Free iPhone, Beats, iPad, Apple, Laptop, Tech Give Aways ► The Deal Guy

Free iPhone, Beats, iPad, Apple, Laptop, Tech Give Aways ► The Deal Guy

Today I give you access to more legitimate
free stuff than anyone else in the country! Hi. I’m The YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite.
Today whether it’s a free ipad, free DSLR, Beats By Dre, I am now for the first time
ever on my channel going to give you free access to my give-aways that we now thankfully
have based on all the wonderful subscribers to this channel. Now I want to mention that
whether you know me from your local TV station or USA Today, none of this is in any way affiliated
with any of the broadcasters or newspapers I serve. What you might not know, is that
every time I get various items to test sent to me from distributors, they expect me to
keep the items and I don’t want to accept any handouts so we figured that moving forward
instead of me keeping the items I test or giving them to people I work with, I’m going
to give them to you. Here is how all of the freebies work. Subscribers get whatever deal
I’m featuring for free at least one randomly selected subscriber per video gets my deal
for free so click the subscribe button you see on your screen right now, you’ll be signed
up for all of my big deals. Preference will be given to engaged and long-term subscribers.
So if you are giving videos thumbs up, offering concrete contributions and comments rather
than asking for free stuff, you get preference. Also, don’t resubscribe if you’re already
subscribed to this channel and the folks who unsubscribe and re-subscribe are going to
be blocked from give-aways. Also, the winners will be notified within 48 hours of a deal
drop and contacted by me via email so please if anyone else is contacting you as a third
party, it is not me and it is not a give-away from this channel. Now there will be all sorts
of extremely big give-aways as we approach the holidays. Keep in mind, this is legitimate
but I also want to point out while we are using your subscription as a way to weed out
real and fake individuals, I’m not pushing you to subscribe to my channel just so you
can get free stuff. You’re going to get access to great free deals and savings. But if you’re
only thinking of subscribing to my channel to get free stuff, we’re going to give away
one to five items per video so if you want to get any of my actual deals moving forward,
or you want to learn a little bit more about how to turn your alerts on, just click that
subscribe button you see right now. Also, right now if you’re not on a mobile device,
you’ll see a wheel beside that subscribe button. Click for more options and make sure you have
your channel alerts turned on. That will ensure you get notified every time I upload a huge
deal and remember every deal I feature has a free link so you can redeem it. They’re
all located right under this video window. Just click the “Show More” tab and every link
I have for every deal is right there. Thank you so much for watching!

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