Fixing power and volume buttons in 4th gen iPod Touch

Fixing power and volume buttons in 4th gen iPod Touch

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32 thoughts on “Fixing power and volume buttons in 4th gen iPod Touch

  1. Hi there I have a Ipod touch 4th generation, there is no sound from the loudspeaker except from crackling which is random also the heaphone jack doesnt work, what could the problem be?

  2. Hi, without seeing it to try to diagnose the problem, we wouldn't be able to say.

  3. Hi, I have an iPod that the Power button is like jammed or something. It's stuck & I don't know how to fix it. I can't get a new one cause the 1 year Warranty is already up.. Please help!

  4. HI, the only way we can help is if we had the iPod in front of us to fix it.

  5. Hi, thanks for the comment

  6. This repair costs £42GBP

  7. why dont u ever show urself actually repairing it! otherwise ur videos are useless!

  8. Our videos are made to show what we do, not how to do things.

  9. how much does it cost to fix the bottons and putting the screen back

  10. This repair costs £42GBP

  11. whats that on your wrist? i seen alot of people that fix ipods wear that

  12. It is an esd wrist strap

  13. How much would it cost me to just have you solder on the new flex cable, with the old one installed already. I am from USA

  14. That will cost £39GBP/$60

  15. It needs to be soldered.

  16. Hey my iPod touch 4 home button sometimes does not respond I click it a lot and it never turns on. Any solutions?

  17. The only way we can help is by seeing the device so we can see where the problems are.

  18. How much would you charge to install a new power button and volume flex cable if i supply the part? I am from the us

  19. That repair is $70USD

  20. by mistake i snipped of the battery connector on the logic board any solution or my ipod is dead

  21. WOW THATS A LOW PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Could you show how to do the connection with the powerbutton itself?

  23. We only show what we do not how to do things.

  24. I just faken did this! Never soldered anything in my life! And I did it! Lol. The goods may have been with me! Hoolly shet! I faken can't believe it!

  25. my power button no work but is not broken what is my problem ?

  26. Without seeing it we wouldn't know.

  27. For what?

  28. That costs £45GBP

  29. hellow how much wud u charge for the same thing as in the video exept that i already have the new flex cable

  30. how much was it to just fix the power button?

  31. How much is it to fix the power button

  32. Pretty much a worthless video!

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