Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

88 thoughts on “Fixing the Unfixable iMac Pro with Louis Rossmann!

  1. Linus, you need to cut those prozac pills in half

  2. why keep blink so quickly? got punch in the eyes by apple?


  4. this camera work is bad, sick of watching this

  5. When are Apple Fanboys going to realize Apple products are a huge rip-off and they know that it's a huge rip-off they're doing it on purpose

  6. 2 dudes squatting each others poles. what else could you ask for

  7. I like how the video is cut short before they put the screen back in place…. Maybe some sort of accident happened during installation….?

  8. I also had a "spark event" opening up an imac (non-pro). No damage, but freakin' scary.

  9. Louis looks really awkward here.

  10. Louis is out-angling the shit outta linus here making him look 14 lmfao

  11. Apple is a brand from another planet… Apple think they are smart😂😂😂😂.
    Overpriced garbage

  12. So you got all of this equipment to the contact?

  13. Louis Rossmann rules!

  14. Apple loves Rossmann specialy when he reveals apples secrets.

  15. Apple Price 20% hardware 80% logo.

  16. you know its a shitty company when they deliberately attempt to stop you from upgrading/cleaning.
    they WANT it to be dead/outdated in a year so they can sell you the next shiny iCack for a small fortune.

  17. 15:34 the reason they shouldn’t is that they are not trained for it. Their job is to sell stuff, not fix it.

  18. "fan spin"

  19. If apple made a car:
    Customer: "Hey, I have to change my oil"
    Apple: "Oh yeah, you need a new engine and that will $10,000"
    Customer: "Oh no, nevermind I can change it myself"
    Apple: "You're not supposed do that yourself, doing so will void the warranty"

  20. i need to do drugs.. cuz this is crazy

  21. I need more videos with Louis.

  22. Bravo! Heh, heh, heh! Perfectly hateable company doing perfectly detestable builds.

  23. Yey! Let's hate Apple together!

  24. Dating for 6-7 years??? If I would date someone I would marry her after 1 year at most! Otherwise what's the purpose?

  25. FAN SPIN

  26. Linus… Louis has forgotten more about repairing computers than you will ever know… way to suck all the air out of the room.

  27. There are still people defending this shit

  28. glass making short ? how ?

  29. They've hidden "top 10 anime crossovers" in the tags.

  30. 2 best YouTube Tech channel making a video together.

  31. Apple fanboys are like imacs, once the dust and sand is inside their holes you can´t blow air to remove it you only scramble it around.

  32. Linus is so clever here 10:57 he is stressed of putting some screws but he is also "clever" not to have any static discharge band. Whatever hardware knows him, he knows the hardware there cannot be a malfunction haa?

  33. Okay but you don’t need to clean an iMacs fan, calm down

  34. Apple: sh*t, Tom where are you?

  35. Louis' sarcasm in this makes the entire video lol

  36. there is a worm in the apple.

  37. Does anyone know what watch that is he’s wearing?

  38. You knew what you bought xD

  39. Store your Apple computer safely in the trash for optimal performance.

  40. The amount of sarcasms from Rossman is mind-blowing yet true.

  41. "why did i fly him in"
    Because you broke it, again.

  42. intense blinking

  43. "The screwdrivers have a really nice personality" – Rossmann is a legend 😂😂

  44. his blinking is giving me anxiety

  45. 18:59 best moment in the entire video

  46. iFixIt + Rossmann + Linus.. I like that..

  47. Linus: Now i get to play 'take apart and put back together!' you won't feel a thing ….

    Louis : F A N S P I N !!!!!1!!1

  48. neeeeerds

  49. iFigured

  50. loool the reason you short your shit is because i have never once seen anyone ground themselves while handling open exposed boards etc…

    and what is the capacitor rated at? i highly doubt they have a capacitor that holds enough charge to kill anyone, but idk i could be wrong? you never said it tho so im curious.


