Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Vs. iPad Mini 2

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Vs. iPad Mini 2

galaxy tab pro 8.4 vs ipad mini 2
galaxy tab pro 8.4 larger battery
nfc thinner
superior multitasking 2gb ram
superior customization wi fi direct
ir blaster faster charging
1080 front camera 8mp camera
open system microsd support
back menu buttons 2560×1600 display
usb mass storage microsd slot
camera flash faster wi fi ac
60 fps video ipad mini 2
128 gb internal aluminium exterior
64 bit processor less adware
more tablet optimized apps direct updates
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38 thoughts on “Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Vs. iPad Mini 2

  1. wtf… the galaxy note pro makes the ipad mini 2 look so shitty!

  2. Apple's iPad mini has been iwned by Samsung! My vote is for the Galaxy Pro!

  3. My favourite is the ipad mini but the galaxy tab pro is better !

  4. Omg they're still using a 32 bit chipset zzzz

  5. Because there is not enough apps that are optimized for 64bit

  6. Galaxy Tab Pro=Not pro at all.Noob Tablet
    The one I am typing now is an iPad Mini RD……

  7. iPad Mini Still holds the title.Samsung is only Sheeping themselves just as how samsung calls apple fans isheep.

    Sorry Galaxy Tab Pro.You're clearly not a pro at all

  8. iPad mini is the best for me

  9. No comparison , galaxy tab!

  10. Fuck Apple…
    Samsung sucks…

  11. Tab Pro 8.4

  12. great video, ipad mini is better in my opinion.

  13. Samsung tab all the way

  14. I really like TabPro back cover texture.

  15. I think Galaxy tab pro is better

  16. I think Galaxy tab pro is better

  17. Larger display? It's an ipad mini, the mini it's because the screen it's not bigger than 8"

  18. Love apple and fuck samsung

  19. Apple is so bad!!! Omg apple sucks!!! All these galaxy tab pros kill all iPads and Nexus's its crazy!!! So getting tab pro screw iPads they suck terribly

  20. Galaxy tab of course the galaxy had so much more then the iPad mini even an idiot can see witch is better(samsung galaxy tab)

  21. I have a ipad mini retina 64gig… i didnt like it apple sucks.. Tab pro 8.4 wins for me -_-

  22. I'm definitely going to have to say the Tab Pro, this is no battle

  23. I vote galaxy tab pro

  24. definitely the galaxy tab. 

  25. Galaxy Tab Pro!!!! Apple Sucks

  26. Samsung rocks…..

  27. This video is screaming at everyone that Samsung won, and they're right.

  28. Tab pro had an iPhone switched to note 3 so happy my iPhone glitched out and had tons of problems only a week in owning it

  29. TheCounterStrike, the iPad is shitty. The Noterp 8.4 just f*cked it to death.

  30. Tab pro rapes sooooooo hard it makes the iPad look so obsolete

  31. Nexus&Samsung>Apple

  32. Galaxy Tab Pro 8.0 is better than Ipad Min

  33. Ment 8.4

  34. I love the ipad mini. Sorry.  I actually love android phones but for a tablet… well the ipad mini. Simplicity. .. and much better optimized apps in my opinion. I'm not interested in all that customization… no. what that is important is user experience. sometimes too much of that slows down devices  and I noticed that with android devices.

  35. I have a galaxy s3, I really like the option and back button, but ipad more apps but I think all the main useful apps are on both platforms, Imma get sammy device

  36. Exactly Samsung is much better 😉 Ipad Mini is overpriced shit… Mini (means the worst thing for less money)costs almost like Samsung Pro(means the best what we can offer) version….lol

  37. the mini is a fucking joke next to the samsung

  38. i have the pro and its amazing way better than that overpriced piece of aluminum

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