each with their own individual strengths and characteristics. Your survival instincts will surely be put
to the test in this game! [Pause]
MU Origin 2 is developed by Gamenow Tech and takes up 3100MB. The sequel to the popular MU origin lets you
choose to whether to become a Dark Knight, Dark Wizard or an Elf. Form parties to conquer dungeons and solve
puzzles as a team. You can even get your Guardian pets which
accompany you on your journey and attack enemies with you. Use jewels to increase the effectiveness of
items and see how far you can take your Guardian! [Pause]
Up next is Gameloft’s Order and Chaos 2. This 1400MB game allows you to create a unique
character, thanks to its in-depth avatar customization. Choose from elves, humans, orcs, undead and
mendels in your quest to be the best. With over 15,000 skills and 8,000 pieces of
equipment, this game can keep you entertained for hours. Team up with other players and take your guild
to the top of the leaderboard! [Pause]
Our next game is RPG Toram Online. Asobimo brings us a 155MB game with over 80
billion character customization combinations. That’s right! Endless possibilities as you create your own
unique avatar to take in to battle. Pick your own fighting style and train your
character through a skill tree system. There’s so much to explore in this MMORPG
adventure! [Pause]
Next we have Honkai Impact 3rd. Make space for this MMORPG as it takes up
a sizable 3700MB. If you love anime this is the game for you!
miHoYo have developed a fast-paced 3D hack and slash. Start your momentous campaign defeating hundreds
of enemies in a vibrant world. Smooth controls and gameplay make this an
easy game to get the hang of, but a difficult one to master. [Pause]
This next Asomibo game will have you on the edge of your seat. Arcus Online takes up just 150MB but offers
intense battles in a beautifully designed world. An easy to learn combat system makes this
game fun for MMORPG beginners and veterans alike. Combine various skills to finish off enemies
with aerial combos. Enjoy PvP battles with your friends where
you can chat in game. With regular updates, this is a great game
to try. [Pause]
Next is AxE: Alliance vs Empire. This 175MB Nexon produced game is set in a
mysterious fantasy world. Dive into a story of two powerful rival factions
battling for control. Join millions of players online on single
player, co-op or competitive modes inspired by your favourite MMOs. With a rich fantasy story and huge array of
features, this isn’t one to be missed. [Pause]
Mad Otter Games brings us their 1500MB MMORPG, Villagers and Heroes. Swords, sorcery, wizards, warriors, dragons
and dungeons, this game has it all. Find players to team up with from around the
globe in countless quests against fearsome foes. Collect items, customize your avatar and enhance
your proficiencies, as you aim to build the mightiest village in the seven realms. [Pause]
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