  52. Recommended this in sept 2019? Why not sure!

  53. Their energy is match made in heaven. I know its not a bit, but its So fucking funny 😂

  54. "The idea that a machine can be a total write-off, even when not every component is broken." The automotive repair industry has been doing this for years. Break or slightly damage the wrong part? Any garage you go to will to you to f*** off and buy a new car. The idea of disposable products is not a new one.

  55. 10:30 is almost every white person

  56. no serious professional is still using apple. its only a overpriced "lifestyle" brand by now

  57. anthony is the only somewhat real technician at this whole place

  58. 1:16 Louis eyes probably have more refresh rate than my monitor

  59. Louis actually held his own. Kudos

  60. Louis’ just standing there a little awkwardly while Linus is trying to explain and make the video professional.

  61. Who noticed GerryRigEverything? 7:38

  62. The Dead pan look into the camera from Louis at 5:31. Daying that man's seen some shit clearly. Appreciate his dry sarcasitic tone XD

  63. In fairness to people that think repairing iMacs is harder than it actually is, older iMacs were way more difficult. I had a first gen Intel iMac (the Core2 Duo), and the logic board went out on it pretty much the day the warranty ran out. I found a site selling logic boards, and matched the part number (since there were 3 different ones). Upon receiving it, it wouldn’t work. Found out that there were 3 sub boards under each part number, and they weren’t marked in anyway. So it was a simple grab bag whether or not you’d get the right part.

  64. I'm a firm believer in if I pay for it. As in i give you a monetary sum, you give me a product. That product becomes mine. That doesn't mean I can start manufacturing them. It does however mean that i can do whatever i want with it. If I want to tear it down and put a timed blood pack to explode over the inside of the screen when my wife signs in that's my right, and I have assumed all responsibility and I understand that I voided the warranty period.

  65. at 20:20 what kind of laptop is linus using?

  66. If there is no more ncix, then where do you go?

  67. Why does the replacement board cost more than the iMac Pro itself?

  68. minimize your joke.. your cringey… the guest have talent on that segment though..

  69. a year later, apple has finally "allowed" Louis (and others) to "legally" repair stuff.

  70. Rossman is such a bitch… You're better than this Linus

  71. this is why I don't buy apple computers

  72. Hilarious clash of personalities… Linus let your guest talk and do something!!

  73. Now do the Microsoft surface Pro

  74. Linus didn't let Ross Ann talk much.
    But I rember seeing a video where linus was a guest, and he was so introverted!

  75. Why do some people feel a need to his their videos like they're the host of "Blues Clues" and talking to 5yr olds?

    At least Louis Rossman behaves like an adult.

  76. Apple slogan – Scamming you sense 1976

  77. what watch is Linus wearing? looks like some kind of hybrid of a diesel and gshock.

  78. How rookies put a Mac back together

  79. I now believe Apple's biggest enemy is not Samsung, but Louis Rossmann.

  80. Why does he blink so much

  81. FAN SPIN!!!…… spin 😂😂😂

  82. so were back to the days where you don't want to mess around in all-in-one machines only this time its not crts that are dangerous its the power supply

  83. 15:04 made me feel really bad for Louis. That was not a cool remark Linus…

  84. China can supply you anything you want 👌

  85. every manufacture on earth products will be more then double if you buy all parts separately and assemble final product, and that's without labor cost…….this is know and in practice for decades……..with cars price can go up to 3-4x more

  86. Kinda glad you broke it, I like to see Louis in these kinda videos, his own vids always turn out too geeky and dramatic for me and seem a little more amateurish made.
    But the guy is so cool and I just love his ironic way of showing hate towards Apple, sitting with my Samsung just smiling like we've met the man of our dreams.
    I highly doubt a capacitor of that size could stay charge for a year lol, max a week and definitely 24 hours.

  87. Just get rid of their fckin' products. I have lived my entirely life without any Apple products and I am fine.

  88. Omg this was so cute hahah.

